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  1. Thank you! I don't think I'm expecting too much too quickly from him, I'm VERY happy with 99% of what he's done in these short weeks BUT if he is always going to be an attacker of stock, then it wasn't going to be worth it to keep training him. Like I said, I've never had a dog with this attitude before and just needed some input on him. After reading responses and working the dog the past 2 or 3 days, he has made vast improvement so I'm even more happy with him and hopeful he can get past this. We did make him a housedog as soon as we brought him home. When we got him, he was scared s
  2. I thought I gave my location- maybe it was in the response that disappeared? We are in central Oklahoma. I've only found 3 trainers within an hour of me, and like I said, they seem more interested in either selling me a started dog or taking my dog for a month or so and then me picking him up. :-( Not really what I want. I'd love to find someone let me pay for a lesson or 2 a week until we get a good start on him. I read through the review section and can't find any reviews here, or anywhere actually which I think is odd, on that DVD - 1st Steps in BC Sheepdog Training. Anyone seen it or k
  3. Only about 2 1/2 weeks. I think he's showing a lot of ability and he's definately willing to learn and listen. I will work on getting someone to video us and maybe that will give you a better idea of his nature.
  4. That's exactly what we've been working on - backing him off. I truely think if you turned him lose with a flock of goats or sheep, he wouldn't even try to herd them, I think he'd immediately run out and start attacking one sheep/goat at a time until they were all dead or until he got tired. It is somewhat hard keeping him off the sheep for the simple fact that if I look away for 1/2 a second, he's running in to attack. I'm not talking dive-bys, I'm talking he methodically runs up, grips and will not release unless I smack him with the pole (I use a lunge whip). I will try to get someone to v
  5. Well, I typed up a somewhat long response and it apparently disapeared into cyber space. Thank you all for the insight. I'm glad to have some hope of him coming around and have to say he was a LOT better today! Stayed out wider, listened to me when I told him to go around to get behind. He may not have stayed behind for very long, but at least he listens and tries to be a good boy and would go back again when told. I'm truely amazed at how fast he has picked everything up, much smarter and more willing to please than previous dogs - if we could just get that want to attack attitude under con
  6. We acquired a 2yo working bred BC recently. He had not been started by his previous owners but had been kept in a yard where he could see cows. He is out of good working stock and seems to be a great dog in most respects. I've started 2 other BCs for working on our ranch before but they were both pretty quiet workers, no grip unless REALLY needed, etc. This dog is the total opposite and I'd like some input before I just start trying one thing after the other to get him where I want him. First off, we do have cattle but for the most part, we rarely work them. We also have dairy goats and plan
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