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  1. Hi Bob, I am still a very newbie at training dogs. I have only trained two dogs and both were just the opposite of my new pup. Both of those dogs were very pleased to go to balance when I started them. Both of them I trained to open. My new pup (11mon) is quite the opposite. He likes to go straight for the heads. It does not matter where I am he is always at the heads. As soon as he turns them he runs around to the heads to turn them. A little bit about my training situation: I have a couple (5) of very dog broke sheep in about 1 acre field. When we start he circles once the heads of those dog broke sheep are away from me he stops and walks in and as soon as they turn he starts circling again. I manage to stop him so that he does not circle right away around them rather pushing them towards me when I back up. Now the problem starts .. When I turn, the heads of the sheep turn with me. He does not see any sense to go around to balance the sheep to me. He wants the heads. I cannot get him to go to the back. I am in-between the sheep and him and sheep are facing me (of course they are dog broke!). I step into him to get him around he just goes to the right and left of me trying to go past me to the heads. I do not get him to go around to balance them to me. If I turn instead of him to get into a sheep sandwich he will come around right away for the heads. Do you have a suggestion on how I can get this dog to balance sheep to me? Do you start a dog like this differently? Should I use different sheep? I do have a lot of non dog broke sheep available. Thanks!! Jenny
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