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  1. Ditto on the advice about applying in advance. We just adopted Tessie from a Virginia rescue, we had apps in with four rescues. As we watched their web sites, we started to realize that in some cases they had queued up preapproved adopters, so when potential matches came in, they were quickly paired. This is not a bad thing, it means the system is working, but it was a little dissappointing to find our candidates were matched quickly and adopted already! Eventually we were paired up, and then when we met our dog at the rescue, she chose us...they do that, for sure.
  2. We're a week in and things are starting to get into a routine. We are getting twice a day "results" with more frequent number ones. And she actually did a number one in a friends yard yesterday, where a younger neutered male golden lives. Progress. Thanks all for the encouragement.
  3. We're enjoying this youngster for sure. We had a previous border collie, Gracie, for 14+ years, adopted her from relatives that couldn't manage the energy. Then we took in a stray, Sofie, that we also had for 14 years. We finally lost Gracie to renal failure, and kept a blog on that experience, in case you are interested, here: http://graciedawg.wordpress.com There was never any doubt we'd get a bc rescue when the time was finally right again. We're going to give Tessie some time to adapt to her new forever home and then see if we need a second dog to keep her company during the day.
  4. We picked up Tessie, our new rescue (2 years old), on Saturday afternoon. For 36 hours, no number 1 or number two, then finally, some relief (at 1:18am...and she did let us know it was time to go outside). Since then, for three days now, we are only seeing her go once a day, in the afternoons after we get home from work. We'll get a number one and a number two, and that's it for 24 hours. She's on an antiobiotic for a bite she got in rescue, and also, we figure the stress of the new situation is contributing. She was in rescue for 6 months or so, and bounced around before landing in a shelter before that. Anyone have experience with something similar?
  5. Tessie is our new rescue, just adopted her a week ago.

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