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  1. We have some laminate tile in the kitchen and Tulip slips on that when chasing her ball and making a tight corner - it is kind of fun and we both enjoy it. She gets a cute look on her face - ooh, that was different - and is off fetching the ball again. The rest of the house has hardwood through out. Most of it is old wide-plank pine which is very soft and is well marked (scratched ) up by her and our previous dog. It does show, as careful as we are about keeping her nails well groomed. There are a few rooms with newer oak floors. These are much more forgiving and you would not know that a dog travelled them daily. We have resorted to area rugs in spaces that are well used by her - dining table (under it is a fave to wait for the ball), entry hallway (long and great to run in) - you get the idea. They are certainly helpful in preserving the softer pine floors. Hope you have the "right" hardwood - harder is better than softer - and that you and your BC are enjoying it - whatever the density.
  2. Oops, did not see that. Thanks for poining out. It was a good read.
  3. Hi, I am a new (happy and proud) BC owner, and an avid reader of this board. The article below about bulldog breeding was published today in the Sunday Magazine section of The New York Times. Maybe some of you have already seen it. It makes for interesting (though unfortunately rather depressing) reading, and affirms the arguments that so many of you on this board have been making so passionately. Click on the link below to read the article. From The New York Times: Can the Bulldog Be Saved? The short, brutish life of the bulldog is putting the future of the breed at risk. http://nyti.ms/uBFzaG BTW, attached is a picture of Tulip - she is now 8 months old- I'll post some more pictures of her in a separate post. Sunil
  4. Hi, we own a 7 month old BC pup and have to board her for 10 days during the December holidays. Does anyone have recommendations for a place we can board her in a 100 mile radius from Boston? She is sweet and friendly, and loves being outdoors and busy. Thanks.
  5. Hi. We live in Boston and are looking for a BC friendly place to board our six-month old pup, Tulip for 10 days. Any suggestions on places with which you might have experience (or have heard about favorably) within a 60-90 mile radius of Boston (MA, CT, NH, RI) would be welcome. Thanks a lot.

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