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  1. I need a guard dog . North Carolina Area Any leads would be appreciated. Karen
  2. nice post(albeit a little windy)Chris. When I first saw the video - it struck me that that's not the way I would do it. Wild stuff makes me nervous- as I have been on the receiving end way too much. But I read that you had a time limit to get it done and get gone- with those parameters I thought your dogs did a fine job .Then I saw the end videos of the dogs working quiet and I had no reservations at all and would be thrilled to own a dog like yours. I like your -put up or shut up- attitude. I know what you are getting yourself and your dogs into breaking cows fast(and selling dogs to
  3. So to get puppy mill legislation you are willing to support HSUS ? Knowing that that is just one tiny part of their warped end goal.
  4. We don't need HSUS involved in even a worthy goal of eliminating puppy mills. Regulation (or lieing down with fanatics) in any form is a slippery slope- I am for eliminating puppy mills by educating people to the point they loose their market.
  5. Thanks-- BTW- Hi, and I hope things are going well for you
  6. I am so out of the loop I didn't even think about the finals I can wait. Not sure how to use FB(again way out of the loop) if I don't get a number I'll find someone to show me how-- Thanks
  7. I am trying to get her phone number or for someone to tell her I am trying to get hold of her Mine is 919-548-1054 Karen
  8. I'm not sure some of these zealots even care about the animals. I think they are just as power hungry as abusers are, they just go about it a different way. If they just care about the animals why tape for so long, why egg the abuser on and why release it publicly before giving the authorities a chance to deal with it without all the fan fare. Bad people do bad things inisde and outside of agriculture- their goal is to tarnish animal production not promote good husbandry. Abuse is illegal already- there is nothing more to prove by releasing that tape-------- unless you have an agenda
  9. I can't think too much of the person filming either. Thats the equivalent of standing by while someone is beating their wife or kids and doing NOTHING-- they should be put in jail too And I wonder if at times the filmers weren't encouraging the bad behavior-based on the guy bragging. You don't brag to someone that is disgusted with you- you brag to someone that you identify with.
  10. Sorry you posted while I was typing. I would still go in with my head hung low and beg. If he feels like he is getting pushed around he'll dig his heels in.
  11. Big hint-- go in there with your head hung low, respecting his rights and beg for help. He won;'t be impressed with your problems, in fact he;d probably like to cause you more problems to delay or stop the development. We tend to get pushed around alot and when we do get the upper hand we like to have some fun with it(little bit of generalized payback). Moving that type of cattle in that type of area is not an easy thing. You have the actual moving and then where do you move them to and loosing the grazing(possibly having to supplement) and having the cattle more concentrated causing more
  12. Ceytle(sp?) M is amazing- and expensive After I get things under control with it- I switch to a liquid horse joint supplement dribbled on their food. alot cheaper and works good.
  13. Sadly- when breeding is based on competition with human judgment as a major factor its bound to warp breeds. Seen it with EVERY animal competition Horses Sheep Goats Cattle Rabbits Chickens and of course Dogs Once a level is met by the majority of competitors(which doesn't take long) the system begins to value extremes-- in breeding extremes are never healthy What to do about it is easy-- have a standard to be met and ALL those who meet that standard win. Its actually being done at sheep shows. Or have the competitions performance based with little human evaluation involved.
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