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  1. Brenda, Thanks! I sure wish I was closer; I'd love to take you up on that offer! But, I just cant imagine riding 4 1/2 hrs with these guys. And, speaking of, Bullet87, How do you transport your ducks to the park? We used a travel crate when we bought them, but what a mess!
  2. Hi Julie, Good to know we're on the right track with the balance. The half flank command, or the first part of the command or whistle, with her name sounds perfect. I have been doing something similar, so maybe she just needs more repetition to get it. I was a little worried that it wasnt the right thing to call her name, and to effectively call her off the flank command. But, it makes sense that it's just pulling her in. And, heavens YES we need to get off these critters and their, what did you call it, strong draw?. I have no where else for them to go, no neutral ground. We need sheep! sigh.
  3. So I'm relativelynew to herding; we've been dabbling at it for about a year off and on, but I don’thave my own sheep or easy access to them. (I know, I know, so why herd, right?I adopted a fantastic dog with tons of instinct, and after the initial instincttest I fell in love with it.) We've done some clinics and private lessons, andhad gotten to a point that I'd try my hand at practicing on runner ducks. I cankeep them on my property, and maybe they will help slow Brynn down a little too(a little closer work and more deliberate movements required with ducks, I hadheard). We're doing alright dabbling with the ducks, and have used them to reinforceflanking commands. But, they are partial, naturally, to the corner of the yardwhere their pen is. So, I have two questions: 1.) When thinking about balance, if I send her on our short little outruns, sheusually has to "balance" them off to one side (like instead of 6 and12, I'm at 6 and she'll be at 2, to compensate for their tendency to run towardtheir pen). So, I'm just wondering, in a trial, is "balance" requiredto be at 6 and 12, or is she "balanced" because she's where she needsto be to hold the stock to and towards me? 2.) How do I keep my dog from turning so completely off (overly squaring?) theducks when circling them? That is, if I move, requiring her to move around theducks to keep balance, she will turn her head way away, but because these guyshave a tendency toward their pen, when she turns off, she loses them a bit. Iguess, I need a mini flank. Is there such a thing? If so, how do you train it?
  4. Brenda, Fancy meeting you here! How exciting these plans sound! I'm getting runner ducks at my house this week. They may be a good option for you? If I can a keep them here, you can certainly keep them there!
  5. Sigh... So, still no luck on finding a trainer nearby. I am making plans to travel this weekend to attend another clinic. My dog has picked up SO much in just two clinics, but there has so far been little we can do at home (with no livestock) to aid her training. We've been working on lie down, walk up and steady when playing frisbee. But, all the lie down progress seemed to fall out of her pretty little dog head when she got near the sheep last time.... I'm wondering a few things about the future of our herding training and practice. What is the proper etiquette on looking for and asking local farmers for help? When/if I feel comfortable handling my dog without the presence of a trained professional, is it even an option to ask them for access to their sheep?? I've spoken with one local sheep farmer to ask about trainers in the area, and he mentioned that he had his own bc's for the farm, but did not compete, and of course, he didn't know anyone who offered training. Is it out of line to ask this man for help in the future??
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the advice.. and for the help!! And, thank you, Sue, I'll look into the usbcha!!
  7. I am very near Myrtle Beach, SC. Do people ever really make this work without owning their own sheep? Am I trying to fix a problem that cannot be overcome?
  8. Perhaps I should specify what I'm looking for. I do not own my own sheep. I have attended one of the closest herding clinics to me (about 5 1/2 hrs away), and am certainly looking to attend more. But, my concern is being able to have acess to livestock between clinics; a few times a week hopefully. The goal with my dog, who is a foster failure and has turned out to have herding potential, is to start a goose dog service in my area. She is a fine dog, and as with all bc's (but maybe more so with this one), she needs a job. I hope that this can be both a hobby, in training for competitions (not to get ahead of myself, it depends on how we do, of course), and as a side job for the two of us. Any suggestions?? Is keeping runner ducks, and training on them, a good option?? Thanks!!!
  9. This site has been so very helpful! I'm looking to start a goose dog service in my area in the Southeast US, and really have no idea as to a price point for proposals. How much and how do you all charge? By the visit, by the week, month? And how many visits per day are USUALLY effective to see a change in the goose population; more than 2?
  10. Anyone know of herding training in eastern sc/nc?
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