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  1. GentleLake, because my vet suggested I do and I also read it somewhere long ago. She talked about something in the outer part that binds minerals.... This has become the thread for research . A very quick search... it's phytic acid, and even though I am suppose to be working, I'm off to read more on the subject!
  2. When you ask, what supplement, are you referring to the calcium? If so, I use the seaweed calcium more then I use bone meal. I think there are other companies that carry the seaweed clacium. Approx. usage is a slightly rounded 1 teas, (about 3 grams) per pound of meat for either calciums. I was once told that there are a lot of polluntants in bone meal so I don't use it as often as I used to. Where are you to not have pumpkin handy ??? I use kale alot since I grow it. I change up the veges depending on availability and price. I tend to use less carrots because of the sugar content, I use broccoli often. Frozen green beans. I will grate an apple and throw that in last as part of the total called for but try not to cook it much. Oh, and I will use eggs as a part of the protein sometimes, if I am a bit short on meat but could not tell you at what %.
  3. Simba, I actually enjoyed the history lesson! Thanks! Often times I prefer someone giving me a history lesson versus me having to do the research for everything I want to know . Now i know I did not research deep enough on this particular subject . I tend to use quinoa the most because of the higher protein content (complete) and no gluten, but it must be soaked. Also, I make enough for me to eat . Millet because it is a more "novel" grain then what is often used, gluten free. In doing an allergy test with my older dog, it showed he had a mild adversion (this is not the correct term ) to rice, not allergic to but... Seems easy enough to limit the ingredients to start with and still cook something! There have been times when I have just used greens, pumpkin and a meat. I feel the calcium/phosporous balance is the most important long term, consistent part of making homemade dog food.
  4. Sorry I stirred up a pet peeve. My vet has never mentioned the word "allopathic". This is how I think of the differences.and actually, looking up the word allopathic, interestingly, in the human doctor world, it is a word used to describe the difference between a M.D. and an D.O. A few quick references I found: http://www.hpplc.indiana.edu/medicine/med-res-twokinds.shtml http://www.superpages.com/supertips/allopathic-physician.html http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/medical-school-admissions-doctor/2012/04/23/how-to-decide-between-an-md-and-a-do So... not really sure that "holistic" vets came up with the word to degrade "regular" medicine, though some may use it with an attitude and belief to degrade.
  5. Here are the 2 recipes (attached hopefully ). This is what I do in hopes to get max. nutrition from cooking... As in the grain free recipe, I use the food processor to break down the veges. I lightly cook the meat, lower heat, just until still slightly pink, versus well done. If I use the grain recipe, I normally use quinoa or millet (soaked overnight) instead of other grains, though I have used oatmeal and brown rice occasionally. I cook the grains separately. I'm kind of anti grain but in the past few years I am less hardcore about it all. So, if I use grains, I cook them. I lightly cook the meat, add the pulverized veges, calcium and cocunut oil in and leave til cooled slightly, and then mix in the grains. I have a singleton dog, now 6, who has always had disgestive issues (he was only with his mom a very short time). I have tried many different probiotics, both dog and human formulas. The very best bought one I have used is Geneflora, amazing difference. Recently I have started making kiefer, started from keifer grains and I have to say, it is working really well in place of any other probiotic, dogs love it and I drink alot and love it too. I use Verti Science Canine Plus for a vitaman supplement (good price at amazon), and have long used the BioAge for my dogs and for myself. Disclaimer: I believe in balance over time versus balance with every meal. Varying meats and fish and veges in the recipes has worked well for me (the dogs). For most of my dogs, I mostly feed raw but now also give kibble now and again. I sometimes use Honest Kitchen or Sojos. My older dog is having some issues with raw so he gets mostly cooked now. I have used the above recipes for months at a time for some of my dogs and am comfortable with how they are feeling, looking and acting when on these cooked diet. All of my dogs get a few bones a week (beef or lamb neck bones, turkey necks). Diets were provided by a holistic vet with an allopathic vet background. My dogs eat much better than I do! Basic-cooked-diet.pdf GrainFree-cooked-diet.pdf
  6. Simba, I'm on the road today will post it tomorrow, no prob at all.
  7. I have two recipes from my vet, one with grain, one without. If you would like them let me know, I just don't want to type it all in if your not interested . Or I can scan n attach
  8. I was not suggesting they should always win, it's give and take, it's a game we play together. I watch how my dogs play with each other, sometimes one wins, some times the other, sometimes one drops it, the other picks it up and runs with it, the other then chases, etc. etc. My dogs actually prefer playing with me anyway! Sometimes, when I'm tired or have to get something done, I wish they wanted to play with each other more often!
  9. Why would a dog want to play tug if they never get to win??
  10. Are your classes large? Is it possible for you to make a quick announcement, offer to pass out a few of your treats to those who want to treat your dog? I understand that you should be asked if it's ok before someone gives your dog anything but... Sorry so this is so stunted, on my phone with poor thumb typing skills.
  11. Yes, if it has to be a choice between hips and knees, I would much prefer it be hips also! And thanks for sharing the story of your collie and for your encouragement. I'm tellin' ya, I spend way more $$ on dog health issues/diagnostics then I do for myself Thanks! Now this is what I wanted to hear , I do sometimes think the "hitch" is because, well, her back end seems higher and rear legs seem longer. I will know soon enough. Thank you everyone.
  12. I will try to find you amongst the masses at nationals, I will be flying in for it sadly without a dog. And yeah, if in fact there is an issue, I will be going through the same emotional roller coaster. RDW... Sure is fun, not sure how far we're getting , but hey she's a baby dog!
  13. Great video! What a guy ! Thank you for sharing it. I assume you will be going to Nationals in Oct.? I am super envious of your Northwest fields and forests . Well, as they say, it is what it is... we shall see about G's "skip". Thank you again.
  14. Thanks everyone (kinda, sorta ), I actually was thinking it might be the knee. I usually wait until I think the growth plates are closed to Xray my dogs, but guess she will get hers done a little earlier. I was really hoping that I would hear that some dogs just do this skip thing, sometimes her body seems disjointed between her rear and front anyway, denial can be a wonderful thing . Kristi, thanks for the support regarding competing, and explaining about your dog. My main concern is any discomfort. I can not imagine her being happy being a couch potato . By default she gets fish oil (tho not 4000mg.) and coconut oil already.
  15. Hi, I am looking for imput regarding the way my pup switches rear leg gait.I am not saying it right . Figured this is a good place to ask! Hopefully this video will work, if need be I can upload it to youtube. I have slowed it down by half. I included the "running" part so that you can see her, well, running. It is when she returns to me that she tends to do some weird rear end adjustment, a hop. The very last one on the video shows the extreme. Have any of you noticed this with any of your dogs? She is 8 months old. I rarely see it other times, occasionally there will be a rear lead change, but I see it very often when we are playing "run fast across a board". Just curious, as I tend to worry too much about my dogs. She is never lame, nor are there any other symptoms that make me "wonder". thanks! Edited: Video didn't upload, trying plan B.
  16. Since she likes water so much, Get a small squirt gun and use it for her reward , this is my friend's dog's favorite reward. Use it only for agility, you can keep it in your pocket, I would not use it as a "lure".
  17. Fantastic Durafoam Balls, they last forever, they float, they're cushy, they bounce perfect, my ball crazed dog's favorite over all others and we have every make and model
  18. I do not follow LM's handling, per se, but I found the first few exercises of her foundation work invaluable. It's been a few years so they are not fresh in my mind, but the very first one, one jump, having the dog offer jumping and wrapping, with handler at side of jump, working from all positions as explained, quickly raising jump height reaped great rewards in my dog's understanding of how to jump, how to collect, etc. Plus it was great fun to play this! I did a few other of her exercises, after completing the first one... a few jumps set up, walking around, sometimes giving "permission" to take a jump, sometimes not and my dog learned about handler focus and obstacle focus early on. Though I have a "morphed" handling style, I found just doing the beginning foundation work of LM, produced my best jumper so far.
  19. I have had a couple of friends who's dogs have died from this, one was fed variations of raw his entire life with minimal vacs, he was the best dog ever!, was not discovered until too late, and then I am sure that nothing could have been done anyway. My girl (aussie), only 5.5 years old, died of Leukemia. One day she was the healthiest she'd ever been, within 3 weeks she was gone. Never fed kibble, never had vacs after initial puppy ones, titered, ate variations of raw, no toxins in yard, healthy lifestyle. She was my best friend. I beat myself up over this for 1.5 years, wondering what I could of done to prevent it, to still have her with me. I now have times of peace believing it was her time to go, she had other things to do, might sound strange to some. I also believe that genetics play a large role. I have a BC pup staying with us now, She was raised on LOW quality kibble, in my opinion had way too many vacs and poisons, where she comes from all dogs have the same... low quality food, over vac'ed, once monthly ivermectin and yet the older dogs are still going strong.... so I still feed and handle my dogs the way I believe, but have learned that there is no definitive answer for what works best for all. Life is a crap shoot, sometimes it's wonderful and sometimes it sucks. To the OP, Acana is an excellent food, I think you are reaching for an answer you may never get. You will find some moments of peace... or acceptance..., but it will take some time.
  20. I'll climb on now . I started in NADAC. We have more NADAC trials in our area then any other organization. As far as I'm concerned, NADAC is now for practice, My dogs like it that they get to run fast, so I enjoy it for this reason, There are no real handling challenges for me, except maybe Chances now and again. I accepted hoops after a bit, but now that the barrels will become mandatory in mid 2014, I am really having a hard time considering NADAC "agility" and will be cutting my yearly trial days. I have done CPE in the past... get a good judge with good courses and there can be some challenges. My very favorite is UKI, though right now we have few. We do not have USDAA here or I would be signing up. If we had ASCA I would trial, as ASCA is like NADAC used to be before they took away all of the obstacles and started introducing benign, go fast, push the path, go round things stuff. There is AKC here, and sometimes I really wish I could support 'em and go since all of my training buddies go, but I just can't. It's kind of funny... my training partner thinks AKC is the organization to aspire to and will spend close to $1000 to travel elsewhere to trial in the pursuit of that double Q. We agree to disagree.
  21. Sounds like, to him, the cat is way more fun then you are . I do not let my dogs play rough with or chase the cats, can't end well, one of them is going to get hurt. Yes to the tricks suggestion!
  22. Nice run! Can I comment ? See how your path follows the lines of the obstacles? where you then slightly pulled your shoulders to the left as he ascends the AF? At this point he probably decided he was going the the left tunnel . You could still handle this from the left, and it would give him better info on where to go next, if you set your path to converge to the descending bottom of the AF. Hard to see for sure on video, but looks like a straight line from jump one to tunnel side of AF might be a better option for the handlers path. Just food for thought .
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