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  1. Hello! Our BC is 8 months now. We have had him on Purina One since we picked him up, that is what the breeder had him eating. Recently, we changed his food from the beef to the chicken and he has had major diarrhea for several days. We introduced it slowly but that doesn't seem to help. This got me looking into more high quality foods... Should we steer clear from Purina and cheap brands or is it okay? He does shed quite a bit but I am not sure what is normal. What foods do you guys recommend? And I realize that whatever food works just works but I'm feeling weird about Purina now... Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, So I have read a lot about merle BCs having problems. I know that when two merles are put together that the pups can have some serious issues. I have finally found a breeder who I like who has been breeding for over 18 years. The puppy's mother will be regular black and white and the Dad will be a merle...is this something I should be concerned about? The breeder says that they are healthy with no defects or problems... Just curious. A lot of folks have told me to beware. What are your thoughts? Thank you!
  3. Hi, After about a year of research and studying I am planning to get my first BC this spring. My husband and I live in Arizona, are very active and can hardly wait for our newest family member! We will be using our BC for obedience and agility as well. I have been in contact with several breeders but it has been hard to time it just right. We are willing to make the road trip to anywhere in the country for the right pup...but we were really hoping we could find some great breeders over on this side of the US. We are attending an agility trail this weekend in hopes to gain some contacts of local breeders. If anyone has any contacts or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you! ~Killian
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