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  1. Waffles and Gideon's Girl -- Thanks; that's the kind of information and leads I was looking for in my replies and question (e.g., I suspected, but never knew for sure, that dogs were more capable of dealing with the kind of stuff that would kill you and me -- roadkill for example, although roadkill starts to look competitvely digestible for my own consumption when I've just left Shop 'N Save impoverished!). I don't live, or ever intend to live, in a bubble; choosing though to live outside the bubble also means that I still need to become as informed as possible. I agree that risk is inherent in lots of things, but dealing with it as responsibly as I can (e.g., informing myself) is also inherent in my own thinking and decision-making about those kinds of things. Thanks for adding to that with the information you're shared. Ross Bash
  2. Thanks to all of you, and especially to Mark Billadeau, for provding such helpful and detailed information.
  3. Followup question to Waffles: We've made some of our food for the dogs and also thought about raw feeding, but were concerned about problems like salmonella and e-coli increasingly associated with U..S. production of raw meat. It's also hard to impossible to avoid risk from overuse of antibiotics, steroids, etc. in commercial meat production whether it's for human consumption or pet food (short of buying organic or raising your own stock and having it slaughtered locally). So do you just take the risk in feeding raw or do you have some way by which you minimize or avoid the health risk? I agree with you on doing your own research and looking for companies (usually smaller companies) that actually do their own production, but that's no guarantee that they always actually do so; doing their "own" production was a draw for us with Wellness despite its cost, but we then learned that their most recent recall involved production of some of their puppy food that had been farmed out to Diamond (in Diamond's SC plant which has a long history of recalls). One solution might be to require the manufacturer to state on the bag or can who actually manufactured it (and maybe also where), but that's not something I've ever been able to find out, even with a lot of research, simply because it's not something a company discloses on its website (i.e., you find out only after the recall when the company has to report it publicly). I'd be interested to know though how you minimize the kind of health risks associated with raw feeding when it involves meat products that are commercially produced. Thanks. Ross Bash P.S. I still read the fine print on the package whether I'm buying food for me or everyone else I'm helping to feed. We also buy organic when we can afford it, although our nearest organic stores (e.g., Whole Foods and Trader Joe) are 30 miles away.
  4. Thanks, again, Eileen and Sue R. Regarding my "IMO" question, though I'm pretty good at e-mailing, I find texting to be a bit of a drag (average at best maybe four texts per month; I sometimes have to ask my grandchildren to translate or interpret a text message for me). However, to get (facetiously) more into the true spirit of this electronic communication era, let me revise this response to both of you accordingly: "Thx agin E.s. & S.r. Yrs trly R.b." Enjoy the day! Ross Bash
  5. I know (or seem to recall) that while it's against the BC Board's policy to promote or recommend particular products (if I'm wrong about that, someone please correct me), an ongoing problem I've experienced with pet food recalls and the lack of effective regulation generally with pet food manufacturers is finding an online rating source that can point me to the best manufacturers and products, while not requiring me to re-mortgage my house or sell a bodily organ to afford it. For example, I've regularly checked a couple of what appear to be reputable and reposnible online rating sources (so they say), only to find that a brand that they rate highly is the one I just learned had been recalled. What seems to often happen is that the manufacturer may have high quality standards in what it actually produces, but farms out some of its production to another company (like Diamond with its notorious plant in SC) which does not adhere to the same quality standards. So...does anyone have a suggestion about an online rating source that is reliable at least most of the time? Thanks. Ross Bash
  6. Thanks also to Eileen Stein and Pam Wolf for responding to my question(s). Based on Eileen's description of Jim Varnon's "Because of Eve" (that its primary value is historical), Amazon will probably be denied the opportunity to acquire still more of my money for now. Pam, however, adds still another reference that I need to add to my working "acronym vocabulary" -- what is an "IMO?" (Do you ever get the sense that the Pentagon perhaps was put in charge of creating acronyms for the Border Collie community, given the military's love of acronyms?). Anyhow, many thanks. Ross Bash
  7. Sue R -- Thanks also to you for your response. Useful information to know, if only to sort out those who care about the wellbeing of the breed from those who primarily (or only) want to capitalize on it (despite also adversely affecting it) by misleading the uninformed. When I went looking for a pup (the one pictured here, Uri, who is now going on three years old) to replace the Border Collie I found abandoned and had for thirteen years before I lost him to cancer, I did some research and learned about the ABCA; as a result, I went looking for an ABCA breeder and found this pup -- I wasn't looking for a pup to replace the one I lost to cancer as much as looking for one who would help fill the hole in my heart. He has -- as my wife told me at the time (she was the one who actually found Uri online), our hearts actually grow in their capacity to love by the number of creatures (human and otherwise) we have the opprtunity to care for and love. As the saying goes about rescue dogs: "Who rescued whom?" While I don't read ABCA's position as being that working dogs are only good for working (in the imited sense of herding since they obviously also excel at lots of other things like agility or just being good companions), I sensed then and still support ABCA's efforts to protect and preserve the unique quality and working ability of the breed and its informed and articulate opposition to the AKA's emphasis on conformation. Thanks also for your advice on Jim Varnon's "Because of Eve" (though I'm still not convinced it's worth the asking price). I've read all the Donald McCaig books you mention (plus others) and also Eric Halsell's book and concur in your opinion that they're all excellent "reads," except that only Steinbeck equals McCaig in his story-telling ability (they tell a story like an artist paints a beautiful picture; they create vivid and lasting images in the mind's eye that go beyond just reading the words, so even re-reading them is always fresh and new...) Also appreciate the quote on your post ('bark less and wag more") -- I hereby resolve to try to do so! Thanks, again. Ross Bash
  8. Debbie -- Thanks, again. And you actually gave me a "two-fer" reply -- I'll also check out the second link you provided and I now also know that "Anna" goes with "stockdogranch," so I can be more courteous to her by using her actual name if I ever have occasion again to respond to one of her posts. My apologies though to both of you in posting her quote when all I was trying to do was simply direct my question to her by reference to her post (this blogging business can get really complicated if you're a novice, huh?). Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to respond. Ross Bash
  9. Thanks, Debbie. I'll check out the link. I also like the quote at the end of your reply -- it brought to mind some really wonderful teachers I've had who had the enduring patience to keep "working" with me; I can only hope that they also had the sense that it equated to the good ones they never had the opportunity to "work" with... Enjoy the day! Ross Bash
  10. Hi -- I found the particular post (from stockdogranch; sorry for not referring to the poster by actual name, but it's not indicated) that had the reference to "IBC" about which I inquired in an earlier post. I think I also goofed in how to direct a reply to that particular post by hitting the "quote" button on it (I'm not much of a blogger). All that said by way of pretext, I'm hoping that stockdogranch might happen to read this and respond to my inquiry. Also, while I'm re-raising that question by this post, what led me to this thread in my Google search was trying to find out more about Jim Varnon. I was considering buying a book that he wrote entitled "Because of Eve." It's kind of expensive with no reviews about it on Amazon (and apparently no reviews of it findable on Google), so I wanted some advice on whether it was worth the price. Thanks, again, to any and all who respond. Ross Bash
  11. Just a followup to the question I posed in my previous post. Found another reference to "BYB" in another thread and figured out from the context that it (probably) means "Back Yard Bred." I'm still interested though in learning what "IBC" stands for. Ross Bash
  12. While checking something else via Google, I ran across a link to this particular thread. In the course of reading through it, there were two acronyms to which reference was made with which I am unfamiliar. Although the thread is now some four years old, I'm hoping someone might respond as to what the two acronyms stand for (I searched for them first on Google, but only found things using the same acronyms rather than what they stood for). The two acronyms are "IBC" (a registry of some sort) and "BYBers" (which I assume does not refer to Border Collies walking around carrying brown paper bags...). Thanks to any and all who respond. Ross Bash
  13. Gloria -- OK -- you've got the name for it (PPP), so let's run with it 'cause I'm on board! Actually, I slept in several barns, on farmhouse front porches, camping in the woods, etc. between our small barn, my grandparents' farm and my dad's cousin's farm while growing up (spent much of each summer as well as spring and fall at one relative's farm or another and rarely slept indoors). My grandfather was still farming with horses (a Belgian and a Percheron) when I was old enough to help and my dad's cousin's farm was like something out of 19th century -- a hand pump right off the back porch, outhouse (two seater with a Sears catalog!) in the side yard, all the cooking done on a coal stove, the only running water in the house was a cold water spicket by the kitchen door, the only electricity was from battery jars in the basement, we took "showers" with buckets in the milk house -- it was great! Barn smells (livestock and fresh hay) still bring back a flood of good memories. Best wishes. Ross
  14. Pam -- Appreciate your followup reply, and especially your last comment. Absent an emergency, I tend to make important decisions in my own time, but once made, rarely look back. Whatever decision my wife and I make (and I'm still digesting everyone's feedback; appreciate all of it, but this blogging stuff can be something of a bottomless well, huh?), please be assured that it will be made as responsibly as it can possibly be. Thanks, again. Ross
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