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  1. Have you heard of the book "Control Unleashed" by Lesie Mcdevitt? It is a great book about how to teach your dog how to deal with things that stress him or her. It was originally written for people who compete in agility with their dogs, but it has wonderful applications for all dogs who have anxiety issues. There is a game called "Look at that" that may be helpful to you , as well as Karen Overalls Relaxatoin Protocol. The actual protocol is not in the book, but I have access to it through a yahoo group for CU readers. You can probably do a web search for it. It teaches your dog how to relax.
  2. I'm in central CA, and there are quite a few BC's here, especially in the Agility arena. She looks like she may have some australian cattle dog to me, but she couldnt be any cuter! Love the water fountain pic, it really shows her personality!
  3. Oh my goodness! That is so funny! He does not just sing for a note or two, it is an all out performance!!!! He really goes to town doesnt he? lol I too would love a ring tone of the roo rooing. But I think it would have to be my dog, because other wise my girl would go crazy every time someone called me!
  4. How often do you train your dogs? Do you have your own equip? How long have you been competing with the running contacts?
  5. That sounds good to me, but I would also get him used to the crate when you are still home. So keep the door open, and throw treats inside. Once he is okay inside, give him the kong, close the door, then do something near by. This way he does not connect: in crate = you leave. With my fosters, every day I try to do a "just for fun, go in the crate for an amazing treat" game. Then yes, give him the kong in the crate right before you leave. If you can, dont leave him in the crate too long at first. A couple hrs at max. Good Luck!
  6. Hello everyone, I am about to start end of contact behavior training with my Border, and I still have not decided on which I want to train. I have always done 2 on 2 off in the past with other dogs, but I am open to training something new. What do you train, and how do you like it? Pros, Cons? Good reference to something that compares the systems?
  7. Are the dogs good with other dogs? Can they take them to a dog park for an hour each day? Do they have a big enough yard to get a "chuck-it" and throw the ball for them until they fall over? If not, is there a school near by, or a regular park where they can do the same thing, but have dogs on 50' long leads? If you choose the long lead option, you need to do this with one dog at a time at first, until they realize that they cannot get away even though there is nobody holding on to the long lead (and of course do not throw the ball too far so that the leash is always within grabbing distance).
  8. While there is no way to prove this, I do not think that this is the reason my girl talks so much. By her behavior, I am pretty sure that she was someone's backyard dog who did not get much interaction before she came to me. Although she is just so loving, it does seem like someone must have loved her in her past life...
  9. Hahaha, this is so what she looks like!!! So funny! Yes the "rooing" is wonderful to come home to. I have not had any other dog do this before, (and as I do a lot of foster work, I have had a LOT of dogs through the years). People seem to know that it is a happy sound, as when she does it to strangers who are across the way, they turn and say "Well! Hello to you too!".
  10. Hi, I am new to the board, and to Border Collie Ownership (or partnership is a better word). My first bc is a beautiful fluffy red merle from a shelter. I have watched bc's for a few years now, and I am so excited to finally have her. We have had her for about three months now. I have been training dogs for years, and am quite familiar with dog body language, but she does something that I am not sure how to take, and am wondering if it is a bc trait. When I first come home, or when a guest comes over, she howls at them/me, wagging her tail and looking very happy (soft eyes, wiggling, relaxed
  11. I am a behavior modification dog trainer in OR who does a LOT of work with reactive dogs. I too have a new border collie rescue who has reacitivity issues with other dogs. I strongly suggest Lisa Mcdevitt's book Controlled Unleashed, as well as the books "click to calm" , "scardy dogs" and "feisty fido" if you are a reader. The basic premise that has helped us and many of my clients SO much, is getting your dog around other dogs, but do whatever you have to, to keep him UNDER THRESHOLD. This means no staring, "eyeing", growling, whining, or refusing food/toys. I go to a quiet dog park that has
  12. Kenzie decided to follow me around while I was getting ready this morning...this is not her usual behavior, and I think that just makes it more special

  13. Hi everyone, I am new to this board, as well as new to being a border collie owner. I have owned and trained dogs for years and years, but this is my first bc. She is a beautiful red merle who I adopted 3 months ago, and she came to me a little over weight. I have competed in agility for years now and I think that this gal is going to be great, but I need to get her in shape =) My vet said that since she is only around 7 pounds over weight, she should trim up by just giving her more excersie. BUT, is has been 2 months since then, and she does not seem to have lost any weight. I can hardl
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