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  1. Hi! Are you still looking for a BC? This is Bird ❤️ ... she was born from my own and now that is has reached maturity she is showing signs of hierarchy issues with the older female.
  2. Thanks for everyone re-assuring me that six months is too young to tell. I am going to wait a few months before trying it out again, in the meantime I will be researching as you all suggested and getting myself ready to be a good partner/trainer to her.
  3. Thank you for your suggestions, I had not yet thought about it being beneficial to lean about livestock, but it make so much sense to. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention! I live in Olympia, Wa....it would be great to find out more information as to who is in this area and into herding! I as well will investigate but if you know anyone please feel free to inform me!
  4. Twisp is approaching on six months, I took her to her first sheep lesson, she showed no fear! I was very thrilled about her excitement at first, then she ran a sheep into the fence. The poor thing was running so fast it knocked itself over and was bleeding from the nose. Startled a little, shortly after we decided Twisp was too amped up to continue. After the session I emailed my trainer and asked how she thought Twisp did. I am extremely interested in herding but know nothing because this realm is completely new! Below is her response. She did good. I feel we need to wait another 2 months before trying again. She was in prey mode not herding by the end and the flag brought out more of it. Not a big deal...just needs a bit more maturing. I have seen with dogs(BC'in particular) I call them tweakey dogs. Some need a lot of guidance to help be the good dog they can be. So my question to you experienced and experts is, does her feedback and reaction during her first experience mean that she will be difficult to train and is not an "ideal sheepdog?" What would be the characteristics that indicate whether or not a dog will be good for sheep herding? I can't wait to read your responses! Thank your for your time!
  5. Hey, thanks.....I have looked at this site before a long time ago, but I couldn't remember how I got there previously. I remember it having a lot of information! I will take a deeper look and try to come up with additional hypothesis. I appreciate you sharing the site!
  6. Thanks, I didn't think you were picking on me, you were nice and simply stating your input I agree actually....
  7. Thanks....I was thinking it was a sable but I didn't know because the base color was so interesting.
  8. jdarling - Who is the breeder? I am not sure the "breeder" has a name, I came across the add in ebay classifieds, she is a byb. I know it is not agreeable, just was curious about what I was looking at.
  9. As a hobby I enjoy looking up photos of various border collies, they are so striking and individual. I came across these photos the other day and compared it to the BC Museum website, still, I could not place what it's coloring is. I was thinking it was a really light red merle or fawn merle. In the last two photos, it's with a litter mate that is also an interesting color that I can't figure out. Can anyone help me figure out the color of either of them? I'm familiar with blue and red merle, but I've never seen this diluted color.
  10. Thanks! She's from Red Dog Kennels. Ruckus x Blurr litter.
  11. Four days and three nights it has been since my little dream pup has been welcomed into my home. Due to some technical difficulties with the BC Boards and myself, my initial post was delayed. Now that I am in order, we can finally post! I am a completely new member, although I have snooped frequently. I have been absorbing information through all of you smarties. So thank you for your hospitality! Us, the pip and I, will be involved in agility, herding and whatever else strikes our intrigue. Today I "loaded" the clicker; she being the curious little animal she is, was enthused by its sound and the magical treat that followed. How exciting to watch a young mind grow! I look forward to future stories and discussions. Thanks for your interest, support and time. Introducing Twisp! Second red butt on the left w/her ma, Ruckus Few days old First picnic Hanging out in the garden Puppy Love 8 wks old, playing in the jungle
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