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  1. thanks for all the advice. Sam hasnt peed in the house since i seriously cleaned the spot. i think he was trying to pee on the legs of a chair and i hadnt cleaned that well. i also started going outside with him more to make sure he pees outside! lol.
  2. its a linoleum floor. i'll go out and get some of that cleaner and give it a try. i had thought of the crate thing, i havnt left the house since the last time i found pee, so i'll start that later today. Thanks for your help!
  3. Sam is about 5 years old and potty trained. He only has the occasional accident if we are out too long. But recently he has started peeing in the same spot in the kitchen at least every other day. It first started when he hurt his foot running too much in the yard so we restricted his outside time...and naturally every time i took him out he went to run instead of his business. so he started having accidents in the house. his foot is fine now and hes outside more often than not now but i'm still finding pee in the house....in the same spot every time. thoughts? has he just gotten used to going there? how do i get him to stop? thanks.
  4. i trained my dogs with a training collar. i got my collie when he was already 2 years old and had very little training. i took him to a class so he would learn to listen while other dogs and people were around. but the training collar is simple...get a cloth one (no chains) make it so it looks like a "P" and then face the dog put it on and make sure it right under the jaw (where the head and neck meet). keep it loose like reins and have the dog heal. vocalize it. "fiddo heal". when the dog does it praise him/her. if he/she pulls do a quick snap on the leash just to get the dogs attention back to the task. talking to him/her regularly at first helps. this will take a while to master and you will need to enforce it every time you take the dog out. ive trained my collie and several labs like this, it works, you just have to stick to it.
  5. have you tried changing food? my dogs eat 2X a day (mostly bc of my lab...as someone said they are prone to gluttony lol) and when my collie starts eating like a bird and its not a health issue i switch the flavor of the food. or add a gravy to it a couple times. and he eats all up. i figure if i wouldnt want to eat chicken and rice everyday they might not want to either. i use the same brand of food just switch it back and forth from chicken to lamb when i need a new bag.
  6. i agree with notorious about the leash thing. i would do it in short periods progressively getting longer. maybe try the tv on low volume or mute for a bit. and give him something else to do while you are watching tv, such as a something to play with or chew on. my bc gets kinda nutty when i am on the computer too long and he is stuck inside, so i take a break and play with him a bit with a rope toy and eventually he will play with it on his own--letting me get back to what i was doing. so maybe you could try playing with him with the tv on as background noise. show him the tv is not something to get excited about. he is also young and new to the house so hopefully he will calm down as he adjusts and gets older. (i was my bc's 3rd home too....retraining and adjustment time can be difficult but he is just a great joy i wouldnt trade him for anything.)
  7. you could try a training class, even if he is already trained. i used the begining classes more for social skills than anything else. my bc suddenly got aggressive to dogs with a black mask across their faces (ie: german shepards) and he even tried to go after a huge great dane. we were able to fix his problem with some time with the trainer, and it did involve bringing in the dogs he was scared of and/or reacting to.
  8. just an fyi update. i took sam to the vet today and he has two sprained toes. so nothing big, she said he's probably on the side of healing bc hes putting more weight on that foot than before. she said to keep him relatively still, no crazy running...so he's going to be stuck inside with me for a week (or until he stops limping). got him some pain pills so he can play with his buddies over thanksgiving (supervised of course!). thanks for all the advice!
  9. i hope its just something like that. i have a lot of pecans on the ground, and between the birds and squirrels and my lab theres plenty of broken shells around. i will take another look at his foot and get my husband to bring the crate in tonight and crate rest him tomorrow. hopefully that will be enough. keep an eye on him and if he isnt better in a couple days i'll call my vet (if she is open for the holiday weekend...)
  10. Hi. My BC, Sam, has injured one of his back feet and i cannot find a reason for it. there doesnt seem to be anything i can see or feel wrong with it, but he limps. although when he gets excited he starts running when outside he uses the foot...when he slows i can see him favoring the other foot. it seems to feel better in the mornings after he has been off it all night. so, i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to keep him off his feet? even if i keep him inside he runs around and such. any other ideas on what to do? thanks.
  11. everything seems to be good, my husband is making a point to talk to sam when he walks into a room and being positive with him. husband wasnt wearing anything unusual, our lab molly has had reactions to hats and masks and such but not nearly as severe as the reaction sam had on new years eve. so hopefully if we keep things up sam will get over whatever fear has developed.
  12. this is what i was thinking. that he was scared once and now any unclear sight of my husband is scary. the house we moved into is also much larger than the apartment he was used to and many more dark spaces.
  13. Sam is a little over 3 years. he hasnt had any other problems, as for his vision...he still gets around just fine and has no problem catching the ball mid air. i think i will watch him a bit longer and see if we can work on it, before he needs a vet visit (which we still havnt found a new one).
  14. Our BC, Sam, has started randomly (it seems at this point) becoming aggressive towards my husband. We recently moved so I am hoping its the new environment that is "throwing himn off". the first time was on new years eve, happened twice within a matter of minutes; my husband was standing in the doorway with the light behind him and making a face (he didnt like the sparkeling wine, sam got in a crouching display and started growling, he even urinated where he was standing (obvious that he was scared)--there was also a darker spots that smelled aweful (not like urine)(???thoughts???). i eventually got him calmer and then he growled again, i did get him calm and he accepted my husband in his space again. and then he started to growl again tonight. it was not as bad as new years eve. he started to growl, while he was behind my seat and my husband sitting on the couch eating dinner (nothing different from every other night). he relaxed a little and then did it again, i got him calm and my husband was able to get him to come to him and let him pet him. this is new behavior and i do not know what caused it. any thoughts about cause and what i can do about it??? thanks!
  15. hi guys! i have a grooming-esq question. is it normal that sam sheds in clumps? he sheds normally--leaving hair everywhere (but not nearly as bad as our lab lol) but then i find clumps of hair. and its almost daily. he doesnt have any balding spots so im not too worried about it. just wondering if this is a normal b.c. shedding pattern? thanks!
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