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  1. Found a border collie breeder in a town 15 minutes away!! We picked her up saturday night..i posted pics of her..Its under "Daisy and Derby"
  2. Looking for a companion/buddy for Daisy..She is spayed so we are not wanting to mate them. Just wanting to have two BC's
  3. The lady we bought Daisy off of drove 10 1/2 to deliver her to us..She lives in Missouri and we live in zanesville, ohio..
  4. We got Daisy October 5th 2009. She was 2 months old when we got her. We are planning on getting another puppy when we find the right one..
  5. He sure is cute!!! But the part of Kentucky he is in is a 6 hr drive..thanks though!!
  6. We got our border collie daisy from a young girl in Missouri. She drove from Missouri to Zanesville, Ohio to deliver Daisy to us. She is the best dog EVER! My husband LOVES border collies and Daisy is actually is 3rd one but 1st pure bred. I am wanting to know if anyone knows of any breeders in Ohio, West Virginia or Kentucky? We are willing to travel a little ways to get our new dog..
  7. Our border started sleeping uncaged prob about 8 months of age. She always slept in our room next to our bed on her doggy bed.. recently (prob 2-3 months now) she will go to her dog bed but after we go to sleep she goes out to the living room and sleeps on the recliner next to the front living room windows..Like she is gaurding us while we sleep..She has woke us a few times with barking and we would go out and she would be looking out the window..She is a very good dog..
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