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  1. Thanks for the great input, everyone. I'll get a good picture of Max and post it before requesting more feedback!
  2. We recently obtained a Border Collie at a shelter in Wisconsin. He had been listed on "Petfinders" and was identified as a Border Collie. Wasn't so sure when we saw him--big pooch! Weighed in at 53 pounds at our vet. He has ears that look more like a spaniel. However, it may be a thick growth of hair--underneath, the actual ear flaps are relative small and triangular. However, he does not hold them erect as our first Border Collie does. By the way, we obtained this fellow as a companion for her. Both are neutered. How can I find out if the new pooch is Border Collie? I suppose maybe saliva test would be the ultimate, but these are a bit pricey . . . suggestions, please. My vet said she had seen a Border Collie, purebred, recently that looked the same. Is there this much variance in the breed? Thanks, all.
  3. Thank you so much for the info on the dog treats. Have not bought any, but they sure had me "Hooked" with the cute ad.
  4. I love the ad for Milo's dog treats . . . not sure if it's the actress or the pooch that makes it. The pooch is clearly a collie of some type and another web location has suggested it's a Border Collie . . . what do Border Collie breeders, trainers, and owners think?
  5. Thank you for all the replies on Border Collie tails. Right after I posted this I figured people would think I was "anal" for worrying about it. All the answers were reassuring and informative!
  6. Almost every picture I see on-line here shows Border Collies with a lovely, fluffy tail. My girl, who we figure to be a BC-mix (unknown mix) has a rather hairless tail. Sometimes she carries it low, other times curled over her back. Any way to know what kind of a tail she'll develop other than genetic testing? She is not very fluffy anywhere, but is remaining very silky. Will be six mos. 12/9.
  7. Hello, all Border Collie lovers, trainers, and breeders. I have been a Border Collie fan since I learned on PBS several years ago how intelligent they are. In addition, I helped an area farmer hook up with a rescue group and he got a wonderful dog. We are a big "animal" family, a 4-1/2 month old Border Collie mix, a Golden Retriever, a kitty, as well as 2 horses and 2 jennies.

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