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  1. The latest in the saga of Tadaaki ... and btw I'm putting this out there to get constructive criticism, recognizing I'm a novice. Not to give the wrong impression when I complain about his nipping - this black dog has a heart of gold. He's restricted to the kitchen, but the barrier to the living room is one he can scale (photo coming). When I was outside I heard him barking (a once-a-week occurrence). I found him in the living room, sheepish, looking for a way to get back into the kitchen. My idea of using the walking stick as a lightning rod for his nipping took about a half day
  2. You go! I'm so happy for you and for Tess. Whispering for you both.
  3. Julie, great stuff, thanks. That kind of example is extremely helpful. This gives me a model I can work with. I'll correct verbally and I'll use the walking stick as a lightning rod to attract Tadaaki's excess exuberance, realizing that he may grow up with issues toward walking sticks - I can live with that! In addition, insofar as it's normal puppy behavior, it makes a really fun game for us. Thanks, Belleview, I appreciate your point of view and share your feelings of annoyance with nipping - it's dangerous for the pup, and soon we'll be running and biking together. I really want Ta
  4. Thanks, Lauras C & E! You both have very cool tribes of the devil dogs! So a little bit of attitude is par, and I'm being an overconcerned parent? That works for me! Their nickname is "angel dogs", right? Thanks for the warm welcome, and I look forward to learning lots and sharing the joys and sorrows on the board. John Oh, and D'Elle, your note snuck in on me - thanks also for your support!
  5. Where do I put my name here?? Anyway, it's John ....

  6. Hi y'all I've been lurking and reading for a few months and have just brought home from the breeder Tadaaki, now nine weeks old. He's been really quite the gentleman - fond of his crate, strong homing instinct but not much separation anxiety (knock on wood), very bright about understanding what he may destroy and what objects he should keep his teeth away from. There's one big exception (not to make a mountain of what might be a mole hill). When I take him walking off leash and if he gets in his wild mood, he'll come walking into my path, lie down directly in front of me, and sometim
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