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  1. Even if you do all the research you can to select a perfect breeder/pup there is still a high chance it won't work out. I'm sure you already know the wash-out rate for owner training. I thought I had a great prospect puppy. Dad was a therapy dog and mom was a sweet farm dog with a just enough drive to not be overbearing. The breeder knew exactly what I wanted and was sure it would be a great match. The puppy turned out to be not at all suitable and I had to start my search again. The dog I have now is not great either. He has a pretty high startle response and focus issues but I'm hoping t
  2. Umm, his parents looked pretty average to me. I don't know their weights or anything, but they weren't small or very lean. I can't feel his ribs unless I apply pressure. His hips and shoulders are really bony though. If I fed him as much as he wanted he'd probably attempt to eat the entire bag of food. :P/>
  3. I have a 7 month old intact male border collie who only weighs 20 lbs. He was 16 at 4 and 5 months (no weight gain) and then 20 from 5 to 6 months. He just turned 7 months and has not gained any more weight so far. He's about 17 tall at the shoulder and very petite. He is mostly just legs. He eats 2 cups of taste of the wild kibble per day, and I usually mix in yogurt, canned food, shredded cheese, ground beef, etc. Just to add some variety to his meals. My question is, does his lack of weight gain seem unusual? He is smaller than any other border collie I've seen and still looks abou
  4. How long does it normally take for a puppy to fully adjust? I've had him for 3 weeks, and he is not getting any better outside, even though I take him out every day. He just lays down and cries, or wants to hide somewhere. I've carried him to the park a couple times. And I think I was wrong about him being excited to meet new people. He doesn't want to approach everyone.
  5. By the second day he was running around and playing and he runs to me when I call him over about 80% of the time. Sometimes he just stares at me, I think he is a bit stubborn. He jumps around me and tries to mouth my hands. I think he is pretty comfortable. I have an older dog that is extremely relaxed. I think he takes some cues from her. Last night he explored the back gate when she was standing by it. He was afraid of it at first. Also, he had the most fun racing around the yard, digging holes, and then rolling around in them. He seemed to have forgotten all about his fear of the airplanes
  6. Everyone keeps saying I can socialize him, but I still don't know how. Can someone give me some actual examples of what I should be doing? I have been limited to the backyard. I have people telling me to expose him to the world very slowly, but then others saying I should take him places. Which is it?
  7. I am definitely working with him. He hasn't been with me very long so I am not just going to give up on him without seeing if he makes any progress. I talked to the breeder who is willing to take him back, but I don't want to do that just yet. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  8. I do realize he is still a baby, but I believe I have a right to be concerned that a very fearful puppy will end up as a fearful adult. I do not want to put tons of work into him if this is part of his personality, and no matter what he will always be timid. That is not a dog I will be 100% happy with, and it wouldn't be fair to either of us. I know enough about puppies to know what he's displaying is not normal, curious puppy behavior. Thanks for all the help. I took him to the front door today, but not yet outside. He was unsure but sniffed around and he could see everything happening on
  9. I have been doing all of these things. He is a happy, bouncy pup indoors and he loves his crate. But when I take him outside he is a whole different dog. I cannot take him anywhere because he freaks out too much and cries nonstop. This is why I said I can't socialize him. Unless he comes around, my options are very limited since we can't even go out the front door. He is also not interested in treats.
  10. I recently brought my new puppy home and he is 9 weeks old. He has warmed up to me pretty well and feels comfortable in the house and the backyard.. Some things spook him but he will usually go investigate very cautiously. When I take him out front though it is a foreign world to him and he is extremely frightened of everything - cars, joggers, bikes, sirens, airplanes. He is so scared he pees himself and hides between my feet whimpering. I don't think he has been exposed to anything since he was born in a rural area and lived outside. Now he's in the city and it's a scary place. All I do i
  11. Awesome. All of your responses are reassuring! Hopefully my little guy will not be too noisy.
  12. I'm getting a baby border collie in a few weeks and my question is about how long should I expect him to whine and howl when I leave him alone in his crate? As in days/weeks/months. Generally, when does this initial settling in period stop? I would like to have some kind of timeframe so I know if it takes longer than normal. I will be doing all that I can to make things go smoothly, but if anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it. I live in an apartment building with upstairs neighbors which is mostly my concern.
  13. He is beautiful. Wish I still lived in Texas.. I'd go get him!
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