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  1. That sounds great. You can make sure I raise this puppy right. HaHaHe He is cute.We need to get a name for our puppy first.

  2. Thanks guys for all of the advice. We don't have to have one for Christmas. Obviously we know time is against us and we want to make sure it is the right dog for our family. No worries!! We will be patient. Our family has had several dogs over the past 30 years all who have lived long prosperous life's. They will be in good hands between the four of us. Thank you everyone for all of your help!!! This is a terrific site with some outstanding people.
  3. I would be willing to travel farther but would want to be able to select the puppy ourselves. Just a feel thing I guess, and I would feel more comfortable knowing we picked the right puppy for our family. That just seems like to much of a chance thing having someone pick out our puppy. That is the one of the memorable parts of the process. Thank you for your help!!
  4. Hey Guys, We are still looking for a puppy in the SC, NC, GA area. We had a few leads but none have come to pass. We are looking for preferably a black and white puppy. If anyone on the board can help us out I would greatly appreciate it. Please PM me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for all of your leads with breeders they have all been helpful but none had puppies at this time. We live in Columbia, SC. Please if you have any leads with reputable breeders please give me their information. We wanted to try and have a puppy for our kids for Christmas. My e-mail is robandmarcia@aol.com Thanks in advance!!! Robin
  5. Timberview. I am in Columbia, SC. We are dead center of the state. We are looking for a puppy. The kids would like a black and white puppy. My e-mail is rbacon@richland2.org I don't mind traveling if they are good dogs. How much do they run if you don't mind me asking??


  6. Thanks everybody for all of your help. Obviously everyone has their own opinions and they will not turn me off. I am not here to get in an argument or debate on this. Rave evidently has some issues with Rescue Borders. Rave I don't want a rescue so let it go. Here is my original post "Does anyone know of a reputable Border Collie breeder in Columbia, South Carolina or the surrounding area?? My family is looking to purchase one for our kids for Christmas. Would you recommend a male or female? I have very active twin 7th graders, whose Lab passed away last year. Thanks for your help!!!" Please no more rescue rants. For those of you who have been so kind with your PMs and suggestions on breeders. Thanks and yes the whole goal was to find a puppy from a good lineage and most importantly a reputable breeder!!
  7. Yes I have had a few very good leads. Thanks to everyone who has PM me and given me what I wanted in my original post. I am not looking for one under the tree, as I realize the odds are against me although I have been looking for over 2 months. Just curious what is an OP? I appreciate everyone's advice and opinions. As I said before I am sure Border Collies in rescues are great and the ones that I have visited online near where I live did not have puppies when I looked. Sorry if they are in Kansas, Colorado or Timbuktu I am looking for one around here. I have had several very good leads of very reputable breeders in the Carolina's and Georgia, and even one in Florida as well. Some of you have stated your cases very well for your dog and their stories and that is admorable. I am by no means an expert in Border Collies as many of you seem to be. I just wanted advice and help. I have had several dogs over my life, Belgian Malinois, Labs etc. so we will go through the same process and God willing we will find whats right for us!! PM me if you have some more leads. Thanks for everybodys help!!!
  8. I am in Columbia, SC. The Capital and in the middle of the state. We are in the NE side of town not far from I-77. My home e-mail is robandmarcia@aol.com. Thanks Robin Bacon

  9. where in SC are you? I know a very good breeder in Brevard NC that actually has a puppy he would put in a pet home now I think (he breeds sheep/cattle dogs). I have 2 dogs of his breeding, for sheep/cattle, work and love them both to death. I highly recommend him.

    There is also a breeder down in GA that is respectable in the herding community. Let me know if you are interested.

  10. Hello I am the one looking for a border collie puppy. Wow this site is a little opinionated. We just want a great puppy in which to raise and are very nervous about the prospects of not getting a good dog. To many horror stories out there. Our e-mail is robandmarcia@aol.com .Would love one for the holidays but will wait and see. We havevisited several breeders and they just didn't feel righ...

  11. Listen I am sorry if I offended anyone in regards to the adoption of rescues. I am sure your dogs are great, but as someone mentioned in an earlier post we want to hand select the right puppy for our family. Most of the sites I have gone to the average age for a rescue is about 2 years or so. Part of the reason we want a puppy is we want to raise it from infancy. Surely no one has a problem with this. It is for my kids and I suspect most people feel the same way when selecting their dog. Rescue organizations are terrific and god bless them for their work with these dogs. I hope they all find a good home, but like a house or a car we want to pick what is best for our family. As far as being educated trust me, I have scoured and researched the ones in our area but we will find one that is right for us. So please don't judge me or anyone who is in pursuit for the right dog!!!! Enjoy your dog and god willing we will find the right one for us. Again we are looking for a reputable breeder!! Thanks EJano & JDarling and you others!
  12. Vicki, Sorry for the confusion on the roaming. We have a huge field behind our home for our kids to play with them. We took our lab with us everywhere we went and walked through the fields and lakes near where we live. The dog will not be let out to roam but will be very busy. Yes I am very familiar with the breed. My Mom is from Glasgow, Scotland and we had two growing up as a boy. Both were from outside of Edinburgh in Scotland near where my Mom grew up and my grandparents live. He, my grandfather, had sheep and they had four. Yes we have researched rescue's and I know of several here in SC. Phoenix Rising in Charleston and one in NC. There is to much baggage and insecurity with a lot of these dogs and there are very few puppies. I have several friends who have gone that route and were very disappointed. I know their temperament and how bright they are. They can be very mischievous if left alone. I don't plan on using it for herding. I want to have a puppy we can train. The problem is there are some suspect breeders and I am fully aware of problems with the breed. By no means am I an expert as you and others maybe, but I am very familiar with the dog. Hope this clears the air for you and others.
  13. Does anyone know of a reputable Border Collie breeder in Columbia, South Carolina or the surrounding area?? My family is looking to purchase one for our kids for Christmas. Would you recommend a male or female? I have very active twin 7th graders, whose Lab passed away last year. Thanks for your help!!! We have a lot of space to roam.
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