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  1. I had asked on here about thoughts on slowing down a pup that was just destroying her food in a feeding frenzy. Lots of great advice was received including a special bowl to slow her down. We found such a bowl at a local pet store and it has definitely slowed her down. Maggie still attacks just as voraciously, but the lugs in the bowl force her to work much harder to pick the kibble up,slowing her down considerably. This particular bowl is made by J.W. Pet Supplies. Thanks for all the help!!!! My link
  2. Our new pup Maggie is scary when she eats her TOW meals. (2X a day about 3/4 cup each meal) I have never seen a dog wolf/vacuum down food like she does. She gets into a near frenzy and inhales the kibble without any chewing - All gone in less than 30 seconds. She's about 14 weeks old and surprisingly today is the first time she puked it all up after about 20 mins. Not one kibble was chewed at all. She is very healthy with lots of energy and good vet check ups. Her stools are very good. I don't see how there is anything we can do to stop this. Does anyone have any expe
  3. Our 12 week old BC started out on Wellness For Puppies and was doing great. Due to an astronomical price hike from Wellness we have had her on TOW Wetlands Formula with Roasted Fowl. She seems to be doing great with it, some soft stools for the first week-ten days but now very stable firm stools, no real abnormal itching and energy to beat the band. She also poops much less frequently than when on the Wellness, but I'm thinking that is just her little body going through change.
  4. PRICE LEAP!!!! Well, our 9 week old BC got one bag of Wellness For Puppies in her and was doing great on it. I paid 11.99 for the bag about 2 weeks ago. Went to get another bag and it had jumped to $17.99! Back to the drawing board and dogfoodadvisor.com to find a new brand.....
  5. We got our Jack from the Humane Society when he was estimated to be between 4-5 years old. Very scared, meek and withdrawn. He was obviously treated very poorly by some scummy person or persons. I tried everything to get him to perk up and join our family and had no real luck. Finally, I decided that I would "out-meek" him. I would lay on the floor in front of him on my belly with my chin on the floor and squint at him, making soft sounds and the like. I'd roll over on my back and snuggle up against him in real subservient fashion. I just persisted for several days like this
  6. I totally agree with the oil-filled radiator type of heater. Definitely your safest choice. We have a Delonghi brand in the bedroom and it throws a nice, steady heat and had it for years with no issues. A few companies make a small-scale version of these that might be a good size for a van. Oil Filled Radiators
  7. Would anyone be able to offer any advice or experience with either of these two brands of puppy food? I have been scouring all the places within a reasonable distance to see what is available and will fit our budget and I have identified these two foods as possibilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Doug Wellness Just For Puppies http://www.nationalpetpharmacy.com/product/366/Wellness-Just-For-Puppy-Dry-Dog-Food?utm_source=amazon&utm_medium=cse Crude Protein (minimum)28.00% Crude Fat (minimum)17.00% Moisture (maximum)11.00% Crude Fiber (maximum)5.00% O
  8. Our Max who was bred as a pure cattle-dog, Border Collie couldn't stand not to be watching something every waking hour (minute/second for that matter). One day, he and I were camping along a nice quiet stretch of a trout river in North Idaho. The campsite was up under some huge ancient cedars about 50 feet from the stream. Max normally was always at my side, but for some reason he insisted on staying down by the stream and just lay there staring across the water. I kept bringing him back to the tent area and he kept skulking back down to the water's edge and just lay there totally fixat
  9. I need to clarify something - the people we are getting the pup from are not "pushing" us to take the dog early, that is entirely our decision. It is based on my post-Christmas work schedule which is shaping up to be very hectic. The breeders are placing no pressure at all to rush us into picking up the pup.
  10. Jack has his new bed. Found a really nice "Gusseted" Memory Foam Pillow at Costco for all of $33.00! It is really large at 36" X 42" and he loves to stretch out on it. I woke up several times last night (his first with the bed) and he was really zonked out on it!
  11. Jack has his new bed. Found a really nice "Gusseted" Memory Foam Pillow at Costco for all of $33.00! It is really large at 36" X 42" and he loves to stretch out on it. I woke up several times last night (his first with the bed) and he was really zonked out on it!
  12. I've read various opinions on other discussion forums as to when to remove a pup from the mom and take to a new home. Since I have more confidence in the people on this board, I'd like to hear other's thoughts. We have a deposit down on a pup. The ranch we have to travel to is close to a 10 hour drive, so the pickup time might become very weather contingent at the last minute (driving in Idaho and Western Montana). I'd like to have the pup home before Christmas. We can get her at 6 1/2 weeks old or wait and get her a week later. Beyond that we are too "deep" into Christmas time to make
  13. I agree with the "you don't know what you got til you got it" crowd. We have had three BCs with another on the way. Two were from strong working parents and number three is a Rescue BC. Working BC #1 (Max) turned out to be very mellow. He was a rough coat, farly large framed dog. Loved to go full bore when playing and such, but was perfectly content in the house just "hanging out." When my wife was pregnant he followed her and stood watch over her constantly. He has passed on. Rescue BC (Jack) is very mellow and laid back, both in the house and out. He is big-boned with a full rou
  14. Disregard - had placed a post here inteneded for another thread. Is there no way to delete your own post??
  15. I am posting this not for my dog, but for all of our dogs. While this is surely not about a well disciplined working dog, it is about much more. It is a tribute to our special "pals", our "buds" and our friends. It is about that empty space in our lives that once was filled with a warm head under our hand, a deep look into our eyes or maybe just that omnipresent sigh at the foot of the bed as our friend settled down for the evening. I remember seeing this live on the "Tonight Show" and decided to search for it. I hope it "hits home" to some of you as much as it does for me.
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