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  1. Why have a couch or furniture if the dogs are not on it. I think the no dogs on furniture is stupid. I sit on the floor so the cats and dogs can have the couch. This is their house not mine. I grew up with pets only outside so when I got married I brought my pets inside.
  2. I wish some of you lived by me. I own my own grooming business and I only charge 40 for a full groom and give out loyalty cards. I bathe mine every week and they get a full groom once a month. If you don't want a stinky border but don't want to pay a groomer I recommend a slicker brush, comb, show sheen and some dog cologne from nature specialties. Few minutes later the dog looks better and smells great. Groomers will trim the feet and shave the pads so you get a better deal but even with me being a professional I don't always have the time to give them a good groom or bath. A stinky border is
  3. There is nothing more fun in the world then to hike with a border. My husband and I did a 24 mile hike in northern Michigan last year. They did wonderful. Jess got tired around mile 20 but Tegan pullled me the whole time. We got to lake Superior and let them swim around mile 14 and they enjoyed the break.
  4. I love the spa day being rolling in something and being in the creek that is how mine would rather be. As far as shaving a lab it is stupid. I hate doing it yes they shed less for a few months but they still shed. People don't realize if they actually comb out their dogs that the coat does insulate from the heat and also that they won't sunburn. People are stupid but I do my job with a smile. There are some dogs I have flat out refused to shave. I pretty much won't shave an outdoor dog. Border collies are as spoiled as poodles so that person needs to learn a few things. I see more poodles in b
  5. I am a professional groomer and own my own business. Here lately I have had a lot of bc. I had 1 on Mon 1 on Wed and 1 on Fri and this week I have 2 on weds. All but 1 have been so wonderful for me. They just got a bath tidied up and feet trimmed. the 2 Weds are getting shaved. Yes I know and I tell my clients they should not be but I shave mine as well. Here in central Ohio bc get shave 2 to 3 times a here vets actually recommend it. Does any one else take theirs to a groomer or just comb them out them selves? I like them with the full coat they are so pretty but fro me we have no air conditi
  6. Mine like to wear them. They carry their own water and treats.
  7. I am a professional groomer and I shave mine in the summer. You are not suppose to shave a border it can ruin the coat. I still shave mine and others every year. The furminator is awesome but will ruin the coat as well. Slicker. rake and a comb are the best. Maybe some thinning shears and coat king if really thick. The furminator if used to much will hurt the skin. A lot of groomers use it to much and the dog bleeds and they never tell the owner. It ticks me off. I bathe mine every 3 weeks but I use professional soap free shampoos that you can't buy in a store.
  8. I went ahead and switched to Fromm. They are so happy! Jess is a picky eater but I soon as I put in in she goes after it.
  9. I have been fedding TTOW for 3 years now. My dogs love it and do great on it but they are made out of the same facory as Diamond and Chicken Soup for the Soul and they have both reacalled here lately. So I have been doing some research. I saw that Fromm was really good so I bought some. They love it even more. The only problem is it is small bites and not sure if that is ok for border collies. They eat slowly but I still worry that they will choke. So I wasn't sure if any of you feed it or know anything about it?
  10. I am a professional groomer. If you want the hair off but don't want your dog "naked" use a 4 or 5. I use andis agc 2 speed clippers and ultra edge blade. In the summer my borders get a 7 or even a 10 at times. A 10 on hygenic and butt. Then I always use a 40 on pads. I even shave my girls tails and leave the tip and shave the heads and trim ears. My girls are in the house but we live on a farm and they are always in the creek, rolling in poop of some sort or even dead animals. They always get burrs as well. In the winter I just use a 7 on hocks and pasterns 10 on hygenic 40 on pads then I thi
  11. When I researched the border breed everything I read said if you would like a lap dog do not get a border. I have had my girls for 3 years they are both 37 pounds and are on our laps every night. We can't sit down in the evening without a border in our laps. We love it but other that come to the house not so much. The regulars know its going to happen. They just lay there all night as happy as can be.
  12. My pygmy just died a few weeks ago. I am wanting another goat. I love the pygmies but I have heard that the nigerian dwafs are very sweet and loyal. I just want a goat as a pet to go on walks with me and the dogs and some runs. My goat was with the cows during day and in the barn at night and did great this way. I just don't know if I got lucky with Sullivan and had a great goat or are all pygmies sweet and loving? I want a wether. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  13. I have showed that video to so many people and they have all loved it. My one border Jess is just like that if we don't throw the toy she brings it closer and closer. my husband cracked up cus Jess is his fave of his dog and it reminded him of her. I loved it.
  14. I really like Taste of the Wild. I have been feeding it for 2 years. I usually do the Pacific Stream one because of the salmon. They hate the prairie one. sometimes I feed the Wetlands. Also we are farmers and have our own pork and hunt deer so they get some raw pork and deer at time. I like to give them coconut oil once in a great moon and glucossimine. Jess loves fruit so she gets fruit as a treat and Tegan loves Zukes. I would love to feed raw but my husband thinks I am crazy enough spending money on a good food.
  15. omg she is aborable. I agree with the other people I say border aussie mix she does not look skinny at all. I feed taste of the wild and my borders love it good luck.
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