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  1. I would like to know if border collies can be used as a companion dog for handicapped child. The child is autistic but smart, high energy and likes outdoors activity, has no sense of danger. The dog would basically track right with child and go where ever child goes and keep child safe as opposed to wandering off or be distracted away. BC's have some interesting herding qualities which could be useful ie., keep child from leaving property boundaries and keep child from entering any road where vehicle traffic may be encountered, keep strangers away, etc. Additionally the relationship between d
  2. I am interested to know about general disposition of bc's towards each other. I may purchase 2 bc pups. I'm not breeding now, so they would be spayed or neutered accordingly. I would get 2 if I thought 1 would be lonely. Then I thought if I got 2 they might compete against each other for affection of the children thereby creating some hostilite competitive relationship with each other. I was thinking of getting 2 females and would they get along vs 2 males vs 1 male + 1 female?
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