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  1. Around here, we belong to the " names (for BCs) that are single syllable and end in a hard sound (Mac, Kate, etc) and are a little off-beat," camp. When DH was young and learning to train dogs, his trainer advised him to never give a bitch a woman's name because that might also be the name of your future mother-in-law! Our new pup came with the name "George" which none of us liked and he didn't respond well to it anyway. Since his puppy coat was a very dark brown, he got named "Chip" which is short for Chocolate Chip. As he developed, he became keen on chasing chipmunks, eating ice chips and he's definitely a chip off the old block. The name seemed to fit. As long as the dog learns to respond to her name, it's really irrelevant what it is.
  2. Thanks Amanda Two recent ice storms (and another forecast for tomorrow)have definitely ended field training here. Chip still tags along every day for feeding. I've decided to occasionally remind Chip of his leash training days on the side road where the footing is sure for both of us. I was surprised at how much calmer he was today on leash, even though he hasn't seen the leash for several months. A break was certainly a benefit in that aspect of his training. I'm quite excited now to see what he'll be like on the sheep in April. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thank you - more Kleenex please!
  4. I have a young dog "Chip" just 13 months. He's come a long way over the summer. Very keen on sheep now and gathering for me. Not perfectly - but he's young. Our flock is now in large groups outside for winter feeding. My concern is trying to train him during the winter season. Is it necessary? I'm not keen on sheep, dog or myself slipping on the ice or wading through deep snow. Are there short skills that I can teach him to keep him interested - or should I let him have a break 'till spring? At the moment he's just tagging along while we do the feeding.
  5. Yes that's it! Thank you! BTW - you owe me a box of Kleenex
  6. Twenty five years ago, I met my husband while traveling in New Zealand/Australia. He showed me a picture of his three Border Collies on his sheep farm in the U.K. and my first response was "How do you tell them apart?" They all looked like black and white dogs to me. :-) I had grown up on a dairy farm and had no knowledge of these wonderful dogs. I've come a long way since then! Twenty five years later I'm honoured to say that I've buried several of these wonderful creatures deep in my heart. Misty being the longest living. Gwen - who started it all 1991 to 2003 and mother of Flash and Misty Flash 1998 to 2000 Misty 1998 - 2012 Jim 2007 - 2009 Currently we are owned and operated by Sweep and Chip. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and comforting poetry. If I ever find the one that I was looking for, I'll be sure to post it here.
  7. We'll have to put her down today. She's 13 1/2. We've put this off too long and now she's quit eating and drinking. Born here on our sheep farm and worked very hard for us all her life. Never been to a dog trial or dog show but she's top dog here. I'm looking for a specific tribute poem that I read many years ago. I can't remember - perhaps I was in Australia or New Zealand at the time - maybe even in the U.K. The last couple of lines go something like this...... She lifts her head and one last time, her master calls "Away!" I've done several google searches and can't seem to find it. Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with it. Can't remember the poem but we'll never forget Misty. That's all that matters really.
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