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  1. We have a Granite Gear pack that works incredibly well on even long hikes. Kes' last hike with me was about 9 miles long and he was comfortable with the pack on the entire hike!
  2. Biiiiig hugs to you guys! Good girl Fergie - you will be missed by many!
  3. I just am seeing this. Know that you, Fergie, and your whole family are in my thoughts and you have many virtual hugs from us.
  4. Whole Dog Journal had a GREAT series of articles on urinary tract issues - I know they said that the recommendations for diets to dissolve stones are changing. My Corgi mix had struvite crystals last summer - switching her to Honest Kitchen's dehydrated raw foods cleared them right up! She eats Keen primarily.
  5. There is a *monster* thread on IMHA on one of the other forums I frequent. Here's the link - dog.com IMHA thread - I think it will be a great resource for you.
  6. I'm just seeing this and wanted to let you know that we're thinking of you and sending lots of healing vibes your way - I know just how wonderful this board can be in times like this. (((((BIG HUGE (tho gentle) HUGS)))))
  7. A tip: freezing a Squirrel Dude like a Kong will equal up to 90 mins of work vs. the max 30 mins in a Kong - the little prongs are awesome. We have the Kong Wobbler and I find it too simple for my pups. Despite being heavy, Kes picks it up and lays it over to get all the food out in one motion lol. Toys mine like: Linkables (great for Z, but not durable enough for Kes to be used unsupervised) Canine Genius Leo and Mike (too complicated for Z when linked, but perfect alone for her and Kes enjoys them linked as long as the necks aren't exposed to gnaw on) Tug A Jug (too difficult fo
  8. To Maggie, my heart dog, and all the others! Four months later the tears still flow when I think about her loss and yet there are almost daily reminders that she's not really gone, just has shifted forms.
  9. I was just reading through the thread and thought I'd let you know that my agility instructor is currently dealing with an injury in one of her dogs, so she's taking him to PT, chiro, etc. If you need recommendations for practitioners, let me know and I'll be happy to see who she uses. She's in Statesville, but travels to W-S for PT/hydrotherapy, not sure where she has her chiro work done.
  10. Just seeing this - Kat's got tons of mojo headed her way from our pack!
  11. I talked to my vet about this just last week when I thought Kes had swallowed a magnet. She confirmed that the dose is 5cc/10lbs and there are no toxicity issues with it, so you dose to result. We had old H2O2 so it took waaay more than usual - Kes needed 4 doses (over an hour) before he threw up. No magnet found!
  12. I've heard good reviews on the Working Dog Forums I frequent; have contemplated buying some myself. I'm also looking at custom dog boxes, which can be created to have two doors. For home I like Midwest crates and the ones I have have two doors. I do occasionally use them in the car as well.
  13. Awesome! Congrats to you all and yay for Tessa!
  14. Just saw this - so glad things are looking up for everyone!
  15. Is there any way that the friend could take him when you're not home and let him stay with you when you are? Or come by to exercise him? Something that would give you the best of both worlds, really.
  16. I feed Honest Kitchen, usually Preference with beef added, but I'm giving Keen (one of the complete rations) a try now as well. I've been very happy with our results and I love that I'm feeding "real" food instead of just plain old kibble. If I get my meat on sale, then the Preference is waaaay cheaper than many top brands, especially Orijen, which is about $75/30lbs here. I just bought more dog food; 10lbs of Keen is equal to 43lbs of food and costs $49.
  17. I marked your post for best of craigslist. Been there myself too many times with Maggie!
  18. Maggie fractured her carnassial molar (slab fracture). Since it was a major molar we tried to seal it with the help of a vet who specializes in dental work. The $500 repair lasted exactly a year and the vet said not to let her chew on anything harder than a biscuit afterward (wish I had known that before the procedure or I wouldn't have done it - Maggie was a big chewer). We pulled the molar and she was much happier - only cost about $300, too.
  19. Thanks for the replies so far! It's quite helpful to me to see all the angles to the whole discussion of breeding based on skill vs registry. Would it make any difference if the person who owned the AKC dog had originally acquired the dog for something other than stockwork, yet then got addicted to stockwork and decided to pursue that instead? Then you'd be working with someone who theoretically espouses a view quite similar to your own instead of the AKC perspective and, by breeding their dog to a non-AKC registered dog, they would not be able to register the pups and thus no money woul
  20. Obviously we're not talking about CH Dame Fluffington the Third, blah blah blah who has no herding instinct, but rather an AKC dog that has an owner who puts in the time to work their dog and has an animal that shows skills. What level of skill would you want to see before considering breeding to an AKC dog - actively trialling and placing? What level? Working in "the real world"? Which venues (other than AKC)? Would the AKC registration completely negate any talent in a dog? If so, why? Keep in mind that this is just for my own curiosity after watching numerous threads on breed
  21. $50 for a collar?? I think I'd be looking for a way to use the regular prong or change training methods before spending that on something that ideally would just be a temporary tool...
  22. I know a beagle breeder who swears by Continental for shipping pups. She also says you should steer clear of American.
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