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  1. That's awesome she has a site where you can ask questions directly. Also encouraging to hear it has worked for you two. I'm definitely going to use these techniques, it would be nice to go for a walk without having to hold my dog back from cars, bikes and joggers. Even better, if I got him to the point where he would be trusted off leash at beaches, parks, trails, etc.
  2. I get this a lot with my BC too. And it really bugs me! I also agree that its probably a lotworse with horse people and new parents from what I've seen. But it really gets on my nerves when someone does this. And just to mention a few things I've been told by random people... "You shouldn't play tug of war with your dog, he'll become aggressive" "You shouldn't let your dog walk in front of you" "Your dog needs to live on a farm" "You should ONLY use treats made for dogs or else he will beg" "You shouldn't have to use treats to train a dog" "Dogs can't eat raw food because they are domestic now and can only eat kibble" "Why does your dog need a bed time?" (Lol) And many more... I remember last summer, when he was just a puppy and I had took him out with me and a few of my friends to a dog-friendly local beach/park. There is an outdoors sort of ice cream shop next to it. They also were selling those dog ice creams called frosty paws. So of course I couldn't resist buying him some. Well there was a huge line in front of the shop. Later on people would come up to see him and say things like "Oh he shouldn't be having ice cream, blah blah blah" followed by "Oh he's a border collie, they are a lot to handle and they need this, this and this you know" I guess they weren't aware the ice cream was made for dogs and assumed I knew nothing about the breed because I look too young. Or maybe they wanted to show off what they knew. But... nothing is as bad as when I took Oliver to his first vet visit. I was in the waiting room and a lady came across the room to sit right beside me. Asked a few questions about Oliver, and then started to tell me what a "big responsibility" a dog was. Er...
  3. I will definitely opt for the puppy book then. My bc is 10 months old right now. He went to a family dog obedience class at 7-8 months and knows all the basics and a little more. He is very motion sensitive. He goes into a fit if he sees another dog running or playing and he can't get to them. He tries to chase cars on our walks and such. His fits always start with "the eye" which then changes to lounging and barking. So for now he is totally unreliable off leash because of these very dangerous distractions. I don't doubt that one day he will be controllable, just need to figure out how to get there. Does this sound like the right book for me in anyones opinion?
  4. I actually didn't even know what jump cups before starting this topic. And WOW. Who knew ready made jumps would be so expensive. Actually all this stuff is expensive. Rufftie, I really like your setup btw. Roscoe, nothing else particularly helpful yet except all the tips on this board. Rushdoggie, thanks for the links. I really cannot wait to get started! No one commented on the "agility in a bag" set. Maybe not the best idea! it just seems so easy.
  5. Anyone read and used "Control Unleashed" training techniques? I'm thinking about buying the book. Did it help you any? And would you recommend it? Success stories anyone?
  6. So my border collies birthday is coming up in April and we actually share a birthday. I'll be turning 19 the day he turns 1! So as a birthday present to him and myself, I want to start him in agility. I'm not looking to do it competitively, just something I can set up outside and we can do for fun. Who knows maybe if he does really well I'll look at doing it competitively. I've been looking at some agility kits and they don't seem like they'd hold up very well. This one seems like the best out of the few. Has anyone ever used this? http://www.affordableagility.com/agilityinbag.htm Would it just be better if I went to Lowes and built one myself? Any recommendations on a book for this kind of project? Like a how-to. Thanks! Below is a picture of Oliver. Showing no fear as he climbs the scratching post.
  7. My 8 month old Border collie was diagnosed with an OCD lesion in his shoulder. From what I understand it is not proven if this is genetic or not. It is also very common in big dogs. He has had a limp for about a month now. He was put on an anti-inflammatory/pain meds for 10 days and joint supplements basically for the rest of his life. My question is, have any of you ever had experience with your dog or know a dog with this? My vet wanted to go with conservative treatment to see how things go at first. But of course I couldn't help but do a little internet research...and apparently without surgery it is very likely he will develop severe lameness. He doesn't limp anymore after these ten days but he has been on strict rest. Now he is allowed to get moderate exercise. I noticed a slight limp after he romped around the yard for a while but it went away quickly. This leads me to believe he will have to be somewhat restricted the rest of his life if he does not have surgery. Any thoughts or opinions? Is surgery the only way to go? I really don't understand how conservative treatment will ever just make this problem go away.
  8. Well good news- I've been following everyones advice and he did wonderful today in class. He paid more attention to me than he did the instructors! (a relief) He hardly got distracted compared to the last class and he did every command willingly with a wagging tail. He was getting somewhat antsy at the end of class so as soon as it was over we went and ran around in the fields next to the training studio (Don't really know what to call it) He's been sticking to me like velcro since we came home. Maybe I still smell like hotdogs? I can only hope next class will go just as smoothly but he's just a baby as you all said so I won't get discouraged again if it goes badly. Thanks for the advice everyone. One thing was a tad embarrassing- a new assistant instructor was there today and she thought I was really, really young. As an example for getting him to wait at entrances- she said pretend I'm stopping him from getting my favorite dolly. ... I am an adult.
  9. I'm very curious. What entails sheep farming? Is it worth it? I'd love to hear from real sheep owners. Do you like owning sheep? Pro's and Cons? How did you get started? How many roughly do you own? Do you use them for meat or wool? Organic or no? How do you sell your product? What breed of sheep? Feel free to tell me anything or all about it! Anyone with alpacas?
  10. A mixed reply to all- I don't believe puppies shouldn't not be trained because they need to be puppies. That's crazy. But that doesn't mean I don't let him be a puppy! I think if anything it strengthens the bond between puppy and owner. Trust me he gets to be a puppy PLENTY of the time. My post was about training and not his everyday life as a puppy, we (me and him) are having lots of fun with his puppy days and will continue to have fun/goof around even in his adult days. It must sound like I try to train for hours everyday which is not the case. Collectively in one day I think it adds up to about 30 minutes. I try to make training as fun as possible. Like with the recall, I will have someone hold him and I'll go run and hide with a yogurt treat. He loves this game and he's getting good at it. I'm running out of hiding spots I do believe I have a good relationship with him. I'd like to think so at least. I am his only caretaker- the one who feeds, plays, walks, and trains him. I have had him since he was 9 weeks old. I definitely have the energy to keep up with him and I spend a great amount of time with him everyday. He follows me everywhere. The treats I use are exactly the same as the instructors. So maybe I have burnt him out with training, it's just been drilled into my mind that the more you train the better. I'll take it down a notch. This bored/burnt out idea crossed my mind when I came back after the class and tried to train him. So I've made sessions short and fast-paced. I've started playing ball or tug with him right after every little training session so he knows after he gets to play. They can be 3-5 minutes long. Sometimes even just for a minute. He was not put in the puppy class because it was full and the instructor believed he could handle the Family dog class. The other dogs don't have to learn the difference between a "rolling" down and just a down. They have high expectations of him since he's a border collie, I need to remind them that he's just a baby. Also, I have been taking him to other places and training him the past few days as some of you suggested. He's doing great with it on walks especially. I don't just stop and train in one spot for 5 minutes either. I'll walk a ways and then just ask him to do something and he gets lots of treats/praise for it and then we keep walking. I understand everyone has their own methods of training and of course a lot of people believe the way they do it is the only correct way. I just want idea's on how to get/keep his attention in class. Thanks to those who have answered! And...What kind of border collie is not motion sensitive?
  11. Thanks guys I'm going to start training him on walks, at the park and other peoples houses. First lets see how we do in the front yard. (He's a car chaser, also why it was recommended he wear the gentle leader)The reason I haven't been training anywhere is because the instructors haven't really told us to. The class I am in doesn't really mention using toys so I'm going to ask the instructor about it. He's extremely toy driven. His pupils get wide and he'll do anything you ask of him. He's also yogurt driven . (only give him a little, don't want to upset his tummy) so I'm going to start by making this gentle leader business fun for him. Me being in control of whether he gets to see the new person is also a great idea. I wonder how that'll go over with the instructors because they like to use him for every demonstration when teaching the class something new. He is the youngest in the class... also the only puppy in the class. Also, is it possible for a border collie to be taught not to try and herd certain things? Like cars, cats and other dogs? Sometimes I read its impossible, other places I read its doable. But nothing I've read has said how.
  12. I guess this is something I should be asking my instructor, and I have... but its getting really frustrating! This is regarding my 6 month old bc pup I have enrolled in obedience classes. So he does a wonderful job at home. Does all the "homework" assignments perfectly and we have fun, and I love training him. But in class.... A nightmare He only listens to the instructors aka the "new fun people." He'll do anything for a new person- treats or not. New person says down and he collapses to the floor for a pet. And if he's not paying attention to the instructors its the other dogs in the room. I could be running circles, jumping up and down, trying to be as exciting as possible in class and he will just not pay attention to me. It makes me look as if I haven't been practicing at home. I train for short and long intervals throughout the day, everyday. The instructor will see me having a hard time getting his attention and walk over, demonstrate with him (of course he does it immediately) hand him back and he's back to not paying attention. They tell me to show him the treats, say his name, make a click or kiss sound. I do. Not listening to me. They don't understand that these noises work for them because my dog will obey anyone new. I feel like they think I'm not cut out for a border collie. He just ignores me. He also has to wear a gentle leader in class because of his prey drive and his need to control other dogs during the recall session. Well he absolutely loathes this thing. As soon as its on its just pouting time and learning commands becomes not so much fun. Am I worrying too much? I think he can feel that I get anxious in class. Today when we came home, I waited a while and gave him another session. He wasn't as "into" it as he normally is so we cut it short. Have any of you had this problem before? Oh yeah. One more thing, the command he was actually doing in class for me was stay/down on command. Well they said he rolls too much. *heart sank when I heard that* Like he's laying on one of his hips and that I need to fix that so he can stand quicker. How do I fix that?
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