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  1. The gal I wanted was described as having been rescued the day before and being well adapted to everything except cats. I don't know if they actually kept her or that was the way they brushed off applicants who they deemed unacceptable. I gave them a ton of personal information I rarely give out. I don't endorse them because I knew little about them then and even less after 7/8 years so spare me your uninformed sanctimony. You hit a nerve too. Good luck to River thru this forum now. I hope you haven't cost him some chances.
  2. At Azrescue.org. Located on the east side of Phoenix if I remember right. (Looks like a nice fella.) http://www.azrescue....1&id=1025149851 Not an endorsement of them however. Filled out a long, quite personal form to adopt a certain dog about 7/8 years ago only to be told the fosters were keeping her.
  3. Update from her vets. All expenses have been covered. http://www.loomisbasinvet.com/news/ Now somebody needs to turn this clown in.
  4. :lol: oh no, definitely not cheese. Okay, not being helpful. Some I've used over the years; Callie, Zoey, Punkie, Sam(antha)... (Let us know what you settle on for this pretty little gal.)
  5. I considered that for one of mine but I figured every time I called her half the dogs in the area would show up expecting a treat!
  6. After poking around a bit I've seen setters, pointers, spaniels and even greyhounds suggested as contributing to the makeup of the border collie. Many of the arguments being quite plausible. But none of these are known for being vocal in the way we're seeing. There seem to be many stimulating factors involved, such as greetings, imitation and just plain BC joie de vivre, but the mystery to me is where it comes from. I'm still scratching my head over this. (And roo rooing right along with him.)
  7. I searched for "howling" before adding this post http://www.bordercol...showtopic=30480 and came up empty. Now it appears that the trait is very common to the BC ( and entertaining, amusing, desirable, etc, etc, etc.) In my experience with many breeds and mixed breeds over the years I've found this to be very uncommon. What can we attribute this to?
  8. Sonny started doing things like that. Pulling the only throw pillow I put my head on to the floor and licking it till it was soggy and somehow removing the insoles from my shoes without damaging the shoes themselves and putting them by the pillow. I've always left a radio on for my dogs when I leave the house but tried leaving the TV on instead and so far it seems to work.
  9. Sonny will do that too. A sort of scream or keening when we're nearing our destination, whether it's the park, out in the desert or whatever exercise spot. (Never the vet's.) Since he prefers to sit at my side in the truck it can be ear shattering.
  10. Yes! Sonny often makes a funny face at the same time. He's a clown and he knows it. Thank you for the video, Maja. I thought he might join in but all he did was cock his head to the point where he might need chiropractic services now. (I might too from laughing.)
  11. Since the age of eight weeks or so, Sonny has greeted me with a howl, usually accompanied with a bow when I return home. It's not at all like a Husky's sound but starts off as a sort of growl. I find it very endearing and always reinforce the behavior with a laugh. I've been wondering if this is at all common to BCs. Does anyone else's dog do this or make any other interesting sounds? Other than this he is very quiet, rarely barking even when excited. Which is fine by me as he's almost always excited. (Also fine by me!)
  12. Sonny, my six month old has been out of the crate and on the bed with Zoey, my Heeler mix for a couple months now. In the summer though, she sleeps on the bathroom tile floor. If he decides to sleep there also when hot weather arrives and abandons me, I might have to join them on the floor. Kidding. (Well, we'll see.)
  13. I don't know how many BC owners are members but there is Dognamic.com, "a social network for dogs", they call it. I belonged some time ago but had no time to keep up with it. It's well organized / run. Maybe worth a look?
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