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  1. I actually have started bringing treats outside with me and at random calling his name and calling him over. I then give him a treat, pet him, tell him good boy and then he is on his way to wonder or do whatever... hopefully this reinforcement helps, will find out soon I'm sure.
  2. EDIT:Sorry for the novel...But I wanted to be in depth ha So it has been a while since I've last posted (bathroom issues) and about the last 3+ months or so I have had a developing issue with what is becoming all of the neighbors dogs. A little background on Raider is that I have had him from 12 weeks old. Before he was fixed, I had an issue of food dominance with my parents Chihuahua a few times, even when the chihuahua wasn't near his food just in the area. I got him fixed and the issues when away. There has not been an issue when I take him to dog parks so this is puzzling. Our back yard is lines up against 5 different houses and we have the biggest issue with the dogs to the left and the back right. The dogs to the left are more of an aggressive breed. One is a Boxer mix and another I couldn't tell you what it is. The neighbors just let them run rampant out front and when they are out there, they will occasionally use the bathroom in our front yard. They have a doggy door out back so the dogs tend to wander the back yard. Whenever Raider hears them out he goes sprinting to that side of the yard to the fence and they start barking and going back and forth on the fence line. Raider has his teeth showing and it's almost like a protection thing, however when he's over there and the dogs aren't out he becomes on high alert and tail raised when in that area. I call his name, clap, snap, go over there and he is just so into what's happening he doesn't listen. I grab him,turn is attention away from the fence and it's like he snaps out of it. The dogs in the back right of the yard are smaller ones. These are the ones that began the whole issues with Raider. Raider used to be fine, but then the dogs started attacking each other and acting a fool with other dogs that border their house, not just ours. Once they started acting like that Raider would run over there QUICK to see what was up and then he gets in the "zone". The dogs then try getting under the fence and just go crazy. Their owners just bang on a window, which does NOTHING. It's gotten to the point where Raider will Sprint right to the fence when he thinks or knows there are dogs out in the neighbors yard. There is a Lab to the right and he is fine with (maybe because we have a lab too). But there are a few puppies in different yard straight back and to the back left that will bark once and Raider goes running right over there. Once I remove him from the situation, he will be ok and we will play ball or frisbee. But if the other dogs go cray-cray again, he runs right back over there. I'm getting to my wits end with this situation. I am outside him Rain,sleet,snow, sun,cold multiple times a day to get him to use the restroom and then play... I unintentionally have him on command for "poop" and "potty" since I used to live in an apartment until he was 6 months old and he learned command words for the actions. He knows his name, he comes when I call, but when he's in this action he loses his mind. We have issues with walks/runs too but we are working on that. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas as how to correct this behavior and issue with the neighbors dogs?? Thanks! Gerard
  3. I just took raider to the vet on Saturday for a "check up" and his shots and they said everything was fine. I take him out pretty often. I woke up about 2 hours ago took him potty and stayed out there for a good 10 minutes. He went pee but then would go running around with the other dog, try finding toys, picking up random scents and going crazy. I get waken up by him just now and there is 2 piles of poop on the living room carpet!!! Guys as you can imagine i am so tired of cleaning up poop, it is ridiculous!! It's to the point I don't know what to do. I've read dont put their nose in it, but every dog my family has had that is what we have done and it works. I'm at a loss.
  4. So my lovely dog Raider of about a year and a half has decided to pee on MY bed for the SECOND TIME! The first time I was not home and was about a month or so ago when I was gone about half the day. Tonight it was raining outside, I was only gone for about 3 hours, got him to go pee outside be like always he REFUSES to go poop outside. I figured there would be a little poop, not 4 nice sized logs, and he would go pee again when I would get home. Instead when I get home I notice a nice big wet spot on my mattress, comforter and my pillows. I figured he may have found a water bottle laying around until I noticed it was a yellow ring on the mattress! Also the other day I was tossing a ball in the house with him while I was watching TV and the next thing i know he is peeing near the back door, even though there was no previous warning and he was out a few hours earlier! Here is some background, Raider sleeps on my bed with me every night, HATES thunderstorms but we are working on it, Refuses to go outside during rain/thunderstorms unless he is right next to me, has been pooping more in the house than outside lately, when I play video games in my room he come and lays next to me or on my floor, he is VERY clingy towards me, never been kenneled.. Now I am thinking kenneling might not be a bad idea to give him his own "place" but he already has a bed downstairs. Any suggestions? I am thinking retrain "potty" even tho I say go potty and he goes pee outside with no problems and/or kennel train his butt cause Im so mad right now!
  5. Oh, can someone give me ideas about teaching paitence? My dog has it when it comes to something he wants, but if i tell him to sit/stay he barks and gets all excited. This all started when my dad started using the same hand signal I had for "stay" for "stop barking or shut up" as he would put it. Needless to say parents are no long in the picture for the training/behavior part. When he was about 4 months old I used to tell him sit/stay throw a toy or run around with a toy and he wouldnt go after it/me until I would say so.
  6. Here are pics of Raider and I (my fav pic of us), 2 of his 1st lake day (2 weeks ago) and one of him
  7. Yeah he was on a leash when i would take him potty in the apartment, would that be whats causing the confusion all this time later? I've never done clicker training. I did watch a video where the dog "played dead" and it seemed like it taught the dog when to stop. I usually use various noises like an "ep" as a stop and a whistle if I need to get his attention while playing and he's running. This is why im dying to get him into training. I am a teacher and coach so I haven't had much time during the school year. Friday is my last day and I will probably go out saturday or monday to look for some places or trainers I find online.
  8. Hey both of you, thanks for the replies! Yeah Raider is pretty young. Since I was his 4th owner when I got him I don't really know the exact age of him. He was pretty small and clumsy when I got him and was told he was 12 weeks. Now I would say he is a year and maybe 4 months and close to 40 pounds. As for crating, is that a pretty common practice with Border Collies? My family and I have never crated a dog, so this would be something new to me. Growing up we always looked at crating as a punishment type of tool and not as an obedience tool. Have you all always crated? I thought about getting a crate with a bed in it to give him "his space". He usually sleeps with me on my bed and has even created his own job LOL. When he hears my alarm go off in the morning, he will jump on my bed and nudge/slap at me or lay on top of me until I get up LOL. Ever heard that one before? Sure helps me not be late for work!!! He is extremely curious and active. We will finish playing outside and about 10-15 minutes later I will be on the couch and he throws a ball or toy at me, almost as if he has me trained when he wants to play. I don't know about ya'lls but Raider has this head tilt he does when either he doesn't get his way, doesn't understand or is getting impatient as in a "well? what are you waiting for?" HAHA Next time I take him for a walk, I will take him on my longer leash and bring some treats and use praise with the "check in". Also, I will start watching him use the restroom and start going back to the commands I used when he was a lot younger.
  9. Like the title says I have a few different things I would like to ask. Instead of making multiple threads, I decided just to combine them. Situation #1: I have had Raider since April of last year and he was about 12 weeks old when I got him. At the time I was living in an apartment and dropping him off at my parents house to take care of him during the day when I was at work. I pretty much had him trained to go "poop" when I would take him out, say "go potty" and he would go. Well June came along, lost my job, moved in with my parents and they had 2 other dogs. We then started to train him to use the bathroom outside when I let him out still saying "go potty". Well here it is now almost a year later and he almost refuses to go poop outside. We use the backyard as his play area as well since its about a .3 acre and gives him space to go run/play ball/Frisbee. I'm thinking he may think that going outside means play time, but I will go out there with him and tell him "no, go potty." Most times he gives in and goes but over about the last month or so he has been pooping in the house over night(I'm home) or when everyone leaves the house. Am I possibly not leaving him outside long enough, can he not hold it very long or is it maybe my previous observation? I've tried telling him no, raising my voice, changing body language, being consistent with commands and "potty times". Any help would be great. Situation #2:I used to have him off lease trained for walks too, but since he got neutered and getting older he tends to want to "investigate" and go further than close to me during a walk or run. He will still listen to my voice and come on first call but doesn't stay close to me anymore. Any suggestions? Situation #3:I am about to have my summer off and I am wanting to start some sort of training. He loves Frisbee, fetch, running/catching, he throws balls at me haha and we have a tree that fell in the back yard he loves to weave in and out of the dead branches. I was thinking about some obedience classes and some agility/flyball/etc. What would be best for a BC that loves these activities? I was thinking if there may be somethings better than others. Situation #4: I live in North Fort Worth, Texas. Does anyone on here know of a really good trainer I could use out this way to help me and Raider out? THANKS! Gerard
  10. What are good stimulation toys? Ive had given him high thinking kongs with treats in it and either he gets bored with it or he gets the treat out in a few minutes. I have never really given him stimulation toys. Hes had ropes and untied them or millions of squeek toys that my mom wound up buying them. I really had no problems with him until i had moved back home due to my job. Id love for him to do agility training because he loves to jump and run and play fetch. So do yall think that adding more structure and some training would help?
  11. So here is the story about my Collie named Raider. Starting in April of this year I got raider from his 3rd home at only 12 weeks old. I got him from a lady at work who got him from someone she knew going through a divorce who got him from a breeder (with no papers). With my job being close to my parents, I would drop him off everyday at about 630am and pick him up at about 5ish (im a teacher/coach) so he would not have to suffer separation anxiety and have other dogs (lab and a Chihuahua)to play with while I am at work. Well in May I lost my job and moved in with my parents, everything was fine with him until recently. Over about the last month there has been random aggression shown towards my brother (18 and Autistic/MR) who tries to play rough with him sometimes and the parents Chihuahua. He has tried nipping at my brother and has grabbed the Chihuahua by the neck about 5 times and wont let go or listen to commands unless I or someone else goes and physically pulls him off. This only seems to happen while I am not home. I noticed when he was younger he had very strong herding tendencies, however I have not seen them since then. He is not fixed either and was planning on doing that this week, would that help?! I think this is more about trying to establish dominance, but I don't know. he has already growled at my girlfriends dog twice since I brought him over here about 30 minutes ago, and he has known him before. Any help with this situation would be greatly appreciated before I either move out, take him to classes, or try to find him a new home
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