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  1. Quinn says thanks for the great pictures of his grandma Star!! Kim Litz and Quinn who is just 8 1/2 months old FL
  2. Congratulations on your new rescue boy! My first border collie was also a rescue. I got him, like Julie, with the intentions of rehoming him but fell in love. I've had him for 3 1/2 yrs now and he's been so much fun. Four months ago I purchased a border collie puppy and the two of them have been great! The Aussies on the other hand would be happy if they both left LOL. Enjoy your new boy! Kim in FL
  3. Martin was an Aussie I pulled from a shelter, they told me he was 8 yrs old. When I actually got my hands on him I knew he was much older, according to my vet more like 13/14. He had no front teeth, was deaf, had in the past hemotoma's on both ears (they were both very narly) and both were infected. He was missing patches of fur from probably constant flea infestation (hair never grew back either). He had liver issues. I fostered him for a few months before placing him in a home, I stressed he liked to go for walks but couldn't walk miles. He was great with all my dogs and was calm and s
  4. About 3 yrs ago I was at one of my first trials as a spectator. I ended up in a conversation with a gentleman who had a R/W border collie,he said he would never get another red, nor a merle or an excessively white dog, the judges just didn't look at them the same. Another gentleman at the trial told me that in Scotland (where he was originally from) they used to cull the merle's because merle's can't herd (how long ago that was I have no idea). Very interesting conversation for someone who was very new to border collies and herding AND had a red merle border collie puppy (my boy is a rescue
  5. Well I've found my red and white puppy locally, I feel very lucky! She/he is 6 wks old so I have two more weeks of waiting. Nice working lines, love the parents whom I've met several times and have seen working. I'm so looking forward to February 25th. Hope you find your special pup soon!
  6. What a nice looking dog Julie, I love a dog with heavy ticking.
  7. I lost my 13 yr old Aussie in a matter of a week. Her abdomen was bloated, my vet did a aspirate and it was nothing but blood. I said goodbye to her that very day.
  8. Mine get a heaping tablespoon every morning. One of my Aussies used to vomit for no reason on occassion and this really helped her. They really love their yogurt......I use non fat plain.
  9. We call Natural Balance rolls, "doggie crack", they'll do anything for it!
  10. I ONLY go to the dog park when NO one is there (luckily I have that luxury)! My dogs are socialized but do not enjoy "playing" with other dogs (they do with each other). It's no fun for them to be pursued by overly playful pups. IF there are other dogs there I do NOT play fetch, my one boy is the type that MUST be the one to get the ball, he doesn't start trouble but if the other dog is the same way well then there is trouble. It always seems that owners of small dogs think it's cute to let their little dog run around in the big dog section and then gets made when a big dog chases it
  11. I would suggest starting out with (1) 25mg pill. It will knock some dogs out! I gave it to a rescue Aussie who weighted 50# and it knocked her off her feet. Would have hated to see what 50mg would have done to her. However it never affected my 40# Aussie. Just like people, dogs metabolisms are differnt. KimL
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