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  1. Hi all, I posted a few days ago about our Border Collie (maybe mixed with a little something else) Noah, but I figured I'd ask a question about our new rescue, Nick. Our friends found Nick on their doorstep a little over a month ago and because they are 80++ years old, they knew they could not keep him and take care of him for his entire life. Being the softies we are, we said we'd gladly take him if he got along with our other dogs, which he did. We have had 3 out of four vets tell us he's a border collie but we're not convinced. When we got him we were told he was around 5 months (becaus
  2. Thank you all so very much! So many wonderful thoughts! We've already started implementing your thoughts and, although poor Noah is not terribly happy with the results, it's already starting to get the point across. For example, my mom allowed Noah to get on the bed last night, but ONLY AFTER she told him he could (no more running into the room and going right to his favorite spot on the bed). She also made it so he could only lie at the end of the bed, rather than up by the headboard with his head on her. He growled at Nicki, our sheltie, once on the bed last night, and my mom immediately dra
  3. Hi all. We rescued a border collie (mixed with a little something else perhaps) a few years ago when we found him as a VERY skinny, wormy youngster and he is a great dog. He's quite laid back in the house, very sweet with people and gets along most of the time with our other dogs. We're sure to give him plenty of exercise and are aware of a border collie's need to have a job and do things that stimulate their brain. I stumbled across this forum and figured it would be a good place to ask a pretty important question. Noah, our border collie, is quite a jealous pup. He is extremely attached
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