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  1. That's what my grandpa thinks. And apparently that's what Alex thinks. It would be best for Gizmo to stay with my grandpa, but, alas, if he's going to give him to Alex we can't tell him no.
  2. Okay. I'm sorry, all this is really irritating me. We've made a desicion, he will be staying with my grandfather. Do you really think that I'd let him go to a home that wouldn't give him the best in life? He gets hours of daily interaction there. My grandfather sits on the porch and plays with him. He brings him out to visit the horses and run around out in his back field. I mean it is really irritating me. We've always been allergic to the dander from furry dogs. We have a hypoallergenic dog, a HAIRY dog. He wants the dog because he likes dogs. He has personally trained dozens of dogs and kno
  3. We've made a very large desicion for Gizmo. Instead of staying with us, he'll be living at my grandparents. It really is the best one for him. He'll still be our dog, he'll just be living at his house. He can get him his shots (We don't have the money for that) But we'll be buying his food, paying for other vet visits, things like that, my grandpa will just provide the room. I, my brother and my father are all allergic to him, and honestly, he'd enjoy life much more there. My grandpa has a lawn, cats to chase, birds to jump at, and a field to run in. My grandpa also really, really likes him an
  4. Oh... hmm.. I hadn't really thought about it that way... It's kind of bad, though, seeing as we were planning on having him as an inside dog. (Long walks, plenty of outside play time, but sleeping inside and such.)
  5. Okay, first of all, thank you for um... what's the word... show concern I suppose, for my mom. I can possibly have her read it, though I don't really know if she'd agree with my posting of these issues. She usually just rolls her eyes when I want her to read something like this. But, I'll try. And alright, I'll keep him not leaving in mind. Whoops though, Ashley brought him to the park today... On the couple of times I've accompanied Ashley and him on a short walk, he's either chased Angel or stayed near our feet. Could that be a good start for heeling? We're getting him vaccinated Fri
  6. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I was tired and upset when I posted the reprimand thing. I couldn't think of the right words, so I used that. We don't really reprimand him. He have him sniff it, and tell him no. Then we put him outside. That's what we did, along with crate training, with my dog, and she hasn't had an accident in a little under nine years. (She's a halloween dog, we got her around Christmas, she stopped having accidents in the house at around this time of year. I think). We hold him back when he goes for Angel, and then I play with him. I really don't know how to show him not to bother An
  7. I'm 14. And I understand it isn't about me. It's about Gizmo. And Angel. Angel is taking a huge toll because of him. I am his favorite aunt. He listens to me the most, out of me Alex and Ashley, but he is their dog. I can't take him away from them. It's not like I don't want to. I really do want him. But it their dog. They found him. Ashley took him the very first night of his life with us. He just isn't my dog. It's really hard to explain. And I don't think I'd mind giving him to the family afterr awhile, but right now, I don't think it would be the best thing for him. They have an older pupp
  8. Okay, no no no. Please understand. Alex does want Gizmo. He is still having a tough time coming to terms that Angel is MY dog. He just doesn't want the responsibility. Which is a problem, because, it's his dog. It has taken a lot of adjusting for him to come into our home, but we are dealing with it. I have problems with it, only because it is making Angel depressed, and I hate that she isn't happy. It's almost bringing me to tears. But, even though it would be best for Angel, my baby, I couldn't ever give Gizmo to another home. There is a home, the would very happily take him, and I would get
  9. I know, I know, It's just so dang irritating! We usually have him barricaded in the front room where we usually are, but if we (My mom and I) aren't home, my brother lets him wander around and he poops everywhere. He's actually doing better with the potty training, he whines and goes in a circle if he has to go. He also sniffs around and hangs out by the door. I'm happy we found him, but I mean DANG. He doesn't poop on schedual either. He can stay outside ALL DAY and not poop or pee, but the moment he comes in BAM. A mess is on the floor. He sometimes goes to Ashley's house (Brothers girlf
  10. Okay, last week we went to Nevada for a cousins graduation. We had to leave both our dogs with someone. Since my grandpa was going, but my aunt wasn't (my aunt has leg problems, she can't walk real well.) So we couldn't leave Gizmo with her along with my dog. So we brought Gizmo to my brothers girlfriends house. Since the girlfriend was coming with us, we left him with her sister. Bad idea. Now, the once sweet puppy, who was learning to be potty trained really well, and who was listing and coming to his name well, is a monster. In the last three days, he's messed inside 12 times. Really? I'm t
  11. Sorry I haven't replied sooner. We've been having internet problems and we haven't been home a bunch. We are scolding him for it, and Angel know's we're standing up for her when Gizmo starts it. And he knows its wrong, but he's just being a little jerk with it. He's getting better about it, and so is she. But she is coming to the extreme end on it, she barks a very harsh bark we've never heard before if he comes any where near her. But, again, sorry I've not replied sooner. It was just really cute when he first started, now it is getting annoying, though he is slowing down with it. I'll post s
  12. I did I did promise more. Until I posted the pictures of him the first time, I hadn't really realized how much he's changed. This is one of the best pictures I have of him, he doesn't want to take a good picture (more shall be in the picture section.) I shall also get a video of him drinking soon It's really cute
  13. Well, he's a five week old puppy, he isn't afraid of the water, I think he actually enjoys it. We had to give him a bath (HAD to, he rolled ALL over in his own poop, and paper towels and water just weren't going to cut it. He splashed around in it and only complained when we took him out) We tried the mixing a few peices of dry kibble into his water and it worked really well! We gave it to him before the kibble was at all soaked, and he drank the water then ate the kibble. He's drinking well now, he dips his nose into it, and only after he's snorted some up, does it take little tenative laps o
  14. I think Gizmo is trying to herd our other dog! Haha, Angel (other dog)has been being chased around by five week old Gizmo for the past week! He follows her around if he sees her, until she runs away from him/ he loses sight of her. It's really cute, though Angel hates it.
  15. How do I convince Gizmo to drink out of his water bowl? I'm worried he's going to get dehydrated. When we feed him his food is soaked in water till its mushy, so when he eats hes getting his water, but we're beginning (Or at least we're going to on saturday) to soak his food for less and less time until he's eating dry food. But now, he shys away from the water completely.
  16. Thank you. That fifth night was horror for me; I was tired and the crying whining puppy was driving me nuts. When I passed him off to my brother that day after he got out of school he thought I was just being rude because I wouldn't take care of the poor baby puppy. When I challenged him saying that I'd taken care of him all week long all day long, he didn't say anything. Haha, he wants the same thing he wants with my dog. He wants the playful fun side, while he passes me the cleaning up after and feeding and grooming them. My dog, I'm sad to say, seems to prefer his company over mine. Though,
  17. Yeah, my aunt would get so irritated that we would hold him 24/7, saying he would be to spoiled... and I thought the exact same thing; he wouldn't hardly ever be out of contact with his mother or siblings. And thank you, I feel so proud that he's gotten to where he is now. My other dog is a cockapoo, she's almost ten. And of course I will keep anyone updated if they wish, I would be happy to.
  18. Well, we figure that he was the first born, and they didn't realize the mother had been in labor (We had seen them leaving that morning) @mbc1963 - It was overwhelming at first, and my dog was very upset when she found him in bed with me that first morning, she hasn't been very happy with me since that. And thank you, he was very hard to take care of the first week, we had to hold him ALL the time or he would cry and cry (not that I blame him, the only reason we found him was because of his wailing, he probably has nightmares about abandonment( I swear he does, he cries in the night))
  19. We're from Utah, the weekend we found him was cold,and he wouldn't have survived much longer. There was a dog leg laying near him. I'll post some pics now, and some later once I get them off the camera. The first four are the first few days we had him. The last one is from last night
  20. Well, I'm newish here. I joined about a month ago, but I forgot the account info until just now. My name is Dani, and we found a young (Once thought 4 day old, now known new born to one day old) puppy. We found him Easter Sunday last month with eyes closed and cord still attached. He was near an 'abandoned' sheepherders camp. We had seen the herders leave that morning, and we went for a ride on our ATV's. We stopped by the camp to just look at it. My brother and his girlfriend (they found him) heard a loud crying and found him laying near a dead lamb. We brought him to the vet the next day, th
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