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  1. thanks all for the advice! Carlasl- that sounds like an interesting job! do you still work in that field? and yes callie is very smart Gcv-border- most days i think she gets enough exercise. we usually walk her 4 miles a day...1/2-1 mile is usually a jog. we don't have a yard and i wish she had more unstructured off leash outdoor time. how much exercise do you think is enough? Brady's mom- It's yer choice--our obedience instructor taught that a few classes ago and i had forgotten about it until you mentioned it- i'll definitely work that with her- i love that game! yay for impulse control!
  2. an obedience question for you all...this might be obvious, but please bear with me we've been doing basic obedience with Callie, 10 month old border collie, sit, stay, down, leave it. we've had her for about two months and she's been wonderful! but she seems to be developing a bad habit. today, while my boyfriend and i were watching a movie [not paying her a ton of attention] she went rummaging through our recycling and pulled out an old toilet paper roll, struts over with it in mouth. boyfriend said "leave it" and she did immediately. then, not five minutes later, she picks up a whole roll of toilet paper, takes it off the shelf, brings it to us [looks quite pleased with herself] boyfriend says "leave it" she does, but sits there expectantly, waiting [i think] for the treat that she gets whenever we practice leave it. so, clearly we need to be more vigilant and keep thinks out of her reach. but how do we train a reliable leave it, without giving her the expectation that every time she does it she is automatically rewarded with a treat/attention? and i suppose "leave it" is the wrong command. what we asked her to do is more of a "give"...hmm, please help!
  3. Callie's currently eating Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish Formula. I guess "channel" would be a better word than "discourage" the herding instinct. For example, if Callie starts to focus on the chinchilla, encouraging her to play with a toy, get her "tug" or chew. I think you're right that she needs a outlet for it, something to keep her brain occupied. We go to basic obedience once a week and practice daily, I'm hoping to get her into agility once she's older. There's a dock diving even in September about an hour away. I might check it out. Callie does not feel any great affection towards the water [yet ] I'd like to get into herding but the lessons are a bit too expensive at this point in time.
  4. sorry, its taken me so long to respond- things got a litttle crazy with the hurricane- this area wasn't hit too bad, but we found out the porch roof leaks... sooo you all were right, callie's got fleas- the vet seems to think that they will clear up after we apply her frontline. I'm surprised since she's already on it and i checked her for them before. but i saw the darn things with my own eyes...during the appointment, one jumped right onto the vet [maybe that's why they wear white jackets, lol] lot's of vaccuming and laundry to do I'm not sure if we should switch to a different food, since it doesn't seem to be a grain allergy [she's eating Natural Balance Potato and Fish] The Blue Buffalo kibble looks good, maybe we'll transition her onto that. It's scary how many chemicals and crap unethical companies try to pass off as 'healthy' dog food. We give Callie Pet'n Shape brand treats- [http://www.petnshape.com/] just three ingredients- chicken liver, sweet potato and broccoli. Shoresdog- thanks for your help posting the pic- your dogs are gorgeous- how old was Juno when his ear got floppy? I've been redirecting Callie when she goes to look at traffic, getting out her tug and playing with that instead and we can also draw the shades if it gets to be too much. [ My boyfriend and I are both students with pretty flexible schedules and can be around most of the day during the summer] BorderlineCrazy, she has shown some border collie herding instinct, which we've discouraged. She's given Henry, our 12 year old chinchilla the "eye" and follows his movements closely- generally when they interact she does the play bow and he's responded by holding a stick out and i would swear he's trying to poke her. She sometimes naps next to his cage. Henry will jump from the the top of his cage and drop down about three feel, making a loud noise and startling her. no worries, this all takes place at a distance- Henry is caged and behind a gate, so Callie has no chance of getting to him. Henry is, for a lack of a better phrase, a "special needs chinchilla" he was abused by his previous owners and has aggression problems- when my boyfriend adopted him, he had to sign a contract swearing her would never allow Henry to share a cage with another chinchilla, due to safety concerns. Chins are pack animals, very social creatures and i hope he enjoys her company] i'll try and take some video of callie, though i'm not so technologically adept. and aww, hestia is adorable!!! i hope these pics work..
  5. hey there! I've been lurking for quite some time and recently signed up- this website is wonderful, so much good advice! My boyfriend and i recently adopted an eight month old border collie mix. most people think she has some husky- but she's only 30 lbs and it might just be her blue eyes- here's a link to her photo- i'm not sure how to paste a photo. callie! - any thoughts about her origins? i'll post some more once i find the camera cord Her name is Callie and she's an absolute love. She comes from New Hampshire via San Antonio. According to the shelter staff, she used to cross a highway everyday to beg for food from folks waiting for entry into the Alamodome. Consequently, she thinks all humans are her personal treat dispensers and she has a healthy respect for traffic patterns, looks both ways before we cross the street. Callie is my first dog, well the first dog i've had living on my own. I grew up with Molly, a border collie/golden retriever mix and Honeybear, a german shepherd/yellow lab mix. Callie is different, in a good way- far more observant, [maybe "biddable"is the right word]and spirited [we're working on a 'nothing in life is free' program per the advice of the dog trainer] She's on a grain free diet, had some eye discharge that has since cleared up, but she has been scratching and biting herself more than seems to be normal and rubbing her mouth on the carpet. It doesn't seem to be an obsessive behavior, [but maybe it is- what do i know?] We're taking her to the vet tomorrow, hopefully they can give some insight into what's going on We're attending a basic obedience class and it seems to take only a few tries for her to learn a command...but consistently obeying when she's in the 'real world' is a different story. She came to us house and crate trained and knowing "sit" [she spent three weeks being fostered before coming up north, but was a stray before that] We're working on leash walking with the easy walk harness, she's pretty good until she sees another dog and then she pulls and pulls and pulls! I'm hoping to eventually get her canine good citizen and maybe do agility once she's older and more trained...but we've got a long way to go! one question/concern...she likes to watch cars from inside our apartment- should i be discouraging this behavior? she'll stand on her hind legs and rest her front paws on the window sill, does it for maybe one minute at a time and then moves on to something else. When we're outside she doesn't seem to be focused on them and in fact shies away from the cars when they pass. thanks!!
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