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  1. I think that saying needs to be framed and hung on the wall of my dog training building...so simple and yet so true!
  2. I'd be VERY cautious entering this class - it sounds like these may be punishment based methods given the comment about only using food 5% of the time. Do not hesitate to drop the course if you feel uncomfortable with the methods - you need to do right by *your* dog, not just do something because someone tells you that's how it's done (because it's almost guaranteed that there are other methods out there).
  3. Hey you've seen her on sheep before! Of course she was 5.5 mo and thought sheep poo was more interesting... We'll prob not see sheep for another few months unless the lead Karen gave me works out and I have enough time off. The one good shot from her first time on sheep:
  4. You can order directly from Planet Dog as well, though the balls are still $10.95 there.
  5. Thanks for the well wishes guys! Amy guessed the origin of the name lol - of course I especially like the name not just because a cool female character on NCIS has it, but because in Hebrew it means bright or brilliant which fits Z well. As for the ears, well I think she has Corgi in there somewhere, but right now I'm going with her as a "Borgi" - BC/Corgi cross (though likely with several other breeds in there as well, maybe JRT, Lab, GSD... lol). You should've seen her watch the sheep at the herding trial we were at.
  6. Whole Dog journal had an extensive article on anal gland issues and solutions a while back - I was actually planning on getting it out to read agin because Maggie's been licking down there more again. :\ If I recall correctly, some people have had great success by giving their dog a prune every day lol.
  7. (Well it's not completely official yet, but it's only a matter of paperwork and adoption fees now. ) I am happy to announce the addition of Ziva (aka Z), soon to be known as "Stardog's Can't Take the Sky", to the Erin and Maggie pack! You all know Z as my foster dog and I'm sure some of you have detected the foster failure vibes already, but I haven't stated the obvious because I was waiting on hip X rays. Those xrays were taken today and the verdict is in: Z has *wonderful* hips! :D With this "all clear" in place, Z will be training to be an agility superstar, likely in NADAC an
  8. I liked Ocracoke on the Outer Banks - we found a nicely priced rental house that allowed pets, and the beaches there are generally much less populous than elsewhere in the OBX area - Maggie wore her longline, but had plenty of space to run.
  9. Ah now I see one of the greatest benefits to separate houses.
  10. If you're connecting the yards, does that mean that Usher can have access to both? If that's the case, why not just combine the yards completely (i.e. take down the middle fenceline) so you can use all the space too?!
  11. For hip xrays I actually want the dog put under - to do them properly, you really have to manipulate the joint into uncomfortable positions (confirmed by a human with hip issues who's had the same view done on her while awake lol), plus I just don't want to risk not getting a good shot in and missing something. Btw, dogs generally are given an injectable, reversible anethesia instead of intubation w/ gas so they are under for shorter periods *and* wake up much quicker. If I remember correctly, the injectable type is also a lower plane of sedation than gas creates.
  12. And not even a smiley to soften the title. Sounds like you really lucked out on the housing front, but I know what you mean about wishing for more land - I'm a country girl myself and living in an apartment is driving me a bit nuts right now. At least you'll ahve some yard.
  13. Well a certain tan and white someone is getting xrayed this Thursday to be sure nothing is hideously wrong w/ her hips. She has a performance prospect home lined up and though paws are crossed it turns out well, all indications are that they're in good shape: she doesn't frog dog, but she routinely walks on her hind legs at dinner time, races up stairs, runs w/ one rear leg slightly behind the other, runs and jumps when wrestling w/ ease, and is a fast little bugger going after her ball/frisbee/stick/etc. Should have the results back by Thursday afternoon.
  14. Have you practied this outside w/ low distractions? Dogs aren't great generalizers, so he may not know that the whistle means the same thing outside as it does inside if you haven't practiced outside. Also, you'll need to build distractions gradually for the training to be successful rather than a big leap from indoors to a park w/ other people/dogs/toys/etc.
  15. If you're a bad foster mom, I'm horrible. My fosters are either crated or actively engaged in something with me, so they can be crated for long time periods, especially during the week (I'm away from home 10 hours/day, fosters go with me to work, but are crated while there w/ a short break at lunchtime). Crate skills are very important for high energy dogs imo, not to mention that one has to be fair to one's own dogs before the foster.
  16. Are these front or back dewclaws? If they're back, I'd have no hesitation about removing them, front I'd think a bit more about but since they are obviously bugging Shadow and are injured and reinjured over and over, I'd probably have them removed.
  17. Yup KV Vet is where I get my pickup bags lol - orders over $40 get free shipping.
  18. Best way to evaluate play EVER: pull the dogs apart, hold for a count of 5 and release - if they go back to playing all is well, if one runs away, you need to separate them for longer.
  19. My foster puppy is pretty similar - very overwhelmed by other, larger dogs despite being outgoing on lead and a wrestle maniac with Maggie. I let her go at her own pace and only break up an interaction that is escalating to another dog sitting on her, being a bully, or some other situation that has her on the run with tail tucked. She went to daycare today and did well and she loves playing with my coworkers large dogs as well.
  20. Fynne's up on the RMBCR website now. I'm hoping for an update too.
  21. I spent Sunday at the Red Creek Farm Trial in SC and was able to chat with Karen (Journey) a good bit and saw Linda (Dixie Girl) on the way out (we chatted through the car windows lol). I had a lot of fun and despite my sunburn, I'm glad I went. This was the first trial I've seen live in about 4 years, so that made it especially nice since this go-round I actually knew a lot of what I was seeing. My foster puppy did AMAZING for 5 hours out in the sun surrounded by people, dogs, and sheep - she's actually learning how to "settle" when asked. She did spend a fair amount of time watchin
  22. Vaccines can make them a bit lethargic - what vaccines did she get? You still might need to worry about illness though, especially if this was her first round of vaccines.
  23. Ok I'll be there Sunday - there's a pic of me in my profile and I'll likely just have the tan and white pup from my last photo post. Erin
  24. Awww poor puppy - I know how scary seizures can be even when you know the cause. Paws and fingers and toes crossed for her tonight!
  25. Hmm maybe I could, though I am planning on trying out for a play Sunday at 3pm, so I'd just be there the first part of the day. I know Journey already left, so we'll just have to play it by ear...or maybe i could go both days and say to heck w/ the gas costs. (darn herding addiction...). I know I probably won't bring Maggie since the last time we were close to sheep she barked her fool head off until she got to be in the pen w/ them, but I may bring foster puppy since she can use the socialization. She thinks sheep poo is yummy though. It'd be interesting to see her reaction to the fe
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