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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep all this in mind as I play around. The food store recommended moving away from any carbohydrate-based foods if I wanted to put weight on him, so we're now trying Orijen. He seems to like the taste much better. I'm also noticing he does want it to be peaceful when he eats. He usually eats when he's kenneled and we're away or if my boyfriend and I have both sat on the couch near his kennel and are doing something calm. I tried only feeding him twice a day and removing it, but he just ate less. I could try it again if I have more confidence in that he does
  2. About a month ago I took on a semi-rescued border collie, unneutered male. I say semi-rescued because he wasn't necessarily abused, but used on a rural farm's breeding program and spent most of his life kenneled or handled by a 6 year old. He threw two litters with mange, and the owner agreed to give him away. His owner was the sister of friend's friend, asked if I wanted him, so I took him. He's been a great dog so far and the only issue I have is eating. He's a larger border collie and should weigh, minimum, 10 pounds more than he does now. He has put on some weight since I've gotten h
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