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  1. Howdy! Thanks for the advice on female and male pups in one household. Sorry I haven't replied....my attention has been solely on finding my FURRY MATE, so no I have not found my baby yet . Crying inside, a little. Desperate, not at all. Waiting calmly, trying to be. I know I will find my special companion....eventually! As for your eye candy... I am speechless. She is created beautifully! It would be wonderful if someday we met at Agility Nationals and I could experience her greatness! I wish you all the best on your trails.... I think names often come in feeling out the personality but here are some ideas i guess.... Fig.... Oceti(Sacred in Sioux).... Waziyatan(meaning North pronounced Zet-Ka-Na maybe Zet for short) Peda (meaning Fire) Hanhepi (meaning Night pronounced Haun-He-Pe) Echo... Ignite Ig for short Luta (meaning Red, pronounced lue-dah Ble (meaning Lake, pronounced blay Yaye (meaning Go, pronounced yah-yea) Wasma (meaning Deep Snow, pronounced wah-shmah) Nutmeg Enjoy your name hunt!
  2. Hello Everyone! I am new to the boards, so I might not know how to search around properly yet... but I was looking for topics on wether to have a female/male in the house or female/female. Right now I have a female bc and I am getting a puppy. Is it better to get a male puppy or is it okay to have 2 bitches living together? I know some people prefer to only have females or only males, but is there problems that can arise in having the same sex? I don't want them to have competition or fight. I was really hoping to get a baby girl. I anticipate your response!
  3. Thank you all for your hospitality! I look forward to digging through your suggestions....
  4. Greetings BC-lings! I'm a new member of the boards, but I've been lurking for awhile. I want to get involved! My family consists of one black/white border collie that is 2 years old and we are embarking on the raising of a red/white pup. She will be arriving soon! This is extremely exciting for me because the red pup will be my first raising of a baby. She is an ABCA pup from cattle herding lines. I don't agree with ACK! I'm curious to see if there will be a difference between a sheepherding bred pup and a cattle herding bred pup. I have plans! I live in Alaska and the resources are minimal. I am working on starting up an agility program with my friend, which does not exist here! We are building equipment right now. Does anyone else live in Alaska and do agility? I really want to reach out. I hope to have great conversations with al of you as well as hope to find agility friends!
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