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  1. My mother comes to visit and gives out about the 'poor dogs' because a dog's place is 'outside'... in an unfenced yard... in an area with lots and lots of sheep. That's just how it's supposed to be. I come across a surprising number of people who think it's 'cruel' of me not to let my dogs wander or not to let my reactive dog off-lead in areas with other dogs. Sure they'll 'sort it out'.
  2. I wouldn't expect x-rays for an incident like this? I'm not a vet, just going off what has been done for my dogs in similar situations. X-rays mostly look at bone, and a break is unlikely from a fight. About the kids- I've never been so glad that my elderly dog is mostly deaf. So she was fine, a bit surprised at hearing something but not frightened because it wasn't as loud for her. My friend's extremely nervous dog held it together superbly, so proud.
  3. I had some unsupervised children throw some kind of loud-noise-making thing at my dog recently. We were sitting by the side of the street, the kids saw the dogs, grinned, and threw them at us. I was too busy reassuring the dog to say anything to them as they walked off. They were throwing them at people, too. The entire busy street was very annoyed. Where's a water balloon when you need one? Possibly filled with paint?
  4. I know that athletes are *sold* supplements as speeding recovery. I'm not aware of any evidence that they are needed for athletes if your diet is adequate and you get enough time outside- and if you are eating a terrible diet then supplements are a band-aid, not a replacement for good nutrition. Sometimes a band-aid is needed, sometimes someone may have medical needs etc. or unique circumstances that make supplements more suitable, but diet makes more sense to me than pills for most people and times. Turmeric isn't proven to have the benefits usually claimed, in humans or dogs. It's a pity since I love turmeric and would love an excuse to eat more of it. I'm not saying 'blergh you cannot try it ever', I'm saying 'if you try it, know that it's unproven and most unproven things, even with convincing anecdotes or in vitro research, turn out not to actually work as well as people thought- and most commonly turn out not to work at all'. Plus there are problems with bioavailability of curcumin, usually said to be the 'active' compound responsible for those effects, which means you're likely not getting much of it from golden paste. Kingfisher7151- my dog loves steamed kale. Steamed kale, I ask you? Shredded through a bag of shopping, I was terrified she'd gone after the cheese. Nope. Kale. Also I initially read 'dandy dog'. New nickname for my dog acquired. Thank you.
  5. Well done Tessa and Root Beer! Very well deserved.
  6. My friend used to take my dog's collar off when minding her and let her off-leash outside. Then of course she would go missing. Because it smelled bad, because the dog had rolled in something awful, and this would- wait for it- upset the dog. I never quite got why she thought the dog was rolling in smells that upset her. Poor dog had gone to all the effort to find something truly tantalizing, something that best expressed their inner self, and we were all ruining her efforts at self-actualization... I'm running out of advertising babble here. Ourwully- I use cheap baby shampoo for the dogs when anything particularly bad gets rolled in. Dog shampoos seem to smell godawful, and if it gets into their eyes it makes the whole experience much more aversive. I'm probably wrecking the ph of their coats but... I've heard it recommended to have a few spare bottles of water, some shampoo, cloths, and plastic bags in the car (is it bad that I travel with most of these anyway) so you can 'assemble' wet wipes or wash the dog at a nearby hose more easily.
  7. Praying for good weather tomorrow. Hope you've a good evening together.
  8. I had a leash fail on me unexpectedly, just recently- looked down to see an extremely reactive dog had just trotted quietly past two other dogs despite not being attached to anything. I've also had someone 'rescue' my dog out of my own field- we managed to find her. I also had a neighbour take a collar off my dog and then lose her, while they were minding her, without telling me- without the 'taking the collar off' bit that could be somewhere a tag could come in handy. I've known enough "Holy crap how did that happen?" or "Why on earth did you do that?" scenarios to be paranoid about chips and tags.
  9. So I got a little torch I can click on and off, and she seems to be getting the hang of it. BUT it's not visible in daylight. I noticed it also has a laser pointer on it. This will go even farther, right? So I tried it. Once. She immediately reacted as if it was a living prey object, unlike the beam of white light. So we then spent the rest of the lesson rewarding her for not reacting to it, and I'm going to tape over that particular button. Yes, I know, I know, listen to the boards members in future. This is the least OCD dog ever. Holy crap. Do not ever do anything as stupid as what I almost did.
  10. Someone I met today decided that 'where to go off-leash' was in the middle of a busy city street. Four or five people piled out of a car, along with a very happy small dog who proceeded to run hither and thither. He ran straight up to my reactive dog (who didn't react- go teaching!), ran off down the street, ran across the road, ran back down the street again on the other side. He would check in with his people and then go off again. More than one car had to stop suddenly, he was paying absolutely no attention to the traffic, wholly dangerous. Unfortunately his people walked off down the road and he followed. I was in the dollar store and was so tempted to get them a cheap leash and point out which end gets attached to the dog.
  11. I mean, if the dog had its name on a jacket or a water bowl or a collar or something else- anything, really- I would be more understanding.
  12. I have recently ordered tags which will mean one dog will have two email addresses, two cell phones, home address, and home number, and a PetHub scannable tag with all the info updated on the website, and 'spayed/chipped' (in an attempt to deter theft).The other will have everything the same except only one email address and no PetHub tag. Yes, they have multiple tags. They are also registered on more than one microchip registry. As I said to the vet, at least anyone who finds them will know we really, really want them back. Also- Mother of God, Waffles, what is the point of a tag that has only the dog's name? Seriously, I just do not understand. Do they think they will forget what he's called? Okay, that's snarky, it's probably a sentimental thing, fair enough- but I would be more happy about it if it wasn't a pointless waste of something designed to get a dog home safely.
  13. Ohmigod CaptJack, I am going to go out and begin training that U-turn immediately.
  14. I was re-reading this and it looked like I was advocating people walk their dogs on railways. I mean, I assume people would know not to do this, but just in case- don't. I mean the well-fenced-off paths you will sometimes find near railways. Never walk your dog along a railway track even if it looks quiet, even if everything seems fine.
  15. Apples, frozen carrots, green beans, pumpkin or squash, can all help add bulk. You could also mix them up and put them inside some kind of food dispensing toy- I've seen yoghurt or pumpkin being put into kongs/food dispensing toys and frozen, so the dog has to work to get it out. Walking in deepish water can sometimes be good but watch the surface- my old girl tripped on a rock that I hadn't seen in the water. Edit: the benefit is that if the water is at the right level they can walk slowly along without actually having to support their full body weight.
  16. Can you find things that engage her mind more? Trick training, problem solving, puzzles, hiding a toy and getting ehr to go get it? Walks in new places etc? My arthritic girl has been brought to a lot more new places recently because I have to try and work in the stimulation of an hour long walk while on a half hour amble. Even things like she gets asked to 'stay' in one place (don't get her to sit/down stay any more because of arthritis) and has to have the self-control to wait until she's released.
  17. You can get 'puppy harnesses' or small dog harnesses that are enormously adjustable so they don't grow out of them too fast. I use one for a small dog and it's amazing how much bigger or smaller a dog it would also comfortably fit. Plus you can put a collartag on it.
  18. It seems like it could deter theft- if you could not only say that the dog is spayed or neutered, but that it would be visible enough to others to make it harder to sell the dog on as being intact/for breeding.
  19. I keep looking at things like this and going "Oh yeah my young strong dog would adore this, might mean I can do walks shorter than four hours." Then I remember she's now 14 and we sometimes have to cut short our half hour rambles when she falls over.
  20. When I was a kid my cat had had a litter of kittens and patiently taught them how to hunt. Then one day I was outside playing and she brought me over a very alive, well, mouse. I 'lost it', so she brought it back to me. She batted it a bit and then sat back and looked at me meaningfully. Every time it ran away she brought it back to me. I was a failure, but she wasn't going to give up. She brought me a smaller mouse. Then a more-injured one. Then a half-dead one. Then a fully dead one, and got very insistent that I was going to 'hunt' it. I think she feared my inevitable death from starvation when I was let out into the wider world. She had spotted an obvious gap in my education and realised my parents weren't going to step in.
  21. Well done Kira! I LOVE dogs that love to help you. It's my favourite trait in a dog, really. Nothing like that moment when you drop something while carrying the shopping, and the dog just grabs it and brings it in behind you. One less thing to worry about. She can't close the dishwasher- that's quite a complicated manouver. A lot harder than a cupboard. Be proud! Now, when my girl stood on the shovel and 'dug' it was much less helpful. Still better than when she proudly followed me along the line and carefully uprooted all the seedlings I had just planted and had spent weeks growing, coating herself in dirt in the process. Oh, that happy newly-brown face.
  22. My lab was getting spooked by a tiny gate I wanted her to go through- she would have to squeeze, I had to go out sideways. It was getting dark and we had to leave the park by this gate since the others were locked. I coaxed, I ordered, I wheedled, to no avail. So I drop the lead. I mean, the whole problem is that it's a big fenced area that she can't get out of, right? And I go tie the other dogs to a tree to keep them safe for a minute while I deal with the silly dog. She is quite happy and confidently starts heading off along the path. I meanwhile am following, telling her what an idiot she is, there is a gate that way etc. She goes over, finds the gate - and remember, this gate does not lead outside, she's never used it to go out, it goes into another fenced field. It goes exactly away from where she wants to go. I assume she's just being stupid, and tell her so repeatedly. It's a sheep gate which she (as far as I know) has never opened before. It's quite counter-intuitive since pushing against it will get you stuck, you have to pull it and then stop it at the right point. I have seen kids getting stuck in it who aren't quite familiar with it and it makes loud clanging noises which she tends to be afraid of. She pulls it towards her with her muzzle, stops it, goes out neatly without hitting it with her body which would close it, runs to a point in the fence where the lowest slat is higher than it should be, slides under it, runs around to the other fence, goes under that, and then comes trotting back to me.
  23. I think more of it is the genetics that we would like to think- farm dogs are prone to 'accidents', fewer dogs were neutered or spayed etc. Plus we remember the dogs who lived for longer and forget those who died younger? So when you look at the 'average' you're not usually thinking 'ah yes, but half of the dogs lived longer than that age and some of them might have lived much longer',
  24. Teeth cleaners might be a bit high value to start with, if she loves them? They are to my dogs anyway, they don't guard but they have all loved the teeth cleaning chew thingies. You could try the stem of a bit of broccoli, or a carrot? Or a bit of stale bread, a stick if she picks them up when outdoors? And then have something ah-mazing like hot dogs or liver to trade for it. Have it 'set up' so you are ready. There should be no comparison- what she has should be something she's barely interested in, what you have (and unexpectedly produce without her seeing) should be something she goes crazy for. This is just me being my 'softly softly' self. You're not as likely to do harm with broccoli vs hot dogs as you are with something that she loves.
  25. One thing I started repeating to myself with the reactive dog is "If you don't think you're starting way too small- you're probably not starting small enough. " You should be a little like "This is ridiculous, of course she'll be okay with this." And if she is then that's actually kinda good 'cos she is learning that this is all calm and not a big deal.
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