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  1. Maggie says she hates tooth abcesses and feels Jazz's pain - she had a broken carnassial that led to an abcess last summer.
  2. Maggie is performing at the same level (she was never really into it tho) at 10yo as she did when she was 3-4yo in USDAA P1 agility. She just finished her P1 Jumpers and Gamblers titles this past winter with faster times than we normally see at trials, even!
  3. I don't want to sound mean, but you really can't treat human-directed aggression on your own, you need a professional NOW. In the long run, seeking the help of a veterinary behaviorist is going to pay off in spades and the more you try to do on your own, the more likely you're going to make the problem worse, rather than better. PLEASE do not use "aggressive dominance" techniques with this dog, nor muzzle him so he can interact with kids - he's obviously not ready for direct interaction with children at this point! Aggression work is not designed to go quickly - there are no quick fixes!!! Baby steps are key, no matter what you see on TV. To locate a vet behaviorist, look at these two links; the initial consult will be pricey but it will be totally worth it in the long run. American College of Veterinary Behaviorists: http://dacvb.org/about-us/diplomates/ American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior: http://www.avsabonline.org/avsabonline/ind...&Itemid=357 Here's a thread that might drive this point home: More detailed update on Pan - pansmom came to the board originally very concerned about some major behavior and aggression issues Pan was exhibiting. She took Pan to a vet behaviorist on the recommendation of several on this board and she's seeing a ton of progress already.
  4. Gosh that sounds like A LOT of seizure meds - how big is Nikita and what are the dosages per pill or mL on the potassium bromide? At her worst, my parents' dog Oreo was on 3 grains pheno and 3mL KBr daily and would still have breakthrough seizures every 6-8 weeks (she was about 60lbs and had idiopathic epilepsy). We were able to actually wean her off the pheno completely after some odd health issues (healing crisis in holistic terminology), but any more than 1.5 grains twice daily had her pretty wobbly.
  5. Has it been especially warn where you are? Any new stressful events? Both can cause a dog to go off their feed some. That being said, since this is so abnormal for your pup, it really sounds like a vet visit is in order. If any of my dogs suddenly lost interest in food you'd bet they'd be at the vet for a check up ASAP!
  6. Not a full BC, but I suspect Kes is another ACD/BC cross like my Maggie, just in the red variant vs. her blue-ness. He's borderline orange.
  7. One thing that has really helped Ziva and I is training at a level far above what we compete at - I handled her on a USDAA Grand Prix qualifier course (Masters level) and had NO issues to speak of because we train at that level, even if we're still in Starters for our titling work. I think with Kes we're def going to wait until we're training at an Advanced level before trialing at all.
  8. I'm a huge fan of USDAA myself and am waaay happier to give them my money than AKC. Because he's within 1" of a jump height cut off he'll need to be measured 3 times and at least once must be after he's 3yo. Z's in the same boat, she measures between 15.5 and 15.75 at just over 2yo, so she'll need to wait until at least one measuring after 3yo before I can send in her temp card for a permanent one. I'm not sure about the Performance thing, but I'm not sure they'd allow a dog to title in both Performance and Championship - perhaps it would be worth a call or email to their office; I've had great success emailing them: prompt replies, helpful, etc. Z and I run in Championship despite how close she is to the cut off and have never had an issue. I've not competed in AKC, but everyone I've talked to who has does say that USDAA tends to be more difficult in terms of technical aspects and of course the faster SCTs, but they do also say the courses in general are more spread out. I'm surprised you had traps and layering in a Starters run. It's not impossible to have, but if there are traps usually they've been pretty benign ime (i.e. look bad on paper but in reality aren't as stark, lots of extra maneuvering room, etc. I've never seen layering on a Starters Standard course myself. And yes, BCs far outnumber any other breed in the applicable height class. My primary competition dog is a mix, as is my up and coming boy - there used to be a lot more mixes (and other breeds too) when I started 8 years ago, but the BCs, Shelties, and Jacks have taken over.
  9. IIIICCCCKKKKK!!!!! Are they aware that it is illegal to ship pups under 8 weeks of age?? Sounds like they are encouraging the auction of pups at 6 weeks, so I wonder when they are shipped. Even though the USDA is swamped with inspections and such and thus not able to do the job we might wish, I wonder if there's any check of the producer's USDA licensing since it should be required to ship to a store....
  10. The pus like stuff you're seeing could be normal secretions - I've seen it on a number of healthy dogs myself. I'd check sources of water intake first - my dogs are all peeing more now that the temps are in the high 80s, low 90s and water intake has gone up - they aren't outside during the heat of the day even!
  11. I like the first and third foods best because the second has a lot of grain fractions in the first few ingredients. That being said, I'd feed all of them as there's nothing "bad" about any of them. I feed a food similar to number 2 periodically because it is way less expensive and my dogs do well on it.
  12. Kris - can you locate the studies showing 7.5 yr immunity for parvo and distemper? I'd be incredibly interested to read them myself and would like to talk to my vet about them.
  13. You'll get this question at some point, so I might as well ask it now: why not consider rescue? Especially given what you'd like to do with the dog, rescue might be more likely to find a dog that will fit your specific needs. This thread might be quite useful to you: Finding a performance dog, rescue or pup?
  14. I'm not scientific about it at all - I feed a reasonable amount and routinely check my dogs' body condition (can I easily feel ribs upon palpation). If they're getting skinny, we up the food, if they are getting pudgy, we drop it. The amounts on bags of food are usually overestimated, so we start with something lower than that. Here's a good link to a BCS guide; it's by Purina and I wouldn't feed many of their foods, but I like the way they detail each score.
  15. My last two rescues were adopted with performance in mind. They were both older pups/young adolescents. Ziva is now competing in agility and kicking butt in those shows we've gone to. Imagine a starters dog Q'ing and placing 4th in her height class in a USDAA Grand Prix Qualifier at her *2nd* trial - that's Z. She's everything I could want in an agility dog really. She was pulled into foster at my house at 5.5mo, adopted officially at 10mo. I chose her because she was already bomb proof, happy, not too soft but not too hard, had good toy drive, etc. I had preliminary hip xrays done at 6mo and they looked perfect according to the vet. I waited until 10mo to officially adopt so that I could delay her spay a bit. Kestrel isn't even technically mine yet (still need to sign papers), but he's just completed his first puppy agility class and looks like he will be a challenging, tough as nails, FAST dog when he grows up. He came into my house as a foster at 4mo and I got the go ahead from DH to adopt him a few weeks back when he was 6.5mo. I took him to foster because he's a red heeler mix and that's a fav breed of mine, he stayed because he's a *tough* dog and I like a challenge (most of the time lol), he is unafraid in the majority of situations - even more bomb proof than Z is, and he's a red speckled male which was what I planned on adopting before Z fell into my lap lol. My instructor and fellow agility classmates/competitors LOVE his structure and I'm planning on getting him xrayed in a few months just to be sure. I work for a shelter so it makes it really easy to pick out dogs I think might work and foster to see for sure, but I bet you could do something similar with a BC rescue - ask to foster with the idea that you're looking for a perfect fit. I do think it's very helpful to sit down and write out a "wish list" for your next dog. I did that before Z was in the picture and it really helped me evaluate her addition more objectively. She ended up having every trait I wanted except breed and gender. I didn't formally write out a wish list for a dog after Z, but I knew I wanted a harder dog and a male for sure, plus one that had the traits I liked in Z for performance and good structure to start with. Rescue gives you way more options and variety ime.
  16. Kestrel thinks he's helping - his favorite thing (I'm almost embarrassed to admit) is to put his paws on the counter's edge when I'm doing something on our kitchen island or at my desk! Maybe he just likes to supervise lol.
  17. Ick. Just ick. (And I wish she didn't have a dog with a name really similar to one of mine lol)
  18. Maggie (BC/ACD) is 19.5" and 33lbs. She's almost 10yo.
  19. I think we all know that there are a number of puppy mills run by people of amish background, but do you seriously think that all of them do that?! That's taking incredible leaps and quite offensive. Perhaps the question should be "What will a registry do if dogs registered with their organization are used in puppy mills as breeding dogs." It really has nothing to do with who exactly is running the mill, so why bring that into it?! (I can't let prejudice stand without comment, sorry) That said, I know that the legit registries around generally will try to do something if it is reported that dogs registered with them are mill dogs, but where their ability to actually fix the issue is, I don't know. I know ACK does kennel inspections and can suspend breeders, not sure about UKC, and ABCA has already been addressed well above. If there is a suspected mill, I'd be reporting them to the local AC, SPCA, etc. Your local resources are going to be your best bet vs registries which have no legal standing as far as I know. The USDA can step in on commercial establishments if animals are not directly bought at the location, but they are severely understaffed, so action is slow.
  20. Ok I don't get the distinction between "peoples" and "eshs" as I have *no* idea what those words refer to - are you saying some dogs were originally in someone's hands that you know and then ended up at an amish farm and you're worried about the mill issue? If so, remember that not all amish are going to be puppy millers; that's a huge generalization. I wouldn't be surprised however if they allowed unaltered animals to procreate given that I'm not sure how up on s/n they are. Might be a great chance to educate them, though I'm not sure how open to surgical treatments they are due to their religious beliefs. I do remember my dad saying that the amish generally are good about vet care for animals although there are always bad apples in the bunch - he grew up in N. IN where there is a large amish population.
  21. Scary with a capital S! Glad everything worked out as well as it did - thank goodness for nice neighbors. Guess it's a good reminder for me to get to work polishing everyone's "do not cross the threshold until invited" training here!
  22. If I were you, I'd pick up a copy of Control Unleashed as it deals with this type of behavior in the very setting you need to control it in. It's a fabulous book for reactive/shy/busy dogs.
  23. My coworker really swore by acupuncture to help her old dog handle pain from arthritis and side effects of vestibular disorder. It's def worth a try!
  24. Anyone know anything about or who are planning to attend the above? I'm near Greenville and wondered if it would be something worth going to to spectate and perhaps meet some of the people I know from this board.
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