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  1. I have had a lot of people ask me that if I ever breed my border collie-lab mix, that they would love her puppies. I'm worried that she's not AKC and I don't really know where she came from - genetics wise, would it be a good idea or a bad idea. I've got 12 people asking continuously, I know that they would all be going to great homes, I am not sure if it is responsible or not. My boyfriend and I have been discussing it recently since she has decided that our puppy is HER puppy, she will bathe her, look after her, take care of her and all. But how do you decide on the father(sire) of the puppies? Do you have to pay for the "stud service?" The only time I've ever been around a mother dog and her puppies is when I was around 8 and our dog went missing for a few days and we found her under the house and she had had puppies, that was the only time I've ever been around it. Bear is very sweet, calm-tempered, she loves kids and all animals, she thinks the hamster is her baby too, lol. I'm just not sure how to go about it. I know that I'm not too keen on getting her fixed, She's never been away from me for more than 45 minutes, even when I was in the hospital once, I was only gone for 4 or 5 hours and my boyfriend had to keep bringing her up to the window because she would "search" for me if I'm not there, even at work, I will have to call or she will keep bringing him the phone, lol, she's smart. I don't know, I think I'm just rambling now...
  2. It is/was for a puppy. It's been a week without any accidents! I'm so proud of her! She is even going and sitting by the door and will do one little bark to let everyone know she needs to go out. She will even wake me up in the middle of the night if she really needs to go.
  3. lol, I still have to get a new shop vac. the dog hair killed my old one, and I had that one for YEARS! okay, I think tonight I'm going to go rent one of those steam cleaning things just until I can go get a new shop vac this weekend. Is there a special kind of vaccum shampoo to use? Is it pet-friendly to use the steam cleaner. I have a carpet shampoo-er, but I just need more of the shampoo stuff. Do you think it's possible to make my own by mixing different cleaning aids?
  4. I know I'm re-opening an old discussion, but Nature's Miracle didn't work for me. And, I can't find anywhere that carries Folex. What else could work? I've been using a bleach-type spray, but she keeps going in the same spot. Should I do a deep-carpet cleaning? I don't want my room (which is the only place she does it) to start to smell. What is a good brand to use?
  5. lol, I wish they had someplace like that around me, in Michigan. My dogs would love that, but I doubt they would know what to do. With them both being just spoiled house-dogs.
  6. Lol, my dogs loved that. They were so amazed by the "barking speakers." Can dogs see the computer or t.v. screens? I've heard about a study about dogs maybe being able to see HD t.v.
  7. I am always looking for more information on Border Collies? I am still kindof a first time owner of Border collies, I have my one year old and my three month old. I found a website with various descriptions of what they should look like, size, and all of that. There was a completely different breed called Mini Border Collies and Mini Aussie's. Are they actually BC's? Or are they just a different breed that looks like them but smaller. I'm confused. I thought Border Collie's are already smaller dogs anyway, me being used to having a 110 lb lab and my sister's 150 lb Mastiff. Are the mini BC's and Aussie's AKC?
  8. I wish Bear and Domino would put their toys away, but everynight, before we go to bed, I let them bring in one toy, in case they wake up in the middle of the night to play, but they will tear everything out, throw the toys on the couch and then calmly trot to the bedroom with their chosen toy. Then I'll put everything away and first thing in the morning, they do the same thing, throw the toys around. Bear had it for awhile to put her toys back when she was done, but then Domino came around and it's like she's completly forgotten everything she had learned about manners.
  9. Has anyone else created a Facebook for their dogs? My family makes fun of me so much for it, but if you look around there are so many with their own facebook and myspace profiles. I know, I probably had too much time on my hands when I did it, but I found so many great friends and play dates for my dogs.
  10. I have the same "Problem" lol, half of the time I can't even have the doors closed, the other half of the time, one of them is in there with me. Especially during shower-time. there's always a cold wet nose peeking or pulling the shower curtain down. I will have to shut the bedroom door just to make the bed. Then there will be four big paws under the door with whining and crying until I finally give in and open the door, where they will then, pull ALL of the blankets off of the bed and start the process all over again. The same goes with cleaning the living room. I will let them outside, then clean, when they come back inside, all of the pillows come off of the couch, then the rugs will be pulled from where they are placed and so forth. But I love them, I couldn't possibly live without them. And I don't believe in crates.
  11. Bear will take up half of the bed while Mommy and Daddy have less than half of a huge King sized bed. Domino will either sleep in between us, which is why there is only less than half of the bed left. That only because Domino is afraid of the dark and Bear doesn't realize how big she is now. When she was a puppy she slept under the bed, but then I found a bunch of MY stuff that she was hiding under there, lol, along with her Daddy's baseball glove, torn up into little pieces. Now the bed is on the ground, easier for her to jump up. During the day though, they both take up the tiled kitchen floor or if you're in the bathroom and you hear noises, look in the shower, Bear has been known to sleep in the tub.
  12. Lol, my Bear gives the same look. It's the one where I'm talking to her because she's the only one there and she will give that look, then roll her eyes and walk away from me in mid-sentence. Your dog looks just like mine, only she's all white, no black. I was told that mine is a Border Collie - Lab mix. That could be what yours is too.
  13. My Border Collie's are the same way, my all-white, Bear, is down to earth, so calm, she's such a pleaser. Then, my youngest one, Domino, is a devil child. She's constantly tearing up everything she can get her teeth on, she will run around the house like a crazy dog, or what I refer to as "Mad Dog" or "Cujo." lol But as soon as the lights go off, she's afraid of the dark and has to be cuddled just to fall asleep snoring in my face. untitled.bmp
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