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  1. What has your vet said? In cases like these I'd go with the vet's recommendation and if not confident with them, ask another vet for a second opinion.
  2. I honestly don't know why people would breed mixes due to the AKC decision - they all have to be s/n before registration. I've never heard of the BC/Pit crosses, but BC/Staffy and JRT/BC crosses are quite popular in flyball already. BC/Husky and similar mixes are equivalent to Alaskan huskies I would think - and Alaskan Huskies have been around for years. And of course the mini phenomemnon has also been around for years. I have perfect sport mixes myself - 2 BC/ACDs (one possibly mixed with GSD or Malinois as well) and a Corgi/JRT/BC/?. One BC/ACD was $20 from a local shelte
  3. Anda, Maggie doesn't really like the memory foam bed we have - I think it's because it's too firm. Z likes it so it gets used, but Maggie only uses it if all the other spots are full.
  4. I'm always on the look out for good dog beds and have been thinking we may need a few more once we move, so I thought I'd get the board's collective input. I need BC size beds that have removable covers for washing, come in a variety of colors (they must match our decor lol), and keep their shape relatively well. I'd also like to avoid cedar inside since the odor tends to give me headaches. I'm not opposed to spending a fair amount of $$ on a bed if it's a durable, nicely designed bed, but my maximum is about $70. We currently have a basic pillow bed from Walmart, a memory foam bed
  5. Poor Rikku!!!! Yea I would have forcibly removed your brother's hands the moment he attempted to roll my dog had I been in that situation. No explaining, no trying to educate, just "GET YOUR &%^%$^% HANDS OFF MY DOG!". Sounds like Rikku should stay home when you visit from now on.....
  6. Scary! At my house, the dogs are not left unsupervised with each other, nor do we have floor vents, so they all wear regular collars 24/7 unless in a crate. In a crate it's either no collar or a Premier KeepSafe. (The TazLab ones also look cool). At daycare, the dog park, or similar dog-dog play sessions that are supervised and where I need a handhold, Kes now wears a Premier DayCare collar - it's designed with two strong velcro sections for quick release by a human and yet strong enough to allow use as a handhold or leash attachment! I'm currently considering getting several Lupine
  7. Ah just what I was trying to get at, but so much more concise! Thanks!
  8. I've got to agree with Melanie and Lizmo - why does my decision to use "froofy" names for my own amusement somehow speak more than the almost 10 years I've participated on this board (off and on, but always on the "side" of the board)?? And why does it matter to those who, as Kim said: No one is saying the naming of working dogs should change to mirror the dreaded showlines, so why the huge objection to long names designed not for AKC registration, but just for the enjoyment of the dog(s) owner? We talk lots about how some of our viewpoints as a board are misinterpreted (often hugel
  9. My dogs all wear leashes and collars on a regular basis, but much of the time their training is done off lead - we use a clicker to teach a lot of skills which requires no physical manipulation or force, so leashes and such are unnecessary for anything other than safety. I love working off lead!
  10. I gave all three of my pups (herding mixes) "fancy" names because it's fun - there's no implication of lack of respect in our case. Maggie's registered name (USDAA for agility as are the other two) is goofy because I made it up when I was 15, but the other two have long names based on songs I liked and their personalities. I don't see how that can be considered offensive honestly.
  11. Join the club! I'm working on the competition skills right now with the help of some online training buddies and a few email groups. I have attended comp. classes before and train dogs professionally so feel like I have the skills, especially if I supplement the home training with private lessons periodically. I'm moving in July so perhaps I can find classes then, but I'm shooting for our first trial in May (Maggie already has a solid foundation).
  12. Maralynn, both of my insured dogs are listed as mixes. We also got discounts for signing up online, microchipping, and paying in full annually instead of monthly. A coworkers' chocolate lab was insured with a similar plan with PetPlan for $16/mo.
  13. I decided to get accident/injury/illness only coverage via PetPlan for my two youngest. For a dog under 25lbs (Ziva) it's $10/mo and for a dog under 45 or 50lbs (Kes) it's $12/mo. Both dogs are covered for up to $8000 per year after a $250 deductible. After the deductible is met they pay 90% at the regular vet's or 70% at a specialist. If a pet develops a congenital issue after coverage begins it's still covered unlike the vast majority of other insurance companies I looked at. Similarly, PetPlan is one of the few companies that will not consider a condition diagnosed in a prior plan year
  14. Maggie will be 11 in June(ish) and doesn't seem to do anything that you noticed Solo does (except counter surfing, but she's always done that lol), but like Missy she seems much more affectionate. She also seems to enjoy her creature comforts more as well - she's often seen on the couch when she never used to get up there.
  15. Kristine has some great insights! I'd say Grady could probably also benefit from Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol - google it and you should be able to find it easily.
  16. ((hugs)) and lots of "come home safely and quickly Kenzi" vibes!
  17. IMO there is a risk of "too much exercise" in two areas: 1. If you get a dog used to 2 hours of heavy exercise/day he'll likely need 2 hours of exercise every day or you'll see behavior issues. You effectively are creating a super athlete at that point. This issue can be somewhat addressed by teaching an off-switch. You should be able to find threads on that by doing a search of the board as there have been a number of good discussions in the past. 2. If your dog is under 18 months to 2 years of age there is some thought that too much hard exercise can damage joints. To avoid this,
  18. Consider getting some Direct Stop/Spray Shield citronella spray - it'll help break up fights without the need for screaming or yelling or hurting anyone. In fact I'm going to be ordering a canister this week given that Maggie and Z had an altercation this week and this thread's warnings.
  19. Honestly with bitch-bitch problems I don't think "alpha" has much to do with it. If it did, appeasement signals and submissive postures would end the fight, but in most cases it doesn't.
  20. Must be the season - Maggie jumped Z over a bone last night; one scrape, lots of pulled hair, and required human intervention, but nothing too major in the long run. Luckily for me both girls seem to have no hard feelings today, so we'll just be removing all resources and separating when unsupervised for a while. Maggie had major interbitch issues with my parents' dog. Those never were resolved and eventually escalated to major puncture wounds needing vet care, so they were never allowed anywhere near each other. Just Oreo's presence would send Maggie into a fit of barking and lunging.
  21. Lol all the reasons you've been given for him not being "purebred" are crap! Lots of BCs are smoothies, many have unique markings, a lot of have spots in various places, the majority of BCs are between 25lbs and 50lbs, some carry tails high, and a number have mismatched ears. All that said, I think from the pics he's prob a mix - there's something about his head structure that seems heavier than the BCs I've met. The true test is to see what he'd do with sheep!
  22. Z just spent her first full night loose in my room. She decided that sleeping with me was the best idea, so I had a little white ball of fur curled up between me and the wall at about knee height all night.
  23. I broke my "no dogs sleeping in bed with me" rule this morning for the first time: Z woke me up whining to go outside so I took her out and then headed back to bed. She was on the floor for a bit, then hopped up and curled up at my feet - I was too comfy to make her move so we both fell asleep like that for another hour. She'll sleep with me on the couch if I'm watching tv, too. Maggie has never enjoyed being on the bed or couch with me, but she has earned my trust in the house and she can sleep where she wants. Usually she chooses the dog bed on the floor at the foot of my bed. Z is
  24. Location: Spartanburg, SC (Upstate SC, 20 miles northeast of Greenville, SC, 50 mi south of Asheville, NC)) Distance willing to travel: up to 90 mins one way in any direction, more if I can get donations for gas money Vehicle: Subaru Impreza hatchback (fits 1 36" crate, 1 30" crate, and one small carrier) Extra Crates: yes, 1 Pull from shelter: yes Hold overnight: no, unless it's an absolute emergency Times Available: all day Sunday/Monday, before 10am Tuesday/Thursday I occasionally travel, or know people travelling, to and from Southern Indiana as well [transferred to database]
  25. Ummm I feed Avoderm, a dog food made w/ some avocado fruit in it...I know the pits are poisonous as are leaves, but the fruit?!
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