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  1. IMO, videos are your best friend... all of them, the good, bad and the ugly. Awesome learning tool, being able to recognize what works, what doesn't, what might work well for one team but not another, etc. I have learned much about my handling, what my dog(s) need as far as cues... when and where they need them, by videoing our practice sessions and trials. Regarding other handlers mistakes creeping in to your handling, I doubt it, and probably you already are doing some of them anyway .
  2. Thanks again for the additional info, I was planning on going to the Lacamas trial in August, as I was going to be in the Seattle area round that time, but plans had changed. Maybe good they did change, August is an expensive time to travel to and from Hawaii , high tourist season and all.
  3. Thanks for the additional info, I will keep checking the other sites. I would be coming from Hawaii, there are no trials over here, don't even know of any large sheep ranches, here on the Big Island it's mostly about cattle and from what I hear ATVs are used often.
  4. Thanks, yes I found the sites you suggested but there are no details so thought maybe someone here might give more info. Thanks for letting me know it should be a good one!
  5. can anyone tell me anything about this trial? i can't find any info online. thanks! i would be traveling quite far to get there.
  6. Think it depends on where one lives/had access to as how it may differ for folks. We do not have USDAA where i am. If we did, I would do it. Most are big into NADAC (sigh) here. CPE (sigh) and AKC (sigh) are also in my area. There are 2 UKI trials a year here. From a personal point of view, I like that participating in UKI gives me the feeling that I am "competing" in a more international sense. I feel that the organization is more progressive in bringing more challenging courses that I enjoy. As one progresses through the levels, there are many more off course traps, a chance to challenge one's handling, more "tricky bits", tighter handling in areas on course, some backsides. NADAC is not really agility anymore (IMHO or not so HO ) but the dogs love it because it is all about running fast and most of the "handling" has to do with keeping up with your dog. For me and NADAC, distance is the challenge it provides. UKI is catching on in the US. Enough so, that I think this is one reason that AKC is now starting to integrate a more international division at some trials. I have not paid enough attention to it to describe it properly . This post doesn't really answer your questions, does it ?
  7. I am about ready to bust a vein... and will probably be slammed for saying so. This thread has gone on forever, many saying the same thing over and over. You do not need an interactive toy for your dog. You need to interact with her. I have many puppies come stay with me, they all go home understanding what sit, down, wait, stay, leave it, look at me, go to crate, stay in crate until released, etc. etc. etc. means. It does not mean they are 100%, they are puppies and that's ok, the foundation behaviors are in place. Each one has figured these things out by 3-4 months, many times less. Some would say I train them. I say I create fun games that we play together, they are highly rewarded for playing them with me, which ends up creating a pup that wants to be with me, understands what to chew on and what not to, enjoys learning and has a great time in the process. There has got to be 100's of 1000's of youtube videos on puppy games. They learn silly, and not so silly, tricks, front feet on pot, turn around, jump in suitcase, back up, turn left, turn right, pick up a toy n then drop it in a box, put all 4 feet into a box, look for a treat under a box, etc. etc. There are endless possibilities, just pick one or two or three or... Some you may never use again but your relationship will be stronger and she will be very pleased with herself. Funny, along with them learning these "games", they get to use their little brains too, and they are then spent and content... for a while anyway.
  8. I would not do games, like having her put her front feet on ball to balance, until a few weeks after her spay. She will be using her stomach muscles to balance, think "core muscles". Go to YouTube n type in puppy tricks to get some ideas. She is way past old enough to learn to stay close to you on walks, I'm thinking this will tax her mentally as well. Just make sure you do short sessions then release her to go sniff, then call her back n keep her next to you, then go sniff, etc. think of it all as a game you play with your pup n it will become one for her too. I am curious...all she does outside is be tethered to her run or chase ball? Is she always in her pen when in the house?
  9. Walks n more walks and games n tricks. Yes, stitches can open, use this time to work on heeling games, stay with me games, etc. sit games, stay games. There is plenty of fun, learning you can do to tire her out without her having to run and chase a ball in order to be exercised...
  10. have you taught this on the flat without equipment first? i believe it's a good idea to teach both, the verbals and body cues away from equipment first, then when i do start adding equipment, i will keep the jumps low, or no bars at all, working on understanding first, less tork on dog's body while "we" learn. i also find, that many times, it is me/timing, not the dog, when things aren't going as planned , if you can, video yourself just to make sure you are giving clear info to your dog. regarding the title of this post... actually the dog should know how to set himself up for the jump BEFORE he even takes off, for example, correct lead to jump left... so they need the info earlier then later .
  11. off to train... but if it were my dog, i would be balancing out "course work" with one jump exercises, shorter exercises, etc., spend more time with collection exercises where she has to pay attention to you to know which obstacle to take next and then make sure you give her permission to take that next obstacle. if she does start running wild, throw her reward stopping the behavior (if you don't want her to develop this habit). i can think of several different ways to work with this... important though to do short sweet session that are as fun to her as running really really fast and taking anything in her way . Much of this depends on ways you've been training, etc., and maybe her age. sorry this is so short but I am running late . Cool that she loves the game that much! .
  12. Background? Was she at one time shutdown or timid regarding agility? Or?
  13. Here is the links page at HAHA's (Hawaiian Agility - Oahu) website, listing clubs (easier then listing them all here ): http://hawaiianagility.com/Links.htm On that list are Big Island Agility (BIA) and Orchid Isle Agility (OIDA), both on the Big Island. Another on the Big Island is Kukini Dog Agility, http://www.kukinidogagility.com Oahu holds AKC trials. The Big Island competes in NADAC, UKI, CPE and AKC trials. Hope this helps!
  14. From what I have read Pork industry animals are raised w little space thus no exercise. Actually what I read sounds like animal cruelty at its finest. A zillion years ago when my neighbor kids were raising pigs for 4h, they were out walking the pigs before n after school to get the lean mass. So yep, would seem the quickest way to turn a buck would be fatten em up n give em drugs to make em lean(er).
  15. Besides the antibiotics, there is Paylean ( ractopamine). Given to pigs up to the day they are slaughtered. At one time i used pork for treats until I discovered this. Now I don't eat commercial pork either and I love chile verde. From a site: Ractopamine is the chemical given to pigs to make them leaner. In the US it is known as Paylean. These words were used to explain the continued EU ban on this additive: “Ractopamine usage benefits producers, but not consumers. It is bad for animal welfare and has some bad effects on humans,” (Donald Broom, professor of veterinary medicine at Cambridge University).
  16. Turmeric, dog 56lbs, vet said 1/2 teas per day divided in his 2 meals. I started slow, have not noticed any upsets at all. I know for people it is said to take w bromeliad, that the two work better together. I have been giving same dog MSM, 500mg for a few years now on recommendation of a vet.
  17. Subscribe to whole dog journal, it's a good publication. I have 3 dogs, all do best on different ingredients, each dog is different n may or may not do well on a brand of food no matter how "nutritious".
  18. A Woman's Best Friend BY ERICA JONG - excerpt "I could tell you the story of my life through the dogs I have loved. I could tell you the story of the losses in my life through their deaths. Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love and loyalty. They depart to teach us about loss. We try to replace them but never quite succeed. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big."
  19. OK, I wasn't going to respond, too many of my own emotions BUT, and I will try to make it short, and yes, I am frustrated... Laurel962, your original post made it sound like Ladybug could be a serious biter and following posts continued to make it sound like it was close to hopeless, afraid you'd lose your home, etc., this is why I think some may have suggested the possibility of having to have her PTS. As the thread has progressed, it is obvious to me that she is a nipper when she feels she cannot escape any other way. It has happened, what, now 3 times? You know she does this, what are you doing to keep from putting her in the situations that trigger her nipping? What is your reaction when she does this? I have an aussie, who when younger would sneak up behind (men, happened twice) and nip their calves before we even knew it was happening, never breaking skin. One day my partner was talking with my neighbor over the hog wire fence and Ollie was laying down next to him. Partner turned to walk away, Ollie got up. went to fence line and nipped our neighbor on the butt as he turned to walk away. Partner was so embarrassed and shocked, he grabbed Ollie by the collar and walked him, on hind feet, up the hill and threw him in the kennel for a long time out. Ollie has never nipped anyone again... No, he was not beat. If any of my dogs ever tried to nip me, I would yell, HEY, and give them a time out. letting them know I highly disapprove. This is what they know is a correction. They very rarely need any kind of correction so it means something when it happens. Again, what do you do to help her understand that nipping is an unacceptable behavior? I am sorry for the loss of your last pup but you cannot change the fact, I know this very, very well. Grieving and sadness will continue for a long time. You now have a new doggie friend. What has helped me is that I try to be the best doggie partner that I can be because my recently passed best friend would want it this way. My dogs can feel when I'm sad, depressed, etc. They can very well take advantage of a weakened state of mind, one in particular is happy to step in and try to be in charge... But then I believe that dogs are basically opportunist . It is very possible that Ladybug is reacting to your emotions. Also, am wondering, does Ladybug have full run of the house and you ? Is she crate trained? Are there house rules she follows?
  20. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated! The others sleep next to her crate she does not seem overly stressed. Yeah, my vision of ducks flocking to me has faded!
  21. http://www.awesomepaws.us/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/BreedingConcernsFinal.pdf Once again I will post this, for anyone who cares to read it. I just skimmed the written article but it says much of what this doc says that is from her website, missing are the diagrams of the jumping styles. On phone so did not make it a link.
  22. I have looked online, can't find what I'm looking for. I recently got a few ducks, found out quickly they are not people broke. One hurt it's foot initially outside toe n ankle a bit swollen n as a few days went by, the foot, ankle n leg are swollen. It has been crated for 3 days, swelling is not going down, she holds foot up most of the time, it is warm but not as hot as it was a few days ago. I really don't want to take it to the vet if I can figure out what to do myself. She is eating n drinking. Sorry this is so cut n dry, I am on my phone. Thanks to anyone who has suggestions!
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