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  1. Just a quick bump as it was mentioned some NC people might have missed this with trials over the Labor Day weekend.
  2. Thanks, everyone! I've filled out applications with both of those rescues and will take a look at that November trial.
  3. Mary&Sully - hah! I figured it'd be best if I summarized the essentials in the interest of brevity since I'm new here ruftie - Thanks for the other rescue suggestion, I will keep an eye on their dogs!
  4. Hello! New to the board, and have been seriously considering adding a border collie to the family. I don't have livestock, but I run and hike and compete in agility with my younger dog (labrador retriever) and my older rescue mixed breed is mostly retired from all of that and is a queen couch potato. I've purchased a purebred puppy (the labrador retriever) in the past from a breeder, and am familiar with the standard red flags and concerns. This board has been great for learning about some border collie specific concerns; I had no idea sport-bred and working-bred dogs were so different before
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