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  1. Since Ryleigh is frightened of most everything...she has a pack that she carries when we walk. It contains a water bottle and a collapsible dish.
  2. Hey, I'm 15 and just thought I'd say hello! My name is Katelyn. :)

  3. She knows the commands but I'm obviously not interesting enough for her. Sometimes she just looks at me and then bounces down on her front paws.
  4. Thanks, my thoughts exactly! I'm really working hard with her--she has learned some basic commands but tends to be rather ornery when we are practicing. She's really into swimming at the river so that has been a way to curb some of her energy and fear. I also got her a pack that she wears when we walk with a few things in it to give her a 'job'.
  5. Today I took Ryleigh in the car to the new dog park about twenty minutes away. I knew she wasn't fond of female dogs, but I didn't expect all of the dogs there to be female... She enjoyed walking around the perimeter (on leash) until dogs started to come up to her. She walks well on a leash so it is easy to control her. Ryleigh immediately started showing her teeth when they would get near her face or in front of her. She definitely showed signs of wanting to be in charge of the situation. It really frustrates me because if a male dog approaches her she is completely submissive and wants
  6. I am involved with a local shelter here in Wamego, Kansas and I decided to make a post for Calypso. She came to us as just a tiny and crazy puppy. If you are interested, contact us through petfinder: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/20393283
  7. Her story: http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=31368&st=0&p=390189&fromsearch=1entry390189 She is almost three, but has never had human interaction. The harness is the only way to walk her without the possibility of her getting away. It also helps me get her to do things inside since she will rarely let me touch her--I can just grab on to the handle and walk her to where she needs to be. She's also terrified of toys so mental stimulation hasn't proved successful! After examining her shelter harness further, I noticed chew marks on that too, so I think it is a
  8. Well today I opened Ryleigh's kennel door (she sleeps here) to find that she had chewed off her harness in the night. I know she must have a lot of extra energy lately because we haven't been going out much with the heat. Temperatures here have been close to 120 daily so I have only been taking her on a long walk at night. If it's not that she has energy to be mischievous, then does anybody have any stronger harness recommendations? I was definitely not a happy camper this morning!
  9. Thanks all. She went to the vet yesterday for all of her shots and a general check-up. Vet said that she is about 6-8lbs. underweight (she's at 42). Just have to keep working on her weight!
  10. You guys are in my thoughts! Keep it up, Lacee girl.
  11. I know forum members always love pictures, so here are some of Ryleigh since she came home:
  12. Alright. Food suggestions other than Wellness or should I just switch over to the lamb formula? Thanks for the input all.
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