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  1. Willow was one spoiled puppy on her birthday, lol. She had a huge bone in the morning then when I got home from work we went to the park and then to the pet store for some new toys. Of course one of the stuffed animals I bought her is already destroyed
  2. Even though she has stressed me out from her being so sick in the beginning and my wallet being drained, I am so happy to have her in my life. She has brought happieness to it that I never thought a dog could. Yes I rescued her but I also think she rescued me . Happy 1st Birthday Willow, Mommy loves you!!
  3. Thanks everyone! I actually tried this morning, I gave her a biscuit and she wouldnt stop following me around the house!! I did eventually give in and fed her. The biggest problem im going to have is getting her out of the routine im guessing.
  4. Would feeding a dog 1 meal a day be ok, she is 35lbs and eats 1 1/2-2 cups a day. She has it split into 2 meals now but to make my life a little easier I was thinking of giving 1 meal for dinner which is Blue Buffalo and a biscuit in the morning for her "breakfast". Thanks!
  5. Talked to the vet, she said that the preventic collar is much more dangerous around cats then the K9 Advantix. She recommended that I either apply the Advantix and let it dry for 24hrs before allowing the cat and her near each other or I could get the collar and put it on her while she is outside and take it off when she is inside. I think Im going with the K9 Advantix... The collar will just be a pain in the butt IMO. I would be more affraid of forgetting to take it off then anything else.
  6. If I have a cat and use K9Advantix on Willow, will it hurt my cat even after it drys? Since I cant get the collar and my vet doesnt carry those other tick meds you listed, I see no other option . Im just affraid my cat will get sick from it.
  7. I just found 17 ticks on Willow and 4 crawling on me!!! Where the hell did these come from?? Anyone else have a problem with them this year? I still feel like they are crawling all over me!! I have been using frontline plus too on her, so I'm pretty upset that it's not working. What do you all recommend I use?
  8. Well she is a BC mix and her fur grows like crazy. They usually do her tail, legs, belly, ears and between her toes. I wish she didn't need a cut .
  9. Wow, maybe I over groom Willow, lol. I comb and brush her every other day, She looks so nice after im done . I'll go out and take a look tonight for some new grooming tools, hehe. Another question for you since we are on the subject... I want to start cutting Willows fur myself because the groomers is getting to expensive. Do you just use regular scissors or thinning shears on the BC's? Also how should a BC be groomed? I dont want to cut things that shouldnt be cut . Thank you!!
  10. Hello . My question is what do you use to groom your BC's? Willow's fur is soooo thick and I struggle when I try and use the comb. I just want something that will go threw her fur without pulling her. Thanks!
  11. My aunt uses this fan... http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=1664&cmpid=01csesh&ref=3554&subref=AA She breeds and shows Sheltie's, she always has these on the dogs crates in the summer durring the shows. I have never heard her complain about them, she has had them for a while.
  12. Thank you everyone . I ended up getting Blue Buffalo (30 pound bag). It is so much cheaper to buy big, you are right!
  13. I have been debating on switching my dog to Blue Wilderness becuase vet said she needs a little extra fiber in her diet which this food has but Im trying to figure out if I can afford it or not. In your opions, do you think an 11lb bag of Wilderness would last a month with my dog? She weighs around 36lbs. I feed her 2 cups of Pro Plan now but I know I will be feeding her less of the Wilderness food.
  14. She does lots of other things, this is just something new for her to do... I walk her, play ball with her she does Agility and every so often I want to walk her on the treadmill if it's nasty out or I just want to have fun with her. She likes it a lot, she looks forward to it now actually. Wish there were open fields in the city to let her run, there is a leash rule everywhere around here. Yup, that's a human treadmill And thank you, i hope she always keeps that puppy face
  15. Willow is officially a treadmill walker, lol. I walk her everday outside for 30 minutes but she still has SOOO much energy after so I decided to try the treadmill, she actually likes it! Day 3 on the treadmill was last night and she walked on it for 15 minutes with no problems . I have a video of day 2 for you to see . Of course all you hear is my squeaky voice talking to her, lol. What speed should I put it too once she is completely use to it? I had it at 1.5 mph just because she is learning and I dont want to scare her. http://s1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff515/rconti83/?action=view&current=5a2f27cc.mp4 Thanks for looking!
  16. Expressing anal glands... Who else here does it to there dogs? Willow of course has a problem expressing them normally when she goes to the bathroom and I can tell when it's bothering her because she keeps looking back at her butt and it smells! The vet said it's nothing to worry about and the vet express them for me but she said I can always do it at home if I wanted. Ummm, GROSS!! but I feel as if maybe I should... I watched a couple video's on youtube but it's hard to see; anyone have any tips, lol?
  17. This is the only Agility place around me and it's a 45 minute drive . It's funny you say it, the teacher does have me drag her accross the see saw and I can tell Willow is scared. I thought this was the only way to teach her, now I feel bad. Im going to go out this weekend and make a wobble board and see if its the motion that she is scared of, honestly I dont know. I'll try to take some pictures of the course this weekend at class so you can see some of the obsticles. Im also going to look into that book you mentioned because I want to do this right. Thank you!
  18. I think you are right, it must be the motion. Is there a way to make a buja board? I would love some ideas on training, every little bit will help with her .
  19. Willow has been going to Agility classes now once a week for the past 2 months, she does a fantastic job and the teacher says she could some day compete since she is doing so well already . I am actually to the point already where Willow can run 80% of the course without me having to "help" her (hold a leash). I would love to set up my own little agility course in the backyard that I can put away when it's not being used. I have search the forum but cant seem to find how to make them except for saying out of PVC. I know I want weeve poles, jumps, c saw and maybe an A frame. Also any suggestions on how I can build Willow confidence on the see saw and the dog walk? She will go part way on both and then stop, she will plant her feet and wont move. Everything else she seems to do pretty good with. Thank you!
  20. This is what size she would get if I did go by her weight: 0.084 fl oz (2.5 ml) applicators for dogs 21-55 lbs (Red). This is the one I would split into 2 applications: 0.135 fl oz (4.0 ml) applicators for dogs over 55 lbs (Blue). I just noticed that If I did split the larger one it would be 2.0 ml so it would be 0.5 ml less per applications. Is this going to be a problem with her? She weighs 36lbs now but shouldnt grow to much more. I just want to make sure she is not getting under medicated. O, and where do you buy the covered syringes? Thank you all so much for helping me out with this!
  21. Since I am using only 1/2 of the XL one, what should I store the rest in for the next month? Thank you!
  22. Willow will soon need some flea and tick preventative and I was looking at all the options out there, seems like K9 Advantix will work the best but it's very $$. Someone told me that I could split an XL Dog application in half and have 2 months worth instead of 1 (Willow weighs 35-40lbs). This would save me a lot of $$, does anyone else do this? When I used the Pro-Meris for Willows demodex mange I bought the largest one and the vet split them up, each application for the larger dog was 2 for Willow. I was hoping I could do the same thing for the Advantix.
  23. I bring Willow to agility classes 1-2 times a week and the teacher said I should really watch her weight since she seems to be growning the wrong way now . The last vet visit was a week or so ago and she weighed 36lbs. I feed her Innova Large Bites 1 3/4 of a cup divided into 2 feedings everyday. I have now cut her down to 1 1/2 cups after the comment from the teacher. I am so confused on how much to feed now, how much would you recommend? Also is it ok to feed once a day or should I keep her on the schedule of twice a day? Thank you!
  24. I have had a few people tell me that putting water in Willows dry dog food will help her feel fuller because it expands in the stomach, is this true? Willow is always hungry!! I was hoping adding water to her dry food would help a bit. She always gets vegetables as well threw out the day or in her food. Thank you!
  25. Well spoiled little brat Willow now has a bigger crate, lol. I couldnt help myself... I work PT at a pet store after my FT job and I kept looking at the next size up from her's. I actually ended up paying only $10 for the larger crate since I exchanged the smaller crate for the larger one. I was thinking of getting the pen but I got such a good deal on the crate I couldnt pass it up. It makes me feel better that she has more room and she is safe. Now she can defiantly do flips and chase her tail if she wants . I have an old bed (no stuffing) in the crate during the day just incase she gets any idea's which knock on wood she has not chewed it yet. I give her plenty of toys to play with and I leave the radio on, lol. O and the water bowl is connected to the crate, she has a habit of picking up the dishes even if there full of water and dumping them . Here is a picture of Willow and her nice new HUGE crate Thanks again!
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