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  1. The DNA test results came back. Scout, the tri-color male had nothing listed but Level One Australian Shepherd. That means (by their explanation) one of three possibilities. 1) He's a purebred Aussie. 2) Any other breed in him was in such a minute amount to not register, or 3) Any other breed in him is a rarer breed not yet mapped by the company. Most likely scenario, he's a purebred Aussie. Piper, the muddy merle female's test came back: Level Two: Australian Shepherd (50 to 75%), Level 4 Bulldog (15 to 20%)????? Level Four Boston Terrier???? and Level Five Cocker Spaniel (10 to 15%).... While studying the breeds, I've seen purebred Aussie's nearly identical to Scout. So that seems likely. But I certainly do not see any Bulldog or Boston Terrier in Piper. I've decided to just refer to them as Aussie pups to whomever may ask. Now 6 months old. They are within 2 weeks about the same age. Piper A Valentines day kiss. (He started out as the larger dog. She has outgrown him) I love watching the BC's in action at the Scottish games. What puzzles me with Piper is that seh moves like them. Scout moves like an Aussie. Guess we'll never really know for sure.
  2. I'm just curious to know. I'm ordering DNA tests. Can't hurt.
  3. Her closeup His closeup Wrestling. Makes her look like a BC The way he stands, he looks like a PB Aussie Also, her ears half way stand up, while his just flap in the breeze and do the interest lift, that is an Aussie trait. If I was to guess, I would guess he is an Aussie, but that she is a BC or Aussie/BC mix. She has outgrown him. Piper a few months ago Scout a few months ago At 10 and 12 weeks old
  4. A few months ago, we adopted a male puppy who was about 10 weeks old and we assume he is an Australian Shepherd. He is tri-color and a bobtail. My mother-in-law adopted what she thought was an Australian shephered, a blue merle female. She has a tail. She was very tiny and obviously younger than Scout, our puppy. Now she has outgrown him and some of her posturing reminds me of a border collie. I started surfing the net and checking out border collies and found some with the same face and upturned nose as our little tri-color male. So what do we have? Aussie's? BC's? Is he an aussie and she a BC or a mix? or what? Pictures to follow... Their backs. The tricolor is our male and the blue merle is my MIL"s female. They are 4/5 months old. Scout Piper IMG]http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c96/Daisylegs1960/HPIM1318.jpg[/img]
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