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  1. WOW!! I did get a dicsussion going here My first thought in trying to get this passed WAS a fear that people would be scrambling to get CGC's (which I know are relatively easy to pass)..and we would have a scew of out of control dogs running off leash... But the more I think about it I really feel that the owners that for whatever reason don't want to put the time and effort into training there dogs will continue NOT to..while the few people who would benefit from this ordinance passing, and who already train there dogs are the ones that will benefit from it It's funny, the city seemed pretty proud that they were opening up ANOTHER dog park. I see a benefit to dog parks but I certainly can't train there, and my dogs get way to amped up, plus they get munched on when playing any kind of fetching game(my dog had his ear torn not to long ago from a high prey drive german shepherd). I find that dog parks, in a way, are almost encouraging the lack of training and time put into pets. I see more and more owners literally get dragged into the front gate, and let fido off the leash to run around like a maniac and wear themselves out, with little to no control from the owner. And the owner doesn't have to do much but stand around, and prey the dog doesn't bite anyone. I know dog park rules say the dogs are supposed to be under control by there owner, but they rarely are and there is really no way to police this issue... So we just stay away...hence the hopeful off-leash variation
  2. I guess I would LOVE some input in this area....for me...the biggest trouble at a trial seems to come right after the OLF, the turn at the post....navigating this portion of a trial has proven to be the most difficult..the end of the OLF and the beginning of the drive...seems to be here is what sets the stage for your run...your dog and yourself setting a rhythym and presense for the drive...It's also the area for me where the sheep seem most want to run..especially if handled by a NOVICE like me who is trying to watch the dog and sheep and keep everything relatively in control!!! It also seems to be the place the sheep want to RUN at the most!!! Right at the turn if pushed to hard!! I'm also trying to get a better feel for my dog...it seems like handling the turn at the post is on the expertise of the handler...to set the stage for the run, and give the dog the best shot for starting the drive....I am struggling to keep a "rhythym" or "flow"...for my dog, but it seems if I keep to much of a flow and don't put my dog in the right place the sheep are more inclined to take off once the turn is made and control needs to be regained before starting the drive...but if I don't keep enough of a flow the sheep get a chance to stop and possible challenge my dog...which doesn't put him in a good place... SO..I am oh so novice but would LOVE ideas/excersises/suggestions on how to get better at this.... Thanks
  3. Hi All!!!! New here... Have 3 dogs, 2 border collies and a lab(my fiance's dog)... The city I used to live in had a nice variation on there leash law : All dogs must be on leash when off there property with two exceptions #1) they have an e-collar on #2) they have a AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate or equivilant......this was GREAT!! Rewarded owners who were responible and gave us owners who put the time and effort into our dogs other option besides woing and having our dogs chewed on at the dog park...could take them to the park, play fetch or frisbee, do water retrieves and hiking...would just make sure to call our dogs when someone or another dog approached to let them pass or make sure they were ok with letting our dogs greet them.. Just moved to a different city and they do NOT have this variation...only all dogs on leash at all times...and are big into ticketing people... Does anybody know or would have some advice on how to get a similar variation on this ordinance passed in other cities??? I emailed the previous city to get some info on how they got this passed...but no reply... All ideas welcome!!! Thanks
  4. Hello!!! New here!!! My dog had almost similar symtoms pop up recently!!! Started out by taking him to the vet, had his hips and spine, right hind leg x-rayed, found nothing...felt everywhere..didn't think it was the knee, couldn't find anything...rest and anti inflammatory meds.... Had him see a Canine Massage lady...she didn't feel it was his Iliopsoa muscle...couldn't find any heat or soreness..felt it was a pulled hamstring(muscle was super tight and knotted, etc.) and said I could return him to normal activity....after resting him a week prior to this with no lameness..lameness came back as soon as I returned him to normal activity... Went back to resting him..lameness went away.. Saw another Canine Massage person, came highly recommended...she was wonderful...spent almost 2 hours on my dog...said his right hind leg muscles were atrophied and this was probably popping up from an old injury as it takes 6-9 months for muslces to atrophy....she thinks it's a problem with his spine...something is not right there causing the manafistation seen in holding his leg up...gave me some ROM and strengthening exercises to do and told me to leash walk him...movement is good for healing especially the back...just not high impact running or twisting/etc. We are trying a full 10 days now of leash walks and anti-inflammatpry meds..re-checked with my vet..said if he is still having problems after that...ortho vet will be next call.. also did a tick borne panel...will get that back today... Fingers crossed for us
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