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  1. New video available from Little Horse Mountain Productions "At Hand with Patrick" is a new series of video's on the art of both shedding and penning. The first video is called "Putting Penning Pressure into Perspective" and emphasizes the handler's pressure in how to pen. This video was filmed during two clinics in Oregon and California. Video is available at patrickshannahan.com or a number of different video suppliers http://shop.patrickshannahan.com/At-Hand-With-Patrick--Putting-Penning-Pressure-Into-Perspective_p_25.html
  2. The second DVD in a series is out. "Headed in the Right Direction" by Patrick Shannahan continues the focus on clear, concise communication. Patrick will introduce flanks; demonstrating good flanks while assessing flanks that need work. You will learn the importance of the gather and how to begin to lengthen your dog’s outrun. Patrick will continue to teach you how to develop your dog’s good method on the sheep while working on small fetches. With clear, concise footage, Patrick will explain what he is seeing while training and will help get you and your dog Headed in the Right Direction. You can purchase it at: http://www.patrickshannahan.com/DVD-Merchandise.asp#PS2
  3. Patrick Shannahan has released the first DVD in a series of three DVD's in training, "Building a Winning Team-Off to a Good Start." Join two time US National Champion, Patrick Shannahan as he takes us on the journey of training a winning team. Utilizing his method of developing a line of communication and mutually understood language, this series will take you through the process of picking a pup all the way to having a well trained dog. Whether you need a dog for work around the your farm or you want a highly trained dog for trialing, Patrick Shannahan's training methods have stood the test of time. First in the DVD series, Off to a Good Start, shows how important communication is between you and your pup. You will get to see what training a young dog looks like when it goes well and also how it can go wrong. Patrick will start with a variety of dogs that will demonstrate how pressure, voice, correction and respect work together to develop a relationship with your dog. Once this relationship is formed you will be on your way to Training a Winning Team. DVD's can be order through his website: http://www.patrickshannahan.com/Purchases.asp patrick DVD frontCover2b.pdf
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