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  1. I have the opposite, a more cautious dog who is slower up the DW til she figures out which one it is. Now I'm thinking of some sort of body cue I could use for one or the other, considering body cues are stronger than verbals, more to think about!
  2. THANK YOU! I can now understand why a baby dog can be confused by the upside of a DW versus teeter, they certainly don't see much do they? Wonderful, wonderful doggies!
  3. Hi again, I spoke with a friend whose BC has severe issues with thunder and fireworks and she gives a product called Theanine Serene" a calming complex, that she got from the health food store. She gives her pup 1/2 tab and has seen no side effects and is happy with the results. Sounds like same stuff. My friend uses it also for occasional life well-being for herself : )! I will be getting some for my pup also!
  4. One of my pups is over the top about fireworks, gun shots, loud neighbors, you name it. I use his thundershirt, really takes the edge off. We are then able to play games during thunderstorms. Last one was right overhead. He learned to come sit at our side when he would hear the next rumble start. We would just say, "what do you do?" and he would come sit. Of course we shaped this behavior prior to. I use the thundershirt any time he might be in a stressful, reactive situation and he is super reactive!
  5. Oh my, if I were in your area I would contact http://www.pnwbcrescue.org/ . I check out the site often and though I love puppies/blank slates/foundation training, etc. etc., I have seen MANY dogs on the rescue site who can very easily be "the perfect dog", some vey young. There is an awesome young pup on the Oregon page right now. It can't hurt n one never knows.
  6. Humm, how 'bout mixed with minature aussie not docked, really has an Aussie look to him and ears, atleast from the photos
  7. thanks for the suggestion on opening a new topic, wasn't sure that it would be well received . Yes, i run 2 dogs in the 20" class, sometimes handle for others (20 - 20plus) and would like to run in a lower class, thus my reason for small. yes, the quarantine is a real issue and a pain and i often have the pnw site up in the background but never thought to actually contact them for a specific request, good suggestion!
  8. Hi, this is my first post on this board though I have been reading various parts of it for months. I am starting my search for my next agility dog and am leaning toward a small BC. Yes, I understand there are no guarantees on final size . Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Is this allowed in these boards? I see much discussion on BC breeding issues/registration/working/confirmation lines, etc. But no direction on what are good working lines, where on might start to look, etc. And then there is the challenge of me living in Hawaii. Have looked a numerous rescue sites also. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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