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  1. There's a recent thread on backpacks around here somewhere - I would stay far away from the petsmart brand for various reasons.
  2. I feed HK - currently Preference with beef added and Keen (and the cat gets Prowl). My dogs do eat the recommended amounts on the box: 1/2-3/4 cup dry plus an equal amount of water for Z and Maggie per meal and 1 cup dry w/ 1 cup water for Kes per meal. Z and Maggie have done quite well on any of the varieties we've fed, Kes does best on the Preference and Keen (we tried Verve and he has a bit of an upset tummy). I would def do a feeding trial with your pupper at home before taking it on the trail. I'm part of the HK Allies program, so if you'd like to try the food, I can give you a coupon for $2 off a small box or $5 off a large box - just pm me.
  3. When in doubt go with the smaller Ruffwear pack - the sizing runs large.
  4. We paid $40/hr at both places I've gone to for lessons and I could choose whether to work one or both dogs. I worked both.
  5. It sounds like you have a dog who has not been well socialized to life with humans. I would highly recommend the booklet "Cautious Canine" for suggestions on working through his fears and adjustment to life with humans.
  6. My reaction was related to the same things Shetlander mentioned - on the 'net it very hard to tell inflection and I was concerned that others might interpret the comment literally (and not entirely sure that the comment was meant in the same beat as "I'll kill you" type comments). I think the "humaneness" of a technique or tool has a lot to do with the individual animal and situation.
  7. I'm just going to say that I would *never* recommend "kicking a dog in the a**" for something as minor as pulling on leash. Why not use humane tools if they are available?!
  8. If it helps, Kes weighs 36lbs and is 21" at the shoulder - I realized I forgot to list his dimensions in my original post on the topic.
  9. I'll post an update as well. After a few more weeks at the new house and daily wear of the thundershirt, Maggie's thunderstorm issues seem to be back to their old levels prior to this storm season (some panting and pacing, but no pottying in the house). She did go on antibiotics for a UTI but we just did a retest and the UTI appears to still be present, so apparently that was not affecting her responses (we are still treating the UTI of course). The normal response level is greatly appreciated as we've had almost daily thunderstorms for the last week.
  10. Shayna that pack looks HUGE on Electra to me! But of course I'm used to teardrop shaped packs that aren't supposed to hang low at all, so that may have something to do with it, too. Alison, I actually have been surprised by how little the GG pack shifts - as long as it is balanced it doesn't budge. My oldest dog much prefers the GG pack to the old style RW packs because the GG pack belly strap is actually affixed to the pack body vs affixed to the base harness; the packs do not flop about when she trots. The GG and RW packs both adjust around the girth *and* over the shoulders for a more custom fit imo than packs with fixed over the shoulder sections.
  11. The Wenaha pack looks reeeaally bulky to me, I'd be afraid that it would interfere with shoulder movement. If you're going to spend around $50 I'd get a Granite Gear or Ruffwear Approach pack. I have both and the Granite Gear is a bit more streamlined, but the Ruffwear is a bit more feature heavy (reflective strips all along the zipper, Webmaster base harness with 2 belly straps vs the 1 on the Granite Gear, etc.). Here's Kes wearing our Granite Gear pack: odd pic but he's standing laying ETA: pic from the Ruffwear site of the new style Approach. I'm thinking about getting one for Z since it's so hard to find a good small pack for dogs under 30lbs. We have an old style one for Kes - it's a tad big still.
  12. Our vet recommends a dosage of 1000mg for all of my dogs (all between 23 and 36lbs). You will want to stay away from cod liver oil, but otherwise we just buy regular fish oil capsules from Costco or WholeFoods.
  13. Yea I love my blems from Hero Disc - I got my SuperHero disc (super durable) for $6.
  14. You might want to contact Steve White at i2K9 - he's very well known for his clicker based training methods in LE canine applications. I saw him speak at Clicker Expo and he and his wife Jen are both AWESOME. I'm assuming that you're looking for detection training resources, but you may also want to look into scent discrimination exercises since the idea is similar - Deb Jones has a great little booklet on that you might want to check out. The Customs dogs trained for agricultural detection are *completely* clicker trained from the time they enter the facility, so contacting them might get you some more detection specific info from a well respected org as well. I might even have their old training manual on the computer around here somewhere if you'd like it.
  15. Ziva is all white and we live in SC so I feel your pain about the red mud. When the stains stick (rarely with Z thankfully), I just toss her in the tub and wash her belly/legs/feet only. It can be a pain, but at least her legs and belly dry more quickly than her body. Sounds like you may just need to do that when she gets dirty lol.
  16. Generally the initial consult is the priciest, but it also will often last 3 hours or so. Each vet behaviorist is different, some will include bloodwork and other medical checks in the price, some don't. Same with follow up care. You'll want to ask what their fee includes. I've heard rates of between $250 and $400 for the initial appointment, but that was in the midwest and SE vs. east coast.
  17. I've always heard not to bathe more than twice/month unless absolutely necessary, but don't know why other than the risk of dry skin. Have you tried just letting the dirt dry and brushing her out instead of bathing? Most BC coats shed dirt easily once it dries. I also use some pet bathing wipes or rinsing with plain water if I don't want to do a whole bath and that generally does the trick for my crew.
  18. I just finished my first USDDN competition with my 18mo today! For me, the best way to get better at throwing was to throw the disc sans dog, especially in various wind conditions and aiming for specific targets. I played/play a lot with grips and angles of the disc in these sessions and it really helps. I also use the regulation discs, specifically Eurablend, SuperHero, and SuperSonic discs - they are a great weight and are much more durable than other cheap discs or dog discs.
  19. Honestly there's no way I'd use Ace with a phobic dog - it has no anxiety-relieving properties and I've heard a number of stories first hand from people who experienced worsening symptoms after using it with their phobic dogs. It appears that we have a contributing factor in my story: Maggie was diagnosed with a UTI today! She's on meds for 10 days and then a recheck to see if the infection and some crystals that could be related clear up or if we need to do some more investigative work.
  20. I've not used the medallions or S&C, but along the same lines as S&C is Honest Kitchen - I use their Preference when I want to mix in my own protein and other varieties if I just want to add water. I love the convenience and healthy food for the dogs, the dogs love how it tastes lol.
  21. I need to get one for working Kes and Maggie....hmmm.....
  22. Oh that Overall article is great to have access to! I've also reviewed a few threads from the past where SoloRiver gave some good info as well so that's helping. I need to schedule an appointment for Maggie to have a bump rechecked so perhaps I can also talk to my vet. She uses both conventional and holistic medicines so perhaps she'll have already heard of the Shen Calmer.
  23. I've heard of Clomicalm, but not Shen Calmer - what is it?
  24. Thanks for the input so far! Several "catches" I forgot to include above: - Maggie cannot be crated or otherwise confined to a small area due to other anxiety issues. - DH and I are out of the house for more than 4 hours at a time so I'm not sure Xanax is going to work - the storms around here really seem to pop up quickly and unpredictably. The Thundershirt seems to help, but only if it's on and I was originally not sure it was good to leave it on all day every day - we'll be trying that though. The worsening started this storm season (about 6 weeks ago?), the moving event was just this weekend, so it may explain this most recent bad reaction, but not the whole pattern of worsening.
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