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  1. I am considering moving to a purely positive style, just because my temper recently has been worse and I find it harder to distinguish appropriate and inappropriate corrections when angry- and that's a worse problem than being unable to distinguish appropriate and inappropriate positive reinforcement when happy.
  2. Well, the other two dogs have started to copy her, all of them have decided that if you can't hold it, you can pee on the floor. Today I found my bag on the floor with the food taken out of it and my bag and shoes pissed on. Bastards.
  3. Mum24dog- I have been known to say 'thank you' to the cash machine. Or 'sorry!' to the stool that I knock over. Needless to say, the dogs get thanked.
  4. My older terrier who instigated trouble with the small dog previously met many small dogs today, no trouble. Two of them were barking at her and she just looked up at me and ignored it. She did rebuff a puppy, which I could have wished to be done more politely, but no-one was harmed or even frightened, the pup continued to try and entice her to play. Probably it's that the lead stops her from bullying others, could be that something about that little dog brought out a bit of predatory drift, but whatever it was she's not getting the lead taken off her again around others*. So hopefully it won't be a problem. *smaller dog she doesn't know. She does have dogs she does know and greets off-lead. Edit: sorry about daily updates, please contribute your stories of off-lead dogs! I'm really enjoying reading them. Geonni Banner, I would like if possible to hear more about Chewy. I have to say, I don't think I could ever own a 5lb dog. The temptation to wrap it in cotton wool would be too great. But at least it wouldn't be allowed to bite anyone!
  5. Gentlelake- a specific harness with a handle or just an ordinary one? I really want the 'handbag dog' harness Terrierman featured once. Sure, it looks ridiculous, but if I could heft my dog when needs be by carrying her like a 60lb handbag, I absolutely would. Would be great for stairs.
  6. Black's veterinary dictionary has sheepdogs being fed a mixture of oatmeal and fishmeal or blood, maybe a little milk when available- milk wouldn't necessarily have been there year-round. If they just got oatmeal by itself they were prone to something called 'black tongue disease' under heavy work. This is in the modern edition of Black's, too. I know that around here working sheepdogs used to be expected (maybe still are?) to live for 15 years or so if fed scraps (potato etc., not really a lot of meat.)
  7. Walking the dogs off-lead today in a quiet area, stupid me didn't notice a dog and owner coming up behind us. The two terriers RAN AT the flexi-leaded small dog, like the little dog was a rat or something. They chased her in circles around her owner until the little dog screamed and fell into a pond nearby. I meanwhile roared at them in between shouted apologies and tried to catch them, eventually succeeding. Their owner was the one trying to reassure me that her dog was friendly and fine, it was no problem. Sure, it's no problem that your dog is absolutely petrified because two lunatics are bullying her. I wanted to throw the pair into the pond myself. I've never been so annoyed. They had to do all of their obedience tricks along the walk as they went. The older dog got pretty stressed by just how angry I was, and quit half-way through. So yeah. No more off-lead time for my dogs. Could not believe it. I know, I know, everyone says 'she's never done that before', the older dog has a penchant for being a bully but never anything as bad as this. I wanted to kick her into next week and then have someone do the same to me. It was completely unfair on the little dog we met. That's it, no more dogs for me after this lot. Clearly I am just not responsible enough. Edit: At least I know I'm just as annoyed about it when I'm the one who does it? I mean, terrible day... should not own dogs.... serious retraining needed for all concerned... but hey, no hypocrisy?
  8. Not disagreeing with the processes- I have no problem with processing of food, I like my food cooked and I like my pasta to be dried and easily-stored. More disagreeing with the marketing, particularly of the kind of 'pricey dog food' Alfreda was talking about. They'll go for 'grape extract' or 'yucca extract', 'marigold petals', 'nettle extract' or whatever, the 'long list of trendy things' Alfreda talks about. Because it sounds nicer than putting a scary chemical name on it to tell you what the stuff is or what it's for (suspicious old me suspects sometimes it's for having a more attractive label, like glucosamine/chondritin). And this holds true even when it's stuff that most dog owners would presumably know not to feed their dog (grapes)- it still sounds 'nicer' to the human buying it. The sellers can brag about how 'natural' their food is because the 27th ingredient is a tiny amount of a processed herb extract. Just having a curmudgeon moment.
  9. This was at night, they know animal control wouldn't be there! God be with the days Aschlemm before my dogs had arthritis when I could do that kind of distance! I hate the way you're some kind of bad and/or ignorant and/or coddling person if you don't want them to all 'sort it out'. Woman with small dog who is afraid, raises a few stereotypes in people's heads. But when I was young and even more ignorant I believed someone about the 'let them loose, sure ours are friendly, they'll sort it out' and ended up with one very small terrier under a pile of noisy, snarling golden retrievers. Or "Don't worry, it's good that your (terrified) dog snarled at mine, sure he was due a lesson." Or worse "I'm going to let my rude dog over to yours in the hopes that it will correct it and 'teach it a lesson' so it can behave better."
  10. Totally agree Alfreda. Look, I get that dogs can eat 'most anything. Sure. Down with that. Why is dog food so promimently advertised with grape extracts though? Do we get chocolate extracts next? Why can't it come in a nice, synthetic, purified form so I don't have to hear all this bullshit about how your factory-processed 'supplement' is sooooo natural after the 18 chemical and manufacturing processes it's just been through?
  11. It's not just you- in the archives this comes up a lot. Nothing wrong with it! The very existence of most collar companies shows people want something pretty, not necessarily just the same ol', one-color. I haven't used them myself but in the archives people suggest rolled collars? Apparently they help. Totally agree with you on a collar for quick identification.
  12. Don't get me wrong, they didn't touch us, the dogs didn't leap on mine. It wasn't an attack. They didn't do any physical damage. But they didn't have to. They still managed to frighten the bejeesus out of them.
  13. Forgot to mention I repeatedly shouted to him to get his dogs as they came towards us.
  14. I want to get a muzzle in case she's started redirecting onto the other dogs again. It's odd, she went for the dog she gets on really really well with. They're asleep beside each other currently. Kind of reassured. I was half-expecting to come back to "Well, yeah, if your dogs can't cope with it they probably shouldn't be out." Or "Yes you should have taken them off-lead."
  15. So I was walking three dogs- two of whom are terriers. One of those terriers is a grumpy little old lady who can spook if a bigger dog comes up to her unexpectedly (a bit deaf, a bit arthritic). The second dog has had cancer, is elderly, multiple health issues. The other terrier is a little dog who is afraid of her own shadow. After many months of walking the small dog she's got to the point where she can walk quietly behind my legs as other dogs pass by, with maybe one bark, without having a panicked fit. No wetting herself, screaming, snarling, or redirecting onto one of the other dogs. This is because of lots and lots of effort, months of painstaking and careful training, spent giving her little positive calm experiences with other dogs. We've got to the point where they can walk past barking hysterical on-lead dogs no problem, and a mannerly pack off-lead are fine so long as they don't go right up to us. Then tonight someone's off-lead dogs came up to us barking, one of them circled us, the other one blocked the path so we couldn't get by. Small dog starts trying to redirect again, something that literally hasn't been seen in months, and the other four are all barking their fool heads off. It's as much as I can do to stand and keep the little dog off the others. Meanwhile the other owner doesn't make any attempt to catch or control his dogs. His helpful suggestion is to let mine off-lead so they can all be fine, so it would be all right. I think that is what is really annoying me. All I could think to say was that his dogs would have chunks out of them if that happened- maybe that would get him to get his dogs away? Look- I know I am a terrible dog trainer. I know I should have better-behaved dogs. I know they shouldn't take their cues on excitement from each other, they shouldn't bark back. But they do. And I also know that leash aggression is totally a thing. But is a pack of hyped-up dogs really the time to train that? You don't know me or my dogs, I don't know you or yours, I have no way of knowing how their bite inhibition is. Is this really the time or the place for that? So now I have to go get a muzzle for the little dog who was genuinely doing really well. I get it, I get it, dogs will be dogs, I should have dogs who are better able to cope with the rough-and-tumble of social interaction. But... is it too much to ask that I get to walk by with the dogs without anyone charging us? Edit: just to clarify it was the off-lead dogs who started the barking, it wasn't leash frustration. They looked a bit freaked out to see us there, hence presumably why they ran at us from quite a distance away.
  16. Or even just to stop the dog being so hungry when it's now at a normal amount of food. It can be a big jump for a dog who's used to getting two or three (or more!) times the amount of food it should eat to maintain weight.
  17. Tommy Coyote- apples, green beans, broccoli stems can all help both dog and human feel like the dog is getting a bit more and a bit of a 'treat'. Weighing can also be more accurate than cups. Might help some. Some dogs just need very little food. Presumably the vet would suggest thyroid tests etc. if they thought there was need. I am inordinately happy over the fact that you can look at your dog and say 'oh well, she's a bit heavy, I'd better do something about it.' Sometimes I feel like that's not common.
  18. I just noticed the sign and I love it! What a good idea.
  19. Opinions on it? Just looking to start the usual opinionated, philosophical discussions we all know and love. I do understand the 'just feed your dog less, you idiot' argument. I used that approach myself with great success, and it's hard not to look down my nose a little at people who won't take such a simple approach (full honesty here!). On the other hand I've heard of cases where someone in the household refused to stop feeding the dog (maybe couldn't- dementia), I've struggled with that myself and had to cause a few ructions in order to get people to stop feeding them. I can perfectly understand people not being able to do that or comfortable with doing that. And I can see it being helpful if the human is genuinely distressed by not being able to feed the dog as much- though would they just then be distressed by the dog not eating as much? Personally there are one or two dogs I'd love to be able to throw a bit of slentrol over the wall to (although I wouldn't given the obvious ethical issues). "We took her to the vet to see why she wasn't moving around and had got so quiet and inactive, she's just old." is not an adequate excuse for a 10 year old dog. She's not old. She's seriously overfed. It makes it a lot harder to bite my tongue when the person with the obese dog is the same one who kept taking off my dog's collar to 'fix' the fit, because 'it's choking her' (no point asking them not to, there's no-one listening), or keeps saying "You will remember to feed your dog today?" And fed her without permission after being asked not to. Grrr.
  20. That is what we'd call a 'Great spake/speak', Donald.
  21. I notice my dog gets much more velcro-y when she's been sleeping on my bed. She doesn't get separation anxiety or anything, but she wants to sit beside me more and is more likely to ask for affection.
  22. One of the parts of ageing that upset my small dog most was that she wasn't allowed to sleep on the bed any more, because she was having difficulty telling when she needed to 'go' and I didn't want accidents in my room. She is not happy about this. Cue the 'very slow walk' into the room she sleeps in, and that moment when she stops, looks up into my eyes hopefully, and wags just the tip of her tail between her legs.
  23. Ooh, one helpful thing is to search 'weight' or suchlike to look for old threads. Then you can see a load of pictures of dogs at a good weight with different body types and coat lengths.
  24. Sometimes I reckon that with a short-coated dog, if you don't occasionally get people stopping you to berate you for starving your dog, it is probably too fat. I'm a cynic, I know.
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