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  1. Yes, her name is sort of running joke my housemate and I have. It's *actually* Frida, but he likes to call her Miss Margerie Hambone. I will probably just try to work with her more closely at the dog park and keep the stressors at a minimum. I love border collies because they always have such (relatively) complex and developed personalities for dogs, but they certainly know how to make their dislikes clear. Here's a photo of her herding her boxer friend.
  2. Ah, I didn't quite think of it that way. She definitely knows what she likes and doesn't like, that's for sure. I'll probably try your approach and just keep the toys away from her and keep a little closer when she's drinking water. Haha on the labs. They are the complete opposite of border collies in personality.
  3. I have a two year old female border collie who I got when she was 10 weeks old. From the start, I was very proactive about introducing her in a controlled way to lots of social situations on a very regular basis - lots of people of different ages, lots of dogs (mostly at dog parks and dog day care), etc. basically because I know how hard it can be for a border collie that isn't well socialized; I think more so than most other breeds. When she was about 10 months old, I moved into a house with a boxer who is about 2 years older than her. He is a wonderful dog, but he doesn't go to the dog p
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