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  1. I'm liking the West Paw Bumi tug toy I got this Christmas - very durable even for my pup but probably not indestructible. There have been several thread son this topic - you might want to do a search. eta: Here's a recent one that's several pages long. http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=26609
  2. Good to know you can get Jawz misprints, too - I had only seen the Fastback misprints on DTWorld and I know Kes' bite would kill those quickly. Z may need the slightly smaller regulation disks - she's just a half inch too tall to be allowed to use the Pup size discs.
  3. The place where Z and Kes go for agility is starting up a toss and fetch frisbee team. I need good beginner discs that are USDDN approved in time for our first throwing lesson on the 12th and am having trouble finding them locally. Anyone have any suggestions for good beginner discs and places to purchase them? The team organizer is recommending wrightlife.com but I figured I'd also ask here to make sure I'm not missing a better source.
  4. I'm glad mixes must be neutered - we don't need people to be encouraged to breed mixes imo. I agree with Julie that the issue for me is more the "pay to play, but you might not be able to play" than the neutering thing. And there's the whole "only at stand alone events" thing too - like the purebreds competing in the confo rings will somehow be tainted by the mixes if they were in a ring nearby. That being said I have toyed with registering my gang so we can use AKC events as practice runs since other venues are a much further drive for us now that mixes can compete side by side in performance stuff. I was at a B Match for agility the other day (all proceeds went to a shelter, animals didn't have to be registered but needed to be "registerable") with my mixes and really liked not having to worry about being called out for having mixes, even though they were the only ones on the trial site. I did get called out for having my puppy wearing a head halter tho...
  5. My neighbors just got a Shih Tzu x Yorkie cross - any name guesses? eta: it's on that "registry"'s list as a a Shorkie Tzu. blurg.
  6. I'm not a fan of peta by any stretch of the imagination, but I can see where they are coming from on this one - animals who are put on display can be seen as inanimate objects a little too easily for my liking. Kind of like sheep being used as "toys" in some places.
  7. Mojo from the gang here in SC - heartworm is a scary thing to treat. Vala has our best wishes.
  8. Keep in mind that the necks of the Leos are vulnerable to shredding - Z had hers pretty badly ripped up after about 10 minutes of chewing. The Mikes are a hit here. The shelter got a nice donation of Leos from the manufacturer about 2 years ago and many are still going strong - we sawed off the necks to avoid problems, but the dogs still love them sans necks.
  9. For dogs that size I'd be using crates that are at least 36" long, so 36" by 24" would likely be the minimum for a kennel, but you wouldn't be gaining anything if crates are the same size as the runs, so assuming the dogs are housetrained I'd make them as large as you can/want.
  10. Deramaxx is what the vet prescribed Kes when at 8mo or so he messed up a shoulder muscle and needed NSAIDs and rest for a week. We had no trouble with it at all - not even a hint of an upset tummy and at that time he had a touchy tummy. Sorry the news isn't what you want, but like others I'm glad it's not another condition you have to worry about. Acupuncture is a great idea imo and I've heard great things about the DGP that Kim mentioned.
  11. In actuality, ammonia actually smells very similar to markers found in urine and feces so your use could be making the issue worse instead of better. Finding a good enzymatic-based cleaner would be a great first step. Once health issues are ruled out, I'd be upping supervision and confinement as needed. I especially like tethering the pup to your belt so you can see early signs of needing to potty and take them out. Timers can also be quite helpful in scheduling trips outside once you know the normal interval for your pup (i.e. set it for just before the length of time at which she usually has an accident).
  12. Gross! I too would not have crated my dogs in there (even if they allowed mixes lol), they would've stayed in the car! The comments on the vid were interesting, too.
  13. MaggieDog


    Aww. God speed Bear - have fun chasing squirrels over the Bridge. (((hugs)))
  14. Glad he's got a clean bill of health otherwise! There's a new coat/wrap on the market that is similar to the Anxiety Wrap, but less expensive: the Thundershirt. Maybe it might be more available, too.
  15. I like the rubber chuckit balls - very durable, don't get all gross, and because there isn't any fur, there isn't any silica. They also have a new one that whistles that I'm thinking about getting at some point.
  16. We got a West Paw Bumi in a gift exchange this year and so far it is amusing Kes greatly *and* withstanding rigorous play quite nicely. I may have to buy a Huck or Hurley in the future.
  17. We have one of the ultra balls from a past swap - I lurves it's durability (and the fact it doesn't hold dirt and drool) but Kes doesn't seem to think it as suitable for nomming as balls he can destroy unfortunately!
  18. We'll hold off on the Helle roller for now, I suppose - I don't need to spend $$ on something that could very well die a horrible death. The purple dumbbell is likely a Busy Buddy Waggle (or if it makes noise, the Chuckle) - we have two and we love them, Maggie especially as it's one of the food dispensing toys that still takes her more than 10-15 minutes to empty. Target has the line of toys in green, and Academy Sports has them in orange. I forgot to mention one of Kes' favs - the Teaser ball - similar to the ball in a holee roller ball except the outside "frame" is solid plastic. Of course he likes to kill shake the thing so it's only allowed to be played with away from the flat screen TV or anything else breakable lol.
  19. Perhaps the Holee Roller idea will help save the lives of many innocent tennis balls - Kes likes to kill them and is down to about 2 minutes per ball!
  20. Durable toys that my pups like: Nylabones/Galileo bones All of the Busy Buddy line of toys, but especially the Bristle Bone and Squirrel Dude Orbee toys from Planet Dog, except those that have raised continents Jolly Ball Canine Genius Mike and Leo Kongs of all sorts - mine have black and red ones, but I also like the blue ones for durability, just haven't needed to replace any of ours Kong Bone Treatstik Toys we like but that do have limited lifespans: Tuffies stuffed toys (only one that holds up to Kes at all, but even it is showing wear quickly) Air Dog tennis ball toys Air Kong toys Kong Wubba Rope bones Orbee balls with continents (Kes pulls the continents off lol) Edible Chews: Wholesome Hide rawhide retriever rolls Ray tails Merrick Tendon Chews Zukes Z-Ridge bones Toys I've heard good things about but haven't bought myself: Goghnuts Tricky Treat Ball
  21. The line for me is the individual (or rescue group's) ability to not just address physical needs, but also mental needs of the animals in their care. Obviously it's a hoarding situation when animals are living in filth, but I also think you are on the mild end of hoarding if the animals are crated for 23 hours a day, you can't spend time with them individually, and you aren't providing a place for them to express natural behaviors. If all you animals have major behavior issues that aren't actively in the process of resolution or they all need meds for behavior issues, then there's something wrong as well. I tend to be pretty skeptical of most "no-kill" places because of my concerns about the animals' mental needs - sure the physical may be just fine, but is it humane to ignore the fact that there is a mental aspect to animals that needs to be taken into consideration, too?
  22. Twice, but not really on a set schedule so sometimes it's just once if I get up late.
  23. Well crap. I'm so sorry it's not the news you were hoping for - Duncan sure can be thankful for his amazing family this holiday season. ((hugs))
  24. I actually made Z a homemade "bite not collar" out of dishtowels and a wide collar when she got staples recently - worked like a charm without the hassle or stress of a cone. For her spay we used a long tanktop tied over her back for the first two days.
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