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  1. The minute I sit down, Willow is there laying on me. I also heard that BC's arent the lap types but I think since Willow is a BC mix, it may be why?
  2. I ask my Rob again yesterday to PLEASE toss her a treat when he comes in and then do not pay attention to her. He said he didnt want to but I tried to explain to him why I need him to do this and it hopefully is only for a couple of weeks. I left a bag of yummy treats hanging on the door anyways hoping he would do it and he did! He grabbed a treat when he came home, tossed it to Willow and kept walking. Willow stoped barking and relaxed the minute he threw the treat. I was very happy! Now let just see if Rob does it every time, that will be the test.
  3. She loves walking around the pet store, her tail is always wagging. I usually just bring her to socialize and not to buy anything. But I will stop for a couple weeks and see if that helps. I will leave treats on the door for everyone who enters (soft duck treats which she LOVES). Hopefully Rob will remember and toss her a treat when he enters. I clean all the time, he never does!! I shouldnt have to do anything for him, lol. If he follows the plan I guess I can make him dinner Thank you All!
  4. I did leave a bag of treats for Rob to give Willow when he enters but of course he forgot again!! I seriously think he just doesnt want to do it, kind of pissing me off because I need his help. She seems fine if we come home and Rob is already home, she will actually go in Rob's room but the minute he put his hand out she backs off. She did that alot yesterday when I brought her to the pet store, she would take a treat from the person but the minut they would try to pet her she would back off. Yes, she just started going in the crate while no one is home since she does chew things. She will run right into it when I open the treat jar (sometimes I just need to say crate). So im guessing she likes the crate? If I cant get this under contol soon I may think of getting a trainer just so I can nip it in the butt before it gets to bad but of course I want to try myself first.
  5. Willow really got upset yesterday when my roommate came home. She was barking uncontolably at him with her fur up and then went and hid behind me once he (Rob) started to walk towards me. I didnt know what to do but try to get her to stop barking by saying enough and then I would move so she couldnt hide behind me. Of course the minute I moved she was right there by my side again still barking. After a while if Rob is laying down on the couch or something she will walk over to him with a little hesitation but will sometimes play or lay with him. Willow seems to be scared of Rob the most but Willow will do this anytime someone comes into the house now. How can I get her to accept that people coming into the house is ok and not scary? I wish I knew where this all came from, she was such an out going dog and loved everyone before. Thank you
  6. She was in a crate when I first got her but I think I used it for a little over a week. It has been down in the basement since. I set up the crate in my bedroom and wouldnt you know it, she went right in and layed down . So last night I said, go to bed like I normally do and she walked right in the crate and stayed there all night with the door open. I am one happy Mom So this morning I put some water in there with 2 chew toys, a kong with peanut butter and a stuffed toy. I hope that keeps her entertained until I get home. I actually feel better knowing she will be safe in there, I just hope she doesnt tare her bed apart. Here is a picture of her inside the crate. I cant believe how big she got because this crate was huge for her before. Do you think I should upgrade to a bigger size? Thanks again everyone!
  7. I should have listened to all of you and Im sorry! You kept telling me to crate my dog since she likes to chew on things when I am not home (like the cat tower). Well she had good for a little over 2 weeks without destroying anything so I thought she was finally over it. Today she was so bad! My roommate came home to find the rug chewed, cat toys destroyed, clothes chewed and other odds and ends chewed. I wish I knew what caused her to do this (she was only home alone for 3 hours)!! I still hate the idea but I am going to crate her from now on when Im not home. She would be in there 9 hours a day, 5 days a week unless my roommate is home to let her out which is 2-3 times during the week. Again I really should have listen to your advice, you are all so knowledgeable and want to help, sorry for not listening. That wont happen again! Thank you
  8. You are all right, it must be fear, I never put the barking and shying away together. KelliePup: For example, we are walking and she sees someone across the street. She will stare at them and bark, I try to take control and just say lets go and keep walking. I do not let her sit there and continue to bark, I try to focus her on moving ahead. Now I also bring her out side to go pee on the front lawn and she is on the retractable leash, she will see someone walk by and bark with her back hair up until they pass, then she will wait until the people are out of sight before she moves. I try to call her or give a little tug on the leash to get her attention but it doesnt work. She doesnt do this all the time... we can go for walks without her barking at someone. Like this morning for example, we walked by a bunch of people waiting at the bus stop. She wanted to sniff and say hello to all of them. But every once and a while there is someone that makes her start and barking at them. We go to agaily classes every week, the dog park and pet store with no problem. When people approach to pet her she sometimes does shy away (20% of the time), this is a new thing that she has never done before. For example the lady that lives down stairs from us, Willow use to go right up to now the past couple weeks she runs away from her. gcv-border: Yup, she is going to be 9 months old brady's mom: Thank you for the link, I will take a look
  9. I have always grown up with labs and retrievers, they almost never barked even if there was a stranger at the house. Now Willow on the other hand will bark at people passing by the house if we are outside or strangers coming into the house or will sometimes bark at people passing us on a walk. She gets so fixated that sometimes it's hard for me to get her attention. She isn't aggressive thankfully but I'm worried that someday it could lead to it? She still is nervous around new people but it's getting a little better. She still hides from my roomate unless he is laying or sitting on the ground with her. Am I over reacting with the protecting and barking, is it normal or should I be concerned? Thank you!
  10. Thanks everyone!! Class went fantastic!! Willow did the jumps, weeve poles, tire and tunnel today.. The teacher said she did much better then most dogs starting off and I could tell she enjoyed it, can't wait for next week . I ended up using the Zukes treats cut in half. The only problem was they crumbled a little while I was holding them. I will defiantly try the thing you all said as well and see what works best (trial and error). Thank you!!
  11. X pen around the tower is a good idea!! I will do that, thank you.
  12. Wow, sorry I asked. All I asked was what you would recommend to put on the wood instead I get bashed on because I am one of those owners that chooses not to use a crate. I don't like them, never have. I only did it for that short time because the landlord asked me to until she is potty trained. Please do not judge me.
  13. I had her crated while trying to potty train which she is now. She hasn't used it for about 3 weeks. I do not want to crate her again, just my choice. but thank you for the suggestions. Is there nothing else that can be used as a deteramt? What about vinigar? Thanks! Forgot to add... She was confined to the kitchen for 2 weeks with no chewing, that is why she has free run of the house now. The only thing she chews is the tower which the cat shreds anyways.
  14. For my cat I have a huge 6 ft tower that she climbs on that is made of wood, carpet and rope. Well for the past week since I have left Willow have the run of the house while I'm out she chews on the bottom of it which is wood. She does not chew anything else in the house thankfully but I do not want her to chew this. What do you recommend I use? I have tried the bitter apple but she seems to like it and chews more :/. Thank You!!
  15. I signed Willow for for agility classes, her first class in Saturday. I can see her doing well in it. I was told to bring small treats, what would you recommend?
  16. I try not to look . Usually when I do I find hair and lots of cat toys
  17. I'm not looking for a pristine house but at least something that works better then a broom which usually tosses the hair everywhere except for where I want it to go . I have to sweep constantly because I don't want my roommate to get upset with me over my animals. He says I have an animal kingdom to begin with (dog, cat and 2 gerbils) but you would never know it coming into the house except for the occasional ball of fur that appear, lol.
  18. What do you use to clean the hair from the hardwood/ tile floors? I sweep with a broom everyday and then go over it with a Swiffer dry cloth to get as much hair as possible but after I am all done I still see hair on the floor!!
  19. Thank you all so much! I think a class would benefit both Willow and myself. Willow loves people but can some times be timid to new things. I feel if she got exposed more to different things that she would be much calmer and be the perfect therapy dog .
  20. Yup, you are both right, it is a therapy dog, my bad Thank you for the web sight and link, I will take a look at them when I get home from work.
  21. I was at the Hospital yesterday visiting my Dad (thankfully he is being discharged today) but there was a therapy dog there visiting different patients. They went in the room next to my Dad's and you could hear how happy the person was to be able to see and pet the dog. I would love to see if Willow could be one of these dogs and what it would take for her to be a therapy dog. Has anyone had a therapy dog before or do you know of where I can look to get more info? I love helping people in need and since I do not have a lot of $$ I think this would be the perfect way! Thank you! EDIT: I couldn't edit my topic name but I believe there called Therapy dogs.
  22. Willow had this... Took a little over a month to go away but it did go away on it's own...
  23. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Those humane traps work wonders. My cat Tessie about 4 years ago got loose at my parents house while I was in VC. I called the local shelters and they gave us a humane trap. On the 9th day we finally caught her in the trap. Zoey will come back
  24. The more you all say Bassett hound, the more I think she is. And thank you everyone for the nice comments . The funny thing is I wasn't even Planning on adopting a dog right mow but I go on pet finder weekly just to look and she caught my eye, I had to have her.
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