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  1. I haven't read it yet, but after watching her seminar it definitely got bumped to the top of my reading list. Kathy Sdao lives in my city (Tacoma), so I'm hoping I can hear her speak live sometime as well. I have an abundance of free time at the moment, and I'm seriously considering getting the highest level membership at both sites so I can watch 2-3 disks each day. Right now the shipping time is slowing me way down.
  2. This is amazing, thank you for the link! Now I can double up on my DVD rental addiction! I wonder if these membership fees would count as a tax write off...hmm...professional continuing education?...
  3. So far I've watched the first two parts of Kathy Sdao's Know Way Know How, and I'm hooked! I can't believe I didn't stumble on this earlier! All my friends and family are totally baffled as to why I'm so excited about dog behavior seminars, but that's okay. Dogs are my career (currently starting a dog walking company, and then branching into training after a few years), so having access to these seminars is amazing. There are some topics that aren't really covered by their seminars, so I'll still have to supplement with books. Does anyone know of a library/book swap arrangement for dog be
  4. I recently stumbled upon tawzerdog.com, and discovered they have a very affordable DVD rental program. It works just like Netflix, except instead of movies they carry a large collection of dog seminars. Just thought I'd spread the word in case there are any other dog nerds, like me, that are on a tight budget. My first two DVD's should arrive today. I'm so excited! - Karynne
  5. In regards to your rabbit spraying, it definitely sounds like it's time to get that bunny fixed. Aside from all the behavioral benefits, there are some pretty substantial health benefits as well. Female rabbits have high instances of uterine problems which can be completely prevented through spaying. Both of my rabbits are fixed, and have been for some time, but we occasionally take in pre-op foster bunnies for the shelter. The very young rabbits are wonderful at first, but once they hit puberty they morph into complete nightmares. Any litterbox habits they had go out the window. Spraying
  6. I think it's called a "shake-weight" or something to that effect. I almost died laughing when I saw the video for it! I originally saw the parody that South Park did on it, but I didn't think it was actually real! The South Park version of it is a little more explicit, so I won't go into detail, but I'm sure there are clips of it on youtube.
  7. We've had a similar experience, except they weren't afraid of the dogs. Our guinea pigs have LOVED every dog they've met, and intentionally strut their stuff around the cage whenever the dog is looking. Penelope, our oldest guinea pig takes it one step further and kisses the dog's nose whenever she can get to it! We did have issues with one of the dogs fixating on them, but we just kept the dog out of that room and it wasn't a problem. I found it a lot easier to manage guineapig/dog interactions than bunny/dog interactions. The piggies have a huge cage in our dining room, and get out
  8. Border_Collie_Crazy you definitely have quite the adorable family! Yeah, some rabbits are spunkier than others and adapt better to life with dogs. Your rabbit seems to be of that variety . My mother's dwarf used to routinely attack dogs that invaded his bubble, but struck up a pretty endearing friendship with two Corgis he met at his pet sitter's house. To say it was cute, is an understatement. My rabbits on the other hand, wouldn't be that bold. I know I'll have my work cut out for me when we do eventually adopt a dog. In the meantime, I've been trying to acclimate them by borrowin
  9. It's impossible to say for sure if your dog and rabbit are capable of getting along. The reality is there are some dogs who can learn to get along with rabbits, and some who can't. Just as there are some rabbits who can tolerate dogs, and others who will never get past their fear. The mixed results of success and failure that people have described is testament to that. The point is it's dependent on a lot of variable factors, and none of us know your pets well enough to say for sure. But the safest thing to do is err on the side of caution, and keep them separate. At first when I read you
  10. As I'm writing this my four pound rabbit is tearing around my apartment at top speed and ricocheting off my bed. From a dog's perspective I'm sure they'd be convinced she is the most amazing toy ever invented. She runs, bounces, zigs and zags, and tastes good too. What more could a dog want? This thread has me questioning (now more than ever) if my dream of adding a border collie to the family is just that, a dream.
  11. After rereading your original post, I'm inclined to agree with Gloria. If he's already been allowed to fixate for "hours and hours", the normal introduction procedures aren't going to work for you. Unless there is a reason they NEED to be introduced, it's better to not bother. It's not a natural relationship for them, and it goes against all their instincts to get along. I've had good success with the above process, and my friends have as well. But all those introductions involved non BCs that had no prior experience with rabbits (so they hadn't had a chance to develop bad habits), and th
  12. I definitely second what everyone else is saying, don't let him fixate on the rabbit . It's teaching your dog a bad habit, and scaring your rabbit. I'm still new to BCs so this post is primarily from a rabbit person's perspective, but hopefully there will be something of use to you... The key to safe dog-rabbit introductions is taking baby steps. It's your job to make sure your rabbit feels safe and comfortable, which means progressing at your rabbit's pace, not just your dog's. If you haven't already, I suggest checking out rabbit.org. Its a great free resource and can help you learn
  13. I second what everyone else has said so far. If he's right for you, you'll know it when you meet him. You sound like a level headed person, so don't be afraid to trust your gut. Did anyone else notice that perfect little heart shaped freckle on his nose (visible in pics 2 and 3)? Adorable!
  14. airbear:Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounds like your dogs have a lot of fun on their outings. The walker you use certainly sounds a lot more responsible than the ones here that offer off leash outings. Around here the walkers don't seem to understand why bringing 8 dogs to an already crowded dog park (with only one walker supervising the mayhem) is a problem. They make a lot of money doing it, but it's not safe, which is why I've chosen not to jump on that bandwagon. Off leash hikes would be a wonderful alternative to it, but there isn't really anywhere to do it near Tacoma...sigh.
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